I play on both PS4 and PC. I got Dreadnought on the PS4 pretty long ago, and because of it, I've advanced far further than my PC counter part. On the PC, I've barely unlocked all the tier 3 ships. On the PS4, I've fully researched the T3 ships and am now working on T4. Because of my raw advancement is the main reason I prefer PS4. But also, my laptop is pretty poor when handling Dreadnought and the graphics are awful. So basically, I rarely play PC version anymore.

I totally understand this hatred. I too love corvettes, especially the Jupiter Arms manufactured. And I do agree that the AI tend to have extraordinary abilities to literally dominate you from across the battlefield. But there is always a way! Every single ship is programmed with their own AI, so if you run into an AI machias, they all behave the exact same way! This predictability can be used to either counter them by preparing for them or acting outside of their natural reaction programs. I play on proving grounds most of the time because I'm far too impatient for match making, so I fight bots all the time, and yes, sometimes I get irritated. But once you master each AI and how they'll react, it becomes quite simple to destroy them all and emerge victorious. If you have PS4, hit me up if you have any more questions (Gamertag: 'HanBahnDay') or if I can help you in any way. I do understand that officer briefings can also be confusing as well. If there's any way I can help, be sure to let me know!

Hey all! I'm not really new to Dreadnought, but this is the first time getting really into forums and such about anything besides D&D beyond (check it out, it's pretty cool). I began with Dreadnought on the PS4 about a year or two ago, but never really understood it. It looked cool, but the controls were difficult for my smoll brain to handle. So as of a few months ago, I picked it back up and I am in love. I maxed out all tier 1 and tier 2 ships, most of the tier 3 ships, and I'm now working on the tier 4 ships (on PS4). My laptop is kinda weak for a game like this, so I don't play very often. Anyway, I'm always looking for friends on PS4 cause I'm lonely! Hmu and we can play sometime (probably on the weekend, PS4 gamertag: HanBahnDay). I'm always willing to teach and guide people on how to play and understand this fantastic game!

Hey there. I've always been searching for custom games on the PS4 version of Dreadnought. I have both the PS4 and PC versions, and I can't seem to find custom games anywhere. Is it a concept that never got added? Do I not have the proper version? Or is it a DLC that I need to pay for? I'm not new to Dreadnought, but I've always been confused by that. Whenever I look it up, I'm told that it exists. Anyway, halp!