We're celebrating summer with a weekend giveaway. All Captains that play this weekend will receive in-game items valued at more than $120:

  • 220,000 XP

  • 220,000 Credits

  • Elite Status for two weeks

  • Free Red-White-Blue Jupiter Arms Captain tint

  • Free Red-White-Blue Empire Ship Coating collection

To get your items, log into the game this weekend and play a few battles. Be sure to claim your tint and coating collection from the market. The other goodies will appear in your account in the next couple of days.

See you in battle!

PS. Value is estimated for the US,. It may vary in other markets. Promotion valid between Friday, July 3rd, 2020, and Sunday, July 5th, 2020 (UTC).

Summer Giveaway News Article

PS4 is back online now. Thank you

PS4 Dreadnought will have a brief downtime today around 10:30 CT / 4:30 UTC for a routine server reset. Players trying to login will see a downtime of about 30 minutes but players in-game will finish their matches before a short restart time of about 10 minutes.

We are doing a routine server restart for PS4 in just under 2 hours. Players who are not logged in will be blocked from login for about 30 minutes and players in game will wrap up their matches before a quick 5-10 minute restart.

Thank you

Dreadnought PS4 is back online now.

We are going to do a quick restart of Dreadnought PS4 to clean up the ship selection issues.

Downtime should only be a few minutes.

Hi Senriaa,

If you are consistantly seeing the same few people who are always AFK then please put in a CS ticket with their captain names included so we can investigate.

Thank you

Hey FNP,

I can see that you were able to login.

Welcome back.

We are still working on the hardware maintenance. We should have an update on Twitter in the next few hours.

Hey everyone. We are wrapping up the last matches before shutdown now. Players were unable to purchase modules for credits for the last few hours. Everything should be back to normal after the maintenance.

Sorry for any confusion.