Currently Installing: Any Tips?

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9. Februar 2018 18:17

As I type this message I am currently downloading the game. As a newcomer, is there anything that I need to know in particular that will help me to be as useful to my team as possible? I don`t want to start out by dragging others down. Does anyone have anything in particular that should be said to a newbie?

Cheers and nice to meet everyone!

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10. Februar 2018 16:49

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10. Februar 2018 16:50

Welcome ! First I'd suggest you to customize the controls to be more at ease. As in every other game, kill the healers (tactical cruisers) first. When under heavy fire, use your shields to reduce incoming damage. Lastly, check the range of your weapons so you know when to switch guns to optimize your DPS. Have fun

TL;DR: delete tac cruisers.

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10. Februar 2018 17:03

Hello and welcome. There is lots know know. So You might want to check out the rookie helping hand Manuel. The link to it is in my Sig. Another thing to note.

The game has a "shelter" mechanic that keeps new players in a pool for 10 matches. Once Those 10 are up you will be with the wider community.

As in any game with a class system, find out what you like playing and practice. No one is good at this game off the bat. Expect to lose until you get the hang of things.

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Dreadnought Support tool | Customer Support | Rookie Helping Hand Manuel

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10. Februar 2018 19:43

Join the (unofficial) discord server. Lots of DEVs are on there posting Game News, Players helping Players, forming squads and just having a good time.

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11. Februar 2018 21:10

Thank you for the welcome guys! Ive brought about 7-8 of my friends in along with me. Were happy to be a part of the community

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11. Februar 2018 21:19

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11. Februar 2018 21:20

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