Love what you did

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2. November 2018 00:17


Love what you did with the game and happy to see it back with the improvements.. LOVE the 8 on 8 match. the only issue is sound is buggy when the fighting gets real heavy.

Very nice and I really hope this brings in new and old players.

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2. November 2018 11:16

We appreciate the support Insidious_Wheat! Yeah, the audio bug is a nasty one, fortunately we already have our teams working on the fixes!

Having any issues and need some assistance? Our support team would be more than happy to help! You can reach out to them here!

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3. November 2018 11:06

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3. November 2018 11:08

Yeah - just come back to the game after quite some time away and am very impressed with the new look.

Just had a proving grounds battle to ease myself back in and was pleased that the combat system is pretty much as I rememberd it. Hope to get some time to have some proper battles soon.

Liking the new layouts and UI. New hangar is a major improvement.

Only minor niggle is with the ships themselves. Overall, they look amazing with a fantastic level of detail, right down to the battle scarring, detail of vanity items etc. So I find it odd that the thrusters / engines are still rather ugly blue pixellated blobs. Okay, its hardly a gamebreaking issue, but it does rather spoil otherwise beautiful ship models. Not so noticeable in-game, but a bit of an eyesore in the hangar.

Any more o' that nonsense and I'll keelhaul the lot o' ye, ye scurvy bilge rats!

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6. November 2018 15:51

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6. November 2018 15:52


I love what you did to the game overall and all in all im impressed by all the changes you managed to incorporate in one go. I was looking over the previous streams again since the announcement, no wonder you guys were so excited about the release.

Cant help but notice, that you have to a great extend integrated a lot of forum community feedback that was posted since beta into this update and really appreciate that. So this is going to be a long feedback post.


  • 8v8 is a real game changer for ps4, the matches are much more exciting and fun to participate, the difference is like night and day!
  • Dreadnoughts Gameplay really shines with bigger team sizes, i didnt expect this much of a difference.
  • The new module videos really help on the decisionmaking of which modules to buy and how they look in action. Cant stress enough how helpfull this is.


  • The minimap still gives scarce information of the battlefield like position or direction. DN Miguel said once in a stream "communication is key on a team based game" and hes right, but communication requires information to share, so the more information a captain can obtain from a battlefield the better he can communicate.
  • it would be helpfull if there was a numeric grid overlayed with zones so that you can communicate a strategy for movement or maybe point out the last location of an enemy.
  • or there should be a full map available with highlighted names of certain location sites that might even have some lore background.
  • a color tag indicator for each ship class overlayed might help differentiating enemies at distant and in the heat of a battle.
  • respawn should have 2 locations as option before respawning. with your team or to another spawn point. spawn locations should be visable on a map screen.


  • Imho the new Ui is fantastic and has so much dignity unlike the previous ones. It looks clean and mature, simple yet elegant, the main lobby stands out most and is just pure eyecandy and takes some big leaps towards immersion.
  • i love how the buttons in the lobby screen are visable but not overdesigned and how you managed to provide so much view on the hangar in the background, highlighting exactly whats important and showing off a captains most precious possession.
  • the market teaser window is perfect in size and location, its not oversized and overhighlighted like in other games and the previous Ui, desperately begging for your attention. The new teaser window is subtle yet standing out with dignity and still catches my attention.


  • i would love if the buttons on the lobby screen and the market teaser window would fade out after 1-2 minute being idle with the input device, basically everything below the top bar, so that the streamers/players unique ship is shown off to whoever is watching while they grab a drink.
  • it would be amazing if after 1-2 minutes idle time the camera would slowly zoom in on your ship and slowly pan around it, that would make a great show.
  • the camera should also be on rails like a camera on a movieset giving you a cinematic view and feeling when the ship and its details are highlighted.
  • if theres are news please add them into the teaser window and have another of the smaller button to access it on the bar left.


  • The new hangar front office for the captain is pure quality.
  • Theres a lot of detail to it, like so much work piling up on the desk.
  • Its location is now even better giving the captain an overlook on his ship without much hinderance on the view of the ship in the background.


  • The camera is limited towards the upper torso, so you dont get a full view on the captains outfit and all the details it has, it should be full view with rotation and zoom. Otherwise all the work of the design team is just wasted and cant be appreciated nor admired after purchase.
  • it would be amazing if theres was another customization slot for the captain for a shoulderarmor figurehead, you know like in Judge Dread comics, matching and aquired along with the heroship.
  • Since theres so much detail and time/effort made to create those figure heads for the heroship already, it would create another incentive to buy a heroship. Theres a lot more value to that for a player and his purchase, than there is on the decals that are often barely visable on smaller ships.
  • It would be cool if the captain would stand/work at the desk and then turn around and walk towards the camera when choosing outfits.


  • i enjoy the new statistics page its easier to access than before and more snappy


  • it would be nice to also have the flight log shown of the player you compare with.
  • it would be awesome to see the captain of the player you compare the stats with.
  • just from the design i would love the statistic page to look similar to lobby screen, clean and left hand sided information with the captain on the right hand side.


  • The new hangar looks amazing, and i thought the previous hangar versions were already pretty darn good.
  • The camera moves freely now, thats a big improvement.


  • The hangar view camera is focused towards a centre point of the ship and then turns around that point, i would rather have it moved like on a rectangular rail like in a movie production and with the ability to ascend and descend so that you can see the ship from atop and below.
  • the hangar could be 10% larger as dreadnoughts barely fit, which limits the camera view and leaves little space for the camera to get a wide angle on the ship.
  • When customizing your ship in the hangar, i would also love to be able to preview the heroship and retrofit customizations without having to go to the store page to see how the purchasable customizations may look with my equiped colors or how the colors look on my already equipped hull pieces.

Keep doing what you do, i salute you! o7

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10. November 2018 09:26

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10. November 2018 09:41

I'm sorry to say, but I have a totally opposite view of the changes to the UI and the hangar. Few points:

  • First of all - before, the main lobby looked so good, I enjoyed looking at it even when waiting in an never-ending queue for an legendary match... now every time I end up there I want to come to the forum and complain.
  • In the pre-steam version we had everything right there: all three fleets, distinct play button, and most importantly - the ship I want to see displayed in all its glory. Right now, we're stuck in a scene with no camera control, with the ship in the background and some orange junk in focus.
  • When I do want to see my ship (or buy an upgrade) in need to find it first, going via the manufacturer or the fleet screen. When I get there, the hangar looks a bit different but not much better. I do appreciate full camera control, but the architecture around the ships just lacks complexity it used to have.
  • Moreover, if I want to actually play a match, I have to return to the lobby and then click 4(!) times: hit "play", choose the tier, choose game mode and then click "play" again, for some weird reason on the fleet management screen (which differs from the actual fleet management just in the small play button on the top). Why?
  • Remeber when you could see your fleet AND a big, awesome ship at the same time? Not any more, here your fleet is just five flat icons. Dull. Look, guys, when your business model is basically selling skins for the ships, it does make sense to display them as much as possible.
  • Some people like the 'clean look'. To me it seems like you've taken all the well designed sci-fi style UI and replaced it with Windows 10-ish look. Sure, the previous interface had it's issues, but it was progressing in a very good way. I've seen it change and I liked the changes (like match results - these are awesome and, not surprisingly, in the "old" style), but this complete overhaul is a tragedy to me.

For comparison - how did it look like before: for comparison - how did it look like before

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