So after the server maintenance few days back, game is crashing a lot for pS4. I would say I can play about 4 - 6 matches before the game crashes out to blue screen. Also when I log back in if I choose the option to jump back in to the match, I cant see ship select screen, I know it will default to my first in the line up and if I select the 2nd or 3rd it will load in the correct ship.

I have been hit a few times with no credit after a match but here is a new twist. I was up 190k+ with credits after that match I was down to 20k credits... I my xp conversion was untouched.

Just level up a Valcour, with the right mods you will be able to kill anyting in seconds and 90% of the time you cant be targeted.

No game can be perfect for all players, you either go after a majority of the market share or you go after your dream design of a game and hope enough think like you do and support it.

thumbs up to the developers.

Good, Corvettes are cancer and the less of them in play the better the game.

Mr. and MRs Devs, you have my full authorization to keep this FIX in place...

Thank you cary on.

Do you ever just sit in the hanger listening to the sounds while waiting for a match to be found... I swear I can hear some one trying to blow in to a saxophone. I try to imaging some where in the hanger is a small bar with half drunk piolts waiting for their ships to be worked on...

DRAKONASisREAL#6814 posted (#post-232974) said:

When flying a huge dreadnought I don't understand why we'd only shoot out 2 individual fighters at a time and then just drop 5000x2 damage...why not just use rockets?

What I was thinking is that fighters could be used as a DOT mechanic (bare with me). Dreadnoughts would send 4 interceptor squads (4 each) individually with -.75 second intervals as an arming time that would fly towards the target. They would fly out wide and flank away from the main fire.

The squads would then slowly approach the enemy target one by one dealing DPS the longer they aren't dealt with. Scaling the DPS from 400/600/800/1000dps over the course of 15 seconds (with 1000dps after 3 seconds of no retaliation to fighters). After the fighters have dropped their load, they return for reloading. For each individual squad successfully returned the cool down is decreased.

Intecetpors can instantly be removed from using flak turrets, tesla canons, precision beams, blast pulse, and anything with a large hit scan. Which is pretty easy to counter - but should you out live the attack, you can aim for interceptors returning back to punish the dreadnought.

This type of gameply would allow dreadnought users to sacrafice close quarters broadsides, by summoning offensive units to ease preasure on team mates by directing enemies to put power to shields or take focus off team mates/the dreadnought tanking.

Just a thought!

I like it, but I would want them to be fast and nimble enough to be an honest threat against the faster moving corvettes.

I think also to counter the advantage long time players have over new players it should be announced to your team when and where your command ship will be warping in and make it random location. Otherwise it simply just becomes muscle memory.

Experienced players need to learn how to pull their punches so to speak, if your smashing another side that’s clearly new then play another ship that’s weaker or don’t mob a target. Servers have only been up for a short time and already as I type this I have been waiting for 28 minutes for a match. I am also getting thrown in to a lot of matches that are almost over where the side I placed on is losing badly and most have quit out.

like being chain scrambled until your dead... I just leave that match and look for another or leave the game for a few hours or for the day. If I cant play I have other things to do around the house with my time.