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18. Februar 2019 11:24

Thank you so much Space Ghost!

The entire PS4 community appreciates you hard work!

Next time we won't assume "someone else will make a ticket so I don't need to", and do our best to help inform the staff when there's an issue!

sometimes we forget good stability and communication is a two way street....

thanks again!

"Where ever you go... there you are." -Buckaroo Banzai

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Dee Rek Dreadnought

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18. Februar 2019 11:38

PS4 has been restarted.

Thank you

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18. Februar 2019 11:47

Hello Dreadnought Server Admins and Developers; I experience all the stated issues in this post on all 3 difficulties, Recruit, Veteran, and Legendary. I like this game. It is one of the first real good 1st person type shooter for large capital space ships in a very long time. The mechanics are pretty good and the power balanace is even not too bad. I do not have a good enough computer to play this on steam and make it worth it so I am humbly asking that something be done with the PS4 servers and issues. I know this is a free game but I would be willing to pay $10 for it if it would help the issues that players are experiencing. I have not tried it today but I am hoping to not see the following issues; Over 5+ minutes to get a match, regardless of difficulty (really bad for recruit) Black loading screen Inability to ready up on a ship at the ship selection screen Inability to select a ship when joining a mission that may be in progress.

Please resolve the systems and game issues. Thanks, DinkFuDoink (players who want to play in squads, look me up on PS4 - dvhinds37. Willing to accept friend requests for players who can play like mature players)

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18. Februar 2019 14:17

thanks dvhinds37!

the DN staff fixed the problems, i played a few test games today and everything is fine! (panic mode over)

I got the word out to the PS4 community boards and dread chat so ques should be returning to normal as everyone starts playing the game again! the "black screen crisis" seems to be over...

if you want to meet the 400+ core PS4 players check out one of the 3 main community boards on PSN:

Dread Chat (nuclear inferno) - 300+ members

The Dreadnought Slaves - Elite Club - (Derandi) - 70+ members

Utopia Pan Colonial (Lazerbait) - 40+ members

"Where ever you go... there you are." -Buckaroo Banzai

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Dee Rek Dreadnought

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