Got it mate, thanks.

Hi mate got the same problem, except do not know how to claim said ship??

Thanks guys.

Yeah seems to be a problem. How do you know your in range as well

Hmmm good to know, just got my first dread there, take it must be the later one's that get them.

I've seen squads of fighters flying about and tho just for background.

Are there any plans to implement carriers in the future ??

I did find the destroyer pretty good at dealing wi the pesky things as well thing was they were tier 3 vet's as well which didn't help either.

In wows you can only have 2-3 dd's on a side, with a diff of 1, carriers are roughly the same.

What they could do is if one side has no vets' then the other side, may be able to field no more than one, but two is just overkill.

Okay I am new to this game but do play others, that have the same progression system etc,etc, however the mm here has to be sorted, you can not have one side with two corvette's and the other wi none, its like wows, you have to balance it, I was just in a game where we got owned, mainly because the other side had 2 vet's and we had none, I'm grinding towards my first vet, so hopefully tomorrow will have it.

So lets get the balance sorted.

What about the trident's no chance of keeping those smile

Yup still down smile