Insufficient funds

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25. Februar 2019 07:54

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25. Februar 2019 07:56

I was just trying to simply buy a weapons upgrade for my ship (costs 800 credits) but is says that I have insufficient funds despite having over 18,000 credits.Can anyone figure this out? P.s. I would upload an image for ya'll to see but it just puts a weird URL there there

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25. Februar 2019 10:35

Hey Harry,

I can see your credits going up when you finish a battle but I can't see any spends yet with credits. Are you able to research the modules with XP but the credit purchases are all failing? We will take a look to see if we can repro this.

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25. Februar 2019 10:44

We just tested this on PS4 Live and we did not get that insuffucient funds message.

Can you try to shut down your instance of the game completely on PS4 and then restart it to see if you can buy modules for credits when you reload?

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25. Februar 2019 15:27

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25. Februar 2019 15:57

I am getting it too. Have 31775 credits and cant purchase flechette missiles 4 for Nox at 25900 credits.

This is a common issue I have experienced multiple times, across all tiers.


Actually nevermind. I have 53 daysof elite. I give up Unless Dreadnought has some reason for me to stay past that, then I'm gone. I'm at 2261 battles at the time of writing this.

Reason for me to stay: 1. Fix thethe broken stuff. By this I mean fix it. Not play dumb. Not pretend y'all didn't know. 2. Expand the player base. How? See#See#1 3. New ships, maps, classes. Not a UI that no one wanted, not    overpriced   skins, new core features.

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25. Februar 2019 16:01

When you are unable to buy the modules with credits please click on the Market tab to see if the market loads. I don't need you to try to buy anything, just let me know if the market is visible.

If you can't see the market and you can't buy the modules with credits then there is a bad connection somewhere between you and our servers. A relog should reset this.

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14. Januar 2021 16:12


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> 1. * credits are stuck help!**

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