How to kick ar$e at Dreadnought: A guide for all players

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6. September 2018 20:27

So I have been getting asked a lot lately:

"Math... how do I get good at dreadnought? how do I get good scores? what modules or exploits can I use?"

or, after telling players my builds, they ask:

"Math... how do you do so well, when your builds are so... um... 'basic B#tch', no offense"

well awl, I hate to break it to ya, but dreadnought is a pretty balanced game with very few "exploits"! Also, there is no real one module that will turn you from a zero to a hero once equiped!

do you want to know how to do well in Dreadnought?

here are my 5 easy steps to NOT suck at this awesome game! and they may suprise you...


In other words, look around, mark targets, check your "six" and WATCH YOUR MINI MAP! Most times you were killed by a corvette or a Vindicta, it was not because the game is unbalanced, it was because they snuck up on you! Please don't get "target fixation" or tunnel vision! if your are not locked in mortal combat with another ship, or you are reloading, make it a point to glance at your mini-map or quickly scan the horizon.

I can't tell you how many times I noticed a flanking Vindicta or a cloaked corvette and ruined their day, just because I took a quick look around while I was reloading, dodging/hiding, or recovering!

In particular, Marking Targets is extremely helpful! if you mark a Vincicta or Corvette, and you lose sight of them, when they appear again, a red arrow will appear on your screen pointing to their direction! Very Helpful!


Forming a squad with head sets is a very effective way to win games, or at least do well! However, even just general teamwork and communication is essential to achieving high scores!

Even if you don't have a headset, or don't want to use one, using your controller communication wheel is extremely helpful to not only you, but your entire team.

no matter what build an enemy has, if they are focused down by 2-3 of your team, they are going to die!

unless you're a corvette or an "ambush fighter", such as a Vindicta or Jumpin' Jutland, it is almost always safer and easier to stick with your team!

Remember, Tacticals can't heal you if you don't ask or are too far away! in addition, there are many AoE affect modules players use that can buff you and give everyone a whole lot of extra points!!!

as mentioned before, Marking targets is a great way to inform your team of potential dangers and to help form quick counter strategies!

One of my Biggest pet peeves is watching a tier 3 Otronto charge directly at 5 enemy ships, burning all thier power to engines, just to launch a goliath torpedo, then get blown to bits as the torpedo bounces harmlessly of the enemy shields!

then they do it over and over, and complain when they lost and have a 1-8 KD ratio....

Don't be that guy.... just don't! ok?


OMG use cover!

would you like to use a free module that destroys all missiles and torpedos, and gives 100% blocking against all weapons fire? It's called a Mountain, Asteroid or a Building! lol

Again, I throw hissy fits every time I see an Otronto flying high above the map, in a straight line towards the enemy team, getting maybe 2 shots off before they are blown to bits!

In addition, you can fire missiles from behind cover, or creep just out of cover to fire your weapons, and duck back behind it when you start taking fire!

besides using cover as a super shield, you can use map terrain to sneak around and flank your opponents!

All the best corvette and destroyer players use cover, time and patience to mask their approach, gigglling all the while, and emerge suddenly to strike and get their kills! Players may claim these craft are OP... but once you've played as a corvette or Vindicta/Brutus, you should know that using the map terrain to your advantage is the ONLY way to use your modules successfully and snag the kill!

Even for a slow dreadnought, Arty or Tactical, the difference betwwen being 2km above and in front of a mountain, or 1km above and behind a mountain, is often the difference between life or death!

Remember it's often too late to try to "go for cover" once your hull is in the red! You should always try to think ahead and be near cover or have an escape route before you pick a fight!


Mastering your power mangement is one of the most important aspects of Dreadnought! I would have put this step at the top, if it wasn't for the fact that you only have so much power, and shields won't always save you!

In an emergency, you have to use all your available power and hope it's enough!

but generally, when not in desperate circumstances, here are some rules of thumb to help you manage your power better than your opponent:

1) DON'T use power to weapons if your enemy has more than 10% life, or is being armor buffed (green shield icon)

2) Save your power for Engines and Shields whenever possible!

3) Unless it's an emergency, try not to go under 50% power! Save at least half a tank for your Shields!

4) if you are moving, and have a full tank of power, set power to engines! it makes you harder to hit and may give you extra points at the end of the match!

5) if your are being shot at, and missiles/torpedos or nukes are also inbound, don't turn on your shileds until the missiles are about to hit, or you are already at half hull!

6) If you are at 0 power, try to find cover and regain your energy before attacking again! It only takes about 20 seconds, and shields reduce damage by 75% or MORE!

7) Having a full hull and no power is much worse than having half hull and full power for shields! If you are dueling another ship and you have no power, and they have full power to shields, run and find cover... you will probably lose!

8) Most Importantly - Dont forget to use your SHIELDS!!!! "when in doubt, power to shields" - Mathias Atva


Finally, know they basics of all 5 classes of ships!

take some time in between matches to look at their stats, such as hull, weapon range and damage, speed and so on!

Understand what ships are good at, and what their weaknesses are!

There are always exceptions and certain module builds to counter anything... but keep some of these rules of thumb in mind:

1) Corvettes are generally strong against Artillery and weak against Destroyers.

2) Artillery is generally strong against Dreadnoughts, and need to watch out for Corvettes!

3) Tacticals need to stay moving, and use mobility as well as healing to stay alive!

4) Destroyers are generally needed to grind down Tacticals, as Tacticals can often tank Corvettes and Dreadnoughts!

5) Dreadnoughts can tank corvettes, and sometimes a destroyer, but generally don't have they the DPS to grind down a tacticals healing ability!

6) Destroyers need to keep their distance from Dreadnoughts, as they are deadly up close, can tank damage, but have weak firepower/aim at a distance!

7) Jupiter/Akula Destroyer Guns have good damage at a distance (5-7km ), and don't need to close in on a target unless they are using a close range module!

8) Generally: Corvettes Alpha strike, Destroyers DPS/grind, Dreadnoughts tank, Tacticals heal, Artillery snipes! (but there are many exceptions)

and please note: if you are dying a lot to certain ships types in a match, for instance you are an arty and there are many corvettes, switching ship classes if often the best way to go!

Have more than one ship class available for play! (think "paper, rock, scissors")

And Finally, look at your team and see what they are playing!

If you see a Tactical Cruiser, maybe you should stick near them instead of going off on your own and then begging for heals when you are 10km away! that way you can also defend them and keep them around longer so they can heal you!

If you are a corvette, and there are other corvettes or Vindicta/Brutus on your team, try working together with "pack tactics" (wolf pack)

Artillery Cruisers are magnets for Corvettes! Sticking near one and defending it could get you some extra kills and a friend request!

Destroyers with weapon booster pulse, and Dreadnoughts with Armor booster pulse, are a super combo if they are within range of eachother!

Well that's it! thanks for reading and I hope it was helpful!

Remember, no one Module or Officer Breifing will make you a "star god"! Often times, just good old fashioned good gameplay is what will win the day!

"Where ever you go... there you are." -Buckaroo Banzai

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7. September 2018 03:42

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7. September 2018 03:42

This thread is very much like post I made a few weeks back.

Dreadnought 101

Veteran Basisc

There is also the rookie Guide in my signature below.

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7. September 2018 12:35

YES! This is awesome mathiasatva! I love seeing all these player and community driven guides! <3

Having any issues and need some assistance? Our support team would be more than happy to help! You can reach out to them here!

Miguel "MiguelItUp" Rial - Six Foot Player Relations Specialist

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7. September 2018 16:28

Thanks for the kind words!

Bros Belial I like your posts! the one point you brought up that I forgot was to ADAPT!

I see many players get stubborn or lose their cool, and die alot, instead of trying to change tactics!

I also love the rookie guide! Besides having great advice, it's very asthetically pleasing and professional looking!

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7. September 2018 18:08

I would add some things to that list.

Modules: Learn to use them as they are as much important as the energy you use. I see a lot of new streamers to the game that don't use them enough or don't just take the time to learn their modules.

On the same note, if you don't like a module, they should be your first priority to be replaced when you buy new modules. For instance, I have never liked cloaks on artillery cruiser and so, whenever I unlocked a new line, they were always the first module to be changed to maximize my modules usage.

Weapon management: Don't forget you have a secondary weapon that can be better than your main weapon in certain situation situation. Also, learn to swap between your weapons during reload time if they are both within range to maximize damage output.

Officer Briefings: They are super important in this game and getting most of them should be your priority when you reach veteran matches. There are not something that you can pass over just because you want to fly one or two line of ships straigth to tier 5.

I'm not arguing on the method the devs have decided how you get them, i'm arguing that they are an intrinsic part of the game and thus should be taken into account.

Customize your appearance: Please decorate your ships! Even if you don't have the budget to buy GPs to buy appearances options, you still can customize your ships in four different ways by mixing the parts from the previous ship in the line. I recognize that most of the time during play we don't see such details escpecially in the heat of battle, but when you do, its always nice to spot ships with colors and personality.


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11. September 2018 18:36

Daganisoraan makes some good sugestions, however i don't think "cosmetic appearence changes" have any true effect on improving your gameplay... just sayin lol

officer briefings are beneficial, but they require a LOT of game time investment to achieve and have a fairly minimul effect on gameplay!

officer briefings are the "icing on the cake" that give you an edge over another good player with similar module builds but somene who has good gameplay techniques with 101 briefings will beat a bad player with a bunch of exotic officer briefings every time!

in fact, although i have almost all the officer briefings, I still use mainly 101 briefings on many of my best builds! (especially navigation and gunnery 101, which shocks people)

however an EXCELLENT point that was made is about modules!

many "stock" versions of ships don't have a good module selection.

many players don't know this, but when you first claim a new ship, if there was a lower tier version of that ship... you may use any of the lower tier modules!

its better to low tier modules you like or are familiar with, than to have modules you don't like or are not familiar with.

if the ahip has no lower tier version, such as the vindicta or jutland, you are stuck with the stock loadout...

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11. September 2018 23:08

Im working on a video series for this very thing :: @GrimmHammer (Twitter) :: (my twitch discord, features guides,builds, and reviews) :: :: Mentor Night Coordinator

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28. November 2018 02:52

Hi LYB-GrimmHammer same idea with me

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15. Februar 2019 22:56

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15. Februar 2019 22:57

I have this tpic in video form on my you tube page:

"5 tips tp be a better dreadnought player"

I also have 2 advanced tactics videos:

and my new dreadnought lore video "History and Timeline"

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4. November 2020 21:03

I know this is an old post, but I can't help but contribute.

All these points and ideas are great! Yes, master the modules, awareness, teamwork, know the ship, strategize, adapt, overcome... But there's one idea that was only briefly mentioned by mister math: Don't get irritated! Keep your calm!

This point goes for most video games, but Dreadnought especially. If you lose your cool midgame because that one vette keeps killing you or that one arty won't leave you alone, then you lose all your abilities to do everything before hand! When you're angry, you can't strategize, you can't adapt and overcome, you lose awareness, you lose the teamwork... Just stay calm and rethink your strategy.

Some strategy tips are as such: (Note these are strats for new players, so I won't be talking about the best builds or officer briefings, cause those are confusing)

-If the enemy team is overpowering you guys easily, then you have two options: Either reevaluate your current offense plan and do it differently or totally adopt the defensive plan. The easier one is the latter, changing to be more defensive is much simpler than revising an offense plan.

-If you want to revise your plan, think about the following things: The enemy count and ships, your teammate count and ships, their strategies and modules, your strategies and modules, and how to counter their strats. If the arty in the back has siege mode and they constantly bombard you with it, easy counter: Stay behind cover of either a teammate or a wall! There are so many counters to so many ships, it may be overwhelming to adapt to an entire enemy team. But all you have to do is adapt once, the rest will follow. This is a team built game, so by adapting to one enemy, you adapt to half the team.

-To strike a defensive position, find a piece of land that can block damage like a mountain. Post up behind it and shoot the fools that try to push! It is historically known that between two opponents, if they are equally matched, the defending side always wins. If you are forced to a defensive position, there still might be the chance you lose anyway, but a defense is always stronger than offense. Hide the tac cruisers behind the dreads, put the destroyers on point defense against corvettes, keep the artys far away from the main choke point, and most importantly: STAY CALM

In the end, staying calm is the most important aspect of combat and strategy games like this one. If you have the adaptability to react to any situation calmly, you will emerge victorious more times than not.

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