The game is actually larger than it has been in the past. There are far more players than in the past, the game itself just has a small player base. In fact, it can't be dead if it never was alive. Dreadnought is steadily growing, and when more players join, there can be more competitions, and it will grow rapidly. We just have to wait for the point people begin to play it more and then boom, rapid growth. The Devs haven't abandoned it, and are actually putting in much effort to patch, update, and release new content.

I have never experience this, but I do not doubt your experiences. However, I don't think it's an issue with the game itself. I play tier 4 and 5 games all the time on proving grounds easily, and if I go online, I rarely wait longer than 10 minutes for a game. I have never had a problem buying with GP and everything I do buy doesn't disappoint of fail. Maybe your system just isn't strong enough for the game, or maybe your internet/service provider is weak.

I do agree that a two-tac-tac is quite annoying and difficult to deal with, and there isn't much to do to counter them. I play against bots most of the time who do exceptionally at healing. Here's some things I do when I see the two-tac-tac (two tactical cruiser tactic).

-First, I analyze where they are. Usually they are with a dreadnought or destroyer. If they are by themselves, their dreadnought or destroyer is dead and it is retreating.

-Then I use a variety of methods which have varying degrees of success

I mainly play as the Monarch and the Brutus, so I have many options to deal with this broken combo. If I'm playing the monarch and there is a tactical cruiser within range, I don't even worry about other enemies. I focus my missiles and nuclear missile on the tac cruiser to kill it/them as fast as possible. I use the tractor beam whenever possible to bring it within range of my actual damage which is flechette missiles and flak.

If I am my Brutus, I use my ram and flak to unload tons of damage at once.

If I am a corvette, I entirely focus on the tac cruisers and artys of the enemy team.

Basically all you can do is attempt to kill them fast enough so their buddy can't heal them or to pull them out of combat. To do this, use tractor beams, nukes, rams, assault blink warps, and so on- For the Oberon tac cruisers, watch for their beam amplifier. If they have it active, the take more damage. USE THIS WHENEVER POSSIBLE. A single arty can deal almost 20000 damage with a single well placed shot with energy to weapons while this is active.

Another tactic, however difficult, is to distract the tac cruisers. When there are two, they prioritize certain allies, which includes themselves. If either one takes damage, the other will immediately heal it. So use this to distract their healing so they can't heal the main target of your team- Ie the enemy dreadnought. While they focus on healing each other from enemy fire, their allies die. So send your team to focus as normal, but be prepared to constantly shoot them. Once the enemy push is slain, your allies will turn on them and thus- Kill them.

If you were seeking for a guide to deal with this, here you go! If you were seeking for a place to complain, oh well. I hope this helped!

On PS4, the wait times for Recruit and Veteran Tier games are about 3-10 minutes. Legendary Tier games can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes. To counter this, do proving grounds. Proving grounds on Recruit Tier will find a game in 30 seconds and auto fill with bots. Proving grounds on Veteran and Legendary tier games takes 1 minute and will auto fill with bots if it finds noone. The only problem with Proving grounds is the enemy team is given 2 more people than you, so it's a 6v8, and your allies will likely be horrendously useless at the beginning. Learning to fight bots, especially with the advantages they gain, can be challenging, but it is worth it to me in order to A) avoid long waits on legendary matches and B ) still get paid.

I know nothing about PC dreadnought. I stopped playing on my laptop.

This aged like fine wine.

I'm always looking for new friends to play with on PS4! I prefer to play dreadnought, but I also have other games we can play too! I really enjoy teamwork and cooperation, but I also just wanna chill. I have all the T3 ships maxed out and I have a bunch of tips and tricks if ya wanna play. Hit me up any time, I'll respond when I can. (I also notice that these forums aren't very active anymore, but I'll be on sometimes.)

I know this is an old post, but I can't help but contribute.

All these points and ideas are great! Yes, master the modules, awareness, teamwork, know the ship, strategize, adapt, overcome... But there's one idea that was only briefly mentioned by mister math: Don't get irritated! Keep your calm!

This point goes for most video games, but Dreadnought especially. If you lose your cool midgame because that one vette keeps killing you or that one arty won't leave you alone, then you lose all your abilities to do everything before hand! When you're angry, you can't strategize, you can't adapt and overcome, you lose awareness, you lose the teamwork... Just stay calm and rethink your strategy.

Some strategy tips are as such: (Note these are strats for new players, so I won't be talking about the best builds or officer briefings, cause those are confusing)

-If the enemy team is overpowering you guys easily, then you have two options: Either reevaluate your current offense plan and do it differently or totally adopt the defensive plan. The easier one is the latter, changing to be more defensive is much simpler than revising an offense plan.

-If you want to revise your plan, think about the following things: The enemy count and ships, your teammate count and ships, their strategies and modules, your strategies and modules, and how to counter their strats. If the arty in the back has siege mode and they constantly bombard you with it, easy counter: Stay behind cover of either a teammate or a wall! There are so many counters to so many ships, it may be overwhelming to adapt to an entire enemy team. But all you have to do is adapt once, the rest will follow. This is a team built game, so by adapting to one enemy, you adapt to half the team.

-To strike a defensive position, find a piece of land that can block damage like a mountain. Post up behind it and shoot the fools that try to push! It is historically known that between two opponents, if they are equally matched, the defending side always wins. If you are forced to a defensive position, there still might be the chance you lose anyway, but a defense is always stronger than offense. Hide the tac cruisers behind the dreads, put the destroyers on point defense against corvettes, keep the artys far away from the main choke point, and most importantly: STAY CALM

In the end, staying calm is the most important aspect of combat and strategy games like this one. If you have the adaptability to react to any situation calmly, you will emerge victorious more times than not.

I do also acknowledge the downfalls of Proving Grounds since that's all I play (too impatient for matchmaking). These are some serious downsides, but there is always a positive. Every single AI in the game acts the same way. Every single T3 Machias is going to behave the same way as every other T3 Machias AI you can find. Because of this, you can simply outsmart the system. I play legendary proving grounds and here are some issues with the enemy gameplay I encounter:

-The Brutus and Vindicta destroyers are armed with Plasma Rams and disruptor missiles. When they boost their speed, you can tell that they're about to ram someone. If you're the target, start lowering your altitude, and the AI will NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, it's actually quite funny.

-Any artillery cruiser (except Oberon artillery cruisers) will not fight back if you get their side. As a corvette, if you sneak around the back, you may encounter some enemy fire, but if the artillery cruisers aren't facing you, they likely won't fight back if you're fast enough.

-Jupiter Arms Corvettes are programmed to act aggressive, so if you charge one directly, they run don't know what to do and just sit there, either shooting you with the primary or secondary.

-If you face the situation where there are 1-2 tac cruisers on a dreadnought, the easiest thing to do is to just nuke and target the tac cruisers. If they're two oberon tac cruisers, it's better because the beam amplifier that they have also weakens their damage resistance, so if you time it right, you can do easily 50k damage with a nuke if you hit them directly. If it's the Akula Vektor tac cruiser, you may have some difficulties since this one's a meatball. If there are two tac cruisers, always hit the Oberon one first when it activates it's beam amplifier and hope you can do enough damage to it before the other tac cruiser catches on. Another tactic against the 2-tac-tactic is to trick the AI into only healing the other tac cruisers. Since they only have one beam at a time, do enough damage to them so they keep healing themselves and leaving the dreadnought under fire by the rest of your team. If both the tac cruisers are the Akula Vektor, just hope that a friendly Ram gets close enough to do it.

-RAMS. The rams always do damage to an enemy formation, even if it dies. When I play the ram, I always sneak around the back and kill artillery cruisers since it's a one-shot kill immediately. If the enemy is doing the 2-tac-tactic, I as the ram would charge into battle and ram the weaker one. Chances are it lives through it and its teammates kill me, but if I have enough time, the flak and ram can kill the tac cruiser. It's a one for one trade, which is never a good option when you're outnumbered 6-8, but if you can trade your life to weaken an already powerful formation like the 2-tac-tactic, do it.

-Lastly, remember that all the AI change the ships they use after they die. If you kill a tac cruiser from the 2-tac-tactic, chances are they wont respawn as another tac cruiser (but there's always the chance).

I hope this helped you in some way. I know this post was from July, but I still wanted to respond.

Jupiter Arms dreadnoughts by far are my favorite because of their high health pool and energy. My first loadout is my offensive tank with the nuclear missile, vulture missiles, tractor beam, and the endurance mode. My second loadout is the defensive tank with the interceptors, flechette missiles, tractor beam, and the armor amplifier. For the offensive tank, endurance mode on a Jupiter Arms dreadnought is literally the greatest combination because for 45 SECONDS you regenerate somewhere around 500 health per second (not a lot, but better than none) and your max health skyrockets to 180000! And it's transferable. If you activate endurance mode with half health (45000), your health shoots up to half 180000 (90000). Then you start gaining hp. At the end of the endurance mode, if you have over max hp, you stay at max hp! AND IT HAS A 60 SECOND COOLDOWN. I always ran the armor amp on my offensive boi because taking only 5% of damage is awesome, but why take less damage when you can gain a literal 90000 hp instantaneously? My officer briefings on both loadouts are the same: Retaliator (-module cooldown when shield takes damage), Get My Good Side (+energy when takes dmg from the side), Slow and Steady (+10% dmg resistance, -10% speed), and Survival Instinct (-50% reload time when at 50% health). So in combat, I just pop the shield and use the modules, and when I run out of energy, I use endurance mode, regain health and energy, use energy for more shields which get me more modules which get me more endurance mode........ Endless loop of destruction!!!

Edit: I do understand that the ballistic cannons aren't the most overwhelming weapon in the game, but they can do some serious damage up close. Within optimal range of the cannons, the Monarch can unload a 1000+ damage per bullet. That's why I use the tractor beam to get people close so the guns do some actual damage. My best gameplay with the Monarch was a 19-0 conquest game with my offensive tank. 0_0

I do agree that there are some things that could make this game much more fun than it already is, and I agree with you on most of your points.

The ability to strafe is an ability granted to higher tier artillery cruisers with modules. It is fairly realistic that a ship with turning thrusters can strafe, but it is also understandable to say that most of the ships (ie. dreadnoughts and destroyers) are too large for the turning thrusters to propell them quick enough to the side to consider it a strafe.

Teammate status on the HUD... Yes please!!

The minimap, in my opinion, is the greatest downfall in the gameplay. It is just a grid with your marker on it and your teammates markers. I really wish that the minimaps changed to whatever map you were at in a color and graphical version instead of just a grid. So agreed!

The ship agility is one of the defining features of the ships. I agree to an extent, they can be slow sometimes, especially dreadnoughts, but then again, that's one of the downfalls to playing larger ships. If you favor agility, play as corvettes with the cost of health and energy. On T3-T5 ships, you can even put the Engine Rigger officer briefing in navigation for a 100% boost to movement speed when energy is set to movement with a 75% increased energy cost.

The indication methods are a little wack, yes, but I don't feel as I rely wholly on my teammates. So this is more opinion based, but I see why it would be a better upgrade.

Targetting enemies and allies is fairly simple, I am unsure if the struggles you face with this topic. Friendly fire is off (as far as Im concerned), but friendly collision is not off. Meaning if a teammate is above me when I launch vulture missiles, the missiles will collide and be wasted. But there really isn't anything they can do to fix this. Maybe you have a problem with your game that I dont have, but yes sure that can be a problem to some.

YES RADAR OMG the minimap is already fairly bad, and the radar is the only thing making it marginally better. If the minimap and radar was improved, I would have a harder time pointing out gameplay flaws (not biased at all). Agreed!

The scramble itself merely jacks up your screen for the victim for about 5-10 seconds. Against AI, the scrambler effects are absolutely useless because the AI rely on exact knowledge of where you are to fire and use modules rather than eyes like humans do. But in an online match, the scrambler effects can ruin an entire team. Yes, it's short, but it has huge effects. Being blind in a battle is a major disadvantage, especially a game where teamwork is essential for survival. In most cases where I have the choice of a scrambler module, I opt for other abilities, but I would gladly accept scrambler effects with any ship I play with.

In the end, I do agree with you that all of these changes are beneficial in some way, but some are also redundant or just plain unnecessary. This isn't a post to degrade you or your ideas, this is more just a wall to bounce back some of your ideas and really think about them. It's always easy to give ideas to improve something in general, but sometimes the improvements aren't necessary. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Some ideas that I've had over the years are:
-larger maps and larger teams (not an original idea, but an idea nonetheless)
-a real tech tree instead of a 'buy what you want when you want' system
-more environment manipulation or interaction
-weaker aim assist

If you'd like to debate my ideas, that'd be awesome! Remember, don't attack the man/woman, attack the idea. If you'd like to play with me, hit me up! (See sig) Have a great day