Suggestions ^^

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19. Oktober 2021 07:30

Hi all, i am biggest fanat of Dreadnought, its best space mmo in my live! I want suggestions - please add tier 5 hero ships and brand new tier 6 ships for all 3 races with new weapons and moduls ( example ion cannons, plasmotrons, positrons cannons etc...). Its speed up online numbers of members + grows up interested to make new ships in different battle mods + different loadouts for their. With regards Alexsey and his sister Alexsandra. ^-^

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6. Januar 2022 07:30

Heh. I suggested something similar in another thread.

I feel the tech trees do need expanding. Most games like this seem to go up to Tier 10. Would also like to see larger maps that are easier to navigate around. Most of them feel like obstacle courses where you have to pay as much attention to where you're going, as to finding / destroying the enemy.

Also agree that with higher tiers of ships it would be nice to see new weapons, offensive / defenive modules etc.

Any more o' that nonsense and I'll keelhaul the lot o' ye, ye scurvy bilge rats!

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