Real dumb question: How do I chat?

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3. Mai 2016 13:58

How do I chat?

I see no key assignment for chat. Also, I cannot manage to type anything in the post-game windows, even if I can select it.

I see a "short commands" key, but I believe that's for automated call-outs?

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3. Mai 2016 14:34

Enter for all chat, during game & after.

Shift / enter i believe for team chat

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3. Mai 2016 14:48

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3. Mai 2016 14:49


Bonus follow up question: Is there a way to keep the in-game chat open a little longer, or just open? It closes so fast.

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14. April 2017 17:25

Thats a good question. Is there a way to keep to chat window open or control the delay?

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15. April 2017 09:48

Until now, the only way to get the chat window back, is just to start the chat again (press return). If you don´t type anything and hit return again, it send nothing to the chat aka it will close it.

But don´t worry, the devs are aware of that problem, Soon(TM) it may be possible to have the chat opened for a longer time... (well, or maybe not).

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15. April 2017 10:20

I think it's left CTRL + Enter for squad chat as well.

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23. Januar 2020 10:09

Real stupid chat interface in pc .....not   intuitive at alll   so   no   one   uses it..   i think they did   this   deliberately   to   discourage team   chats

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30. Januar 2020 12:33

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30. Januar 2020 13:10

Enter = chat

shift+enter = team chat

ctrl+enter = squad chat

Also, don't hesitate to hop on the official dreadnought discord channel. Note, when you go on the discord channel, go in the "bot-spam" lounge and type !verify.


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4. Februar 2020 14:38

Nightwind#7559 posted (#post-279798) said:

Real stupid chat interface in pc .....not   intuitive at alll   so   no   one   uses it..   i think they did   this   deliberately   to   discourage team   chats

Do you know many game development crews that would purposely discourage communication in a team based game? I'm not sure why you would expect that here. Ideally we'd have voice chat but many use discord as an alternative.

Also, there is a way to get chat to work in the game lobby. Just open the chat tab, switch between language and back to global. Start and stop a matchmaking search and you should be able to post something in the lobby chat. If your letters are yellow it means you succeeded. However not many people know this awkward route so you may not be able to start any conversations there.

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