I love what you did to the game overall and all in all im impressed by all the changes you managed to incorporate in one go. I was looking over the previous streams again since the announcement, no wonder you guys were so excited about the release.

Cant help but notice, that you have to a great extend integrated a lot of forum community feedback that was posted since beta into this update and really appreciate that. So this is going to be a long feedback post.


  • 8v8 is a real game changer for ps4, the matches are much more exciting and fun to participate, the difference is like night and day!

  • Dreadnoughts Gameplay really shines with bigger team sizes, i didnt expect this much of a difference.

  • The new module videos really help on the decisionmaking of which modules to buy and how they look in action. Cant stress enough how helpfull this is.


  • The minimap still gives scarce information of the battlefield like position or direction. DN Miguel said once in a stream "communication is key on a team based game" and hes right, but communication requires information to share, so the more information a captain can obtain from a battlefield the better he can communicate.

  • it would be helpfull if there was a numeric grid overlayed with zones so that you can communicate a strategy for movement or maybe point out the last location of an enemy.

  • or there should be a full map available with highlighted names of certain location sites that might even have some lore background.

  • a color tag indicator for each ship class overlayed might help differentiating enemies at distant and in the heat of a battle.

  • respawn should have 2 locations as option before respawning. with your team or to another spawn point. spawn locations should be visable on a map screen.


  • Imho the new Ui is fantastic and has so much dignity unlike the previous ones. It looks clean and mature, simple yet elegant, the main lobby stands out most and is just pure eyecandy and takes some big leaps towards immersion.

  • i love how the buttons in the lobby screen are visable but not overdesigned and how you managed to provide so much view on the hangar in the background, highlighting exactly whats important and showing off a captains most precious possession.

  • the market teaser window is perfect in size and location, its not oversized and overhighlighted like in other games and the previous Ui, desperately begging for your attention. The new teaser window is subtle yet standing out with dignity and still catches my attention.


  • i would love if the buttons on the lobby screen and the market teaser window would fade out after 1-2 minute being idle with the input device, basically everything below the top bar, so that the streamers/players unique ship is shown off to whoever is watching while they grab a drink.

  • it would be amazing if after 1-2 minutes idle time the camera would slowly zoom in on your ship and slowly pan around it, that would make a great show.

  • the camera should also be on rails like a camera on a movieset giving you a cinematic view and feeling when the ship and its details are highlighted.

  • if theres are news please add them into the teaser window and have another of the smaller button to access it on the bar left.


  • The new hangar front office for the captain is pure quality.

  • Theres a lot of detail to it, like so much work piling up on the desk.

  • Its location is now even better giving the captain an overlook on his ship without much hinderance on the view of the ship in the background.


  • The camera is limited towards the upper torso, so you dont get a full view on the captains outfit and all the details it has, it should be full view with rotation and zoom. Otherwise all the work of the design team is just wasted and cant be appreciated nor admired after purchase.

  • it would be amazing if theres was another customization slot for the captain for a shoulderarmor figurehead, you know like in Judge Dread comics, matching and aquired along with the heroship.

  • Since theres so much detail and time/effort made to create those figure heads for the heroship already, it would create another incentive to buy a heroship. Theres a lot more value to that for a player and his purchase, than there is on the decals that are often barely visable on smaller ships.

  • It would be cool if the captain would stand/work at the desk and then turn around and walk towards the camera when choosing outfits.


  • i enjoy the new statistics page its easier to access than before and more snappy


  • it would be nice to also have the flight log shown of the player you compare with.

  • it would be awesome to see the captain of the player you compare the stats with.

  • just from the design i would love the statistic page to look similar to lobby screen, clean and left hand sided information with the captain on the right hand side.


  • The new hangar looks amazing, and i thought the previous hangar versions were already pretty darn good.

  • The camera moves freely now, thats a big improvement.


  • The hangar view camera is focused towards a centre point of the ship and then turns around that point, i would rather have it moved like on a rectangular rail like in a movie production and with the ability to ascend and descend so that you can see the ship from atop and below.

  • the hangar could be 10% larger as dreadnoughts barely fit, which limits the camera view and leaves little space for the camera to get a wide angle on the ship.

  • When customizing your ship in the hangar, i would also love to be able to preview the heroship and retrofit customizations without having to go to the store page to see how the purchasable customizations may look with my equiped colors or how the colors look on my already equipped hull pieces.

Keep doing what you do, i salute you! o7

Regarding Heroship

I think 3000 Coins is ok as a price for a heroship, BUT i do wish to get more value out of that price.

The locked module setup the heroship comes with are just interesting from the lore perspective but dont have any other value as they restrict your play not enhance it.

The bonus free xp is minor and if you play with the ship you end up having to pay again to convert the accumulated xp, so i personally see minor to no value in the xp aspect.

HEROSHIP BUNDLE For 3000 coins

  • The heroship with its loadout all xp generated playing it should be free xp.

  • A few lines of lore.

  • An exclusive set of customization for bow,hull,bridge and stern for the shipline.

  • An exclusive figurehead.

  • An exclusive color

  • An exclusive soundeffect customization for the engines for the shipline.

  • An exclusive soundeffect customization for the primary weapon for the shipline.

  • An exclusive visual effect customization for the primary weapon for the shipline.


  • A fewlines of lore

  • An exclusive set of customization for bow,hull,bridge and stern or the shipline.

  • An exclusive figurehead.

  • An exclusive color scheme.


  • A few lines of lore.

  • An exclusive set of cosmetics for bow,hull,bridge and stern for the shipline.


  • The heroship with its loadout all xp generated playing it should be free xp.

  • A few lines of lore

  • An exclusive set of customization for bow,hull,bridge and stern or the shipline.

  • An exclusive figurehead.

  • An exclusive color.

  • An exclusive soundeffect customization for the engines for the shipline.

  • An exclusive soundeffect customization for the primary weapon for the shipline.

  • An exclusive visual effect customization for the primary weapon for the shipline.

  • An exclusive heroship captain outfit both male and female.

  • 14 days xp booster.

Module Effect Customization

For 1000 coins
- An exclusive visual effect customization for a module
- An exclusive sound effect customization for a module

For 500 coins
- An exclusive visual- or sound effect for a module

Here are some setups that help defending against corvettes:

- Triad pods
- Tractor Beam
- Autoguns
- Stasis Pulse

- Disrupter Missle
- Drain Pulse
- Scrambler Pulse
- Stasis Ammo

Artillery Cruiser
- Stasis Autobeams
- Damage Autobeams
- Scrambler Missiles
- Stasis Missiles
- Drain Missiles
- Stasis Mines
- Proximity Mines
- Stasis Pulse
- Disrupter Pulse
- Light Autoguns

Tacticle Cruiser
- Drain Drones
- Beam Amplifier (Jupiter Arms & Oberon)
- Tractor Beam Pod
- Stasis Beam
- Tesla Coil Pod
- Drain Mine
- Nuclear Mine
- Cloakpulse
- Blast Pulse
- Emergency Evac


**- Corvettes have a very small healthpool and rely heavily on their Energy and Modules to survive.

**- Disrupt their modules or drain their energy and they are destroyed really quick.

**- Corvettes have 100% dmg absorption on their shields.

**- Always wait for the shields to drop or drain their energy before unloading your weapons on them.

**- For you and your teams sake, ALWAYS mark corvettes and tag them as primary target to make it easier to track them.

- Always have a loadout with above max Corvette punish modules.

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-222655) said:

DNO-Albator#6118 posted (#post-222648) said:

Do not use t3.
One time to go through this pain and forget about their existence forever.

This is actually one of my big issues with the game. T1 and T3 are just stepping stones to T2 and T4, and once you get those T1 and T3 are utterly useless. I really think the devs should give some bonuses (i.e. +20% movement speed) to T1 and T3 after reaching the next tier to make tehm playable.

i completely agree.

tier 3 especially is a huge reason for a lot of new player frustration, as t3 dont give any advantage on the battlefield in veteran matches and the ships are completely outgunned by t4. so running t3 has no advantage whatsoever.


just yesterday i had a match in which my team almost completely anihilated the other team. After the match in the endscreen lobby a new player was apologizing over mic for not playing good he thought, he didnt know he was fighting in an unfair match cause he was running t3 against t4 and thought he needed to feel embarassed and had to apologize for being new to the game.

if they would atleast give a huge boost in xp and credits for unlocking all gear, atleast there would be some point of grinding them out. but since you cant even transfer xp to other ships without paying an insane amount of real money even that would be useless.

which brings us to the very existence of those useless tiers. they exist for the grinding mechanic which is overexagurated in Dreadbought just to cash in on boosters. thats where the snake bits off its own tail.

if Dreadnought would rely less on selling boosters and emphasize more on selling cosmethics at a reasonable prize there would be no reason to have a useless tier and that would ultimately only help the game to provide a fair and enjoyable match experience in veteran matches retain players and grow in playerbase.

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-222623) said:

Solokonto#4004 posted (#post-222621) said:

Its a big issue in dreadnought obviously, but has nothing to do with get gud or mic on or ban squads.

Yes, but unfortunately there seem to be a number of veteran players who feel get gud or get a mic or squad up is the answer. They seem to much rather say those and drive people away, which foe a game with a small player base is bad. Hopefully the MM gets better to where solos dont get matched with squads, but it is incredibly frustrating since you basically cant win and your xp and cred rewards will be lower.

i completely agree.

what makes it even worse is that whenever there are these players obviously venting out of frustration, there are no forum admins to get to the root of the problem, or to correct those "veterans" when they step out of line.

the dev team is completely absent of the forums even though they are responsible for 90% of the issues and venting of frustrated players.
you wont find them in any conversation of issues the players have even though the feedback is obvious and should trigger a reply or an excuse.

there really has to be a change of the communication approach on the forums.

A premade group will always have an advantage over solo players, but complaining about them in a team based game is absurd.

That being said, if there were more communication and coordination tools, if the communication tools were easier to access(Ps4), there was a proper map and information shared, a proper team spawn after death, people wouldnt have such a hard time fighting off premade squads and wouldnt get stomped.

so squads arent really the problem, but the lack of communication the game provides combined with the absence of enviromental information and the resulting inability of coordination, obviously makes team play impossible if you are running against premades in a team based arena shooter.

consider this, all the information you are lacking as a solo player a group of premades can provide to eachother plus they can coordinate attacks and defence, you dont have to be a strategic genius to predict the outcome of such an encounter.

Any half decent game provides the tools mentioned above properly so that teams are balanced, but Dreadnought falls very short of it.

Its a big issue in dreadnought obviously, but has nothing to do with get gud or mic on or ban squads.

Anyone#6415 posted (#post-221577) said:

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221567) said:

The point of BB is as Snib said. To encourage people to rotate fleets and keep all divisions populated.

Which is stupid, because I won't switch to another devision for battle bonus. Why would I play my veteran fleet if I've unlocked whatever I want and there's legendary for me to play? If anything, this incentive is against people that want to play legendary, because they are "forced" back into veteran, stomping pubs.

good point.

thx for bringing that up.

on ps4 thats actually what happens as we cant find any legendary matches you go pubstomp on veteran matches.

with that we punish the few players that enjoy the game and try to overcome the rediculous grind just to get pubstomped.

even when there are a few players actually in the game they tend to wait out the battle bonus which isnt good for a game with an already low population.

at this point anything that would help the playerbase grow and make them play more often, rather than keeping them from playing would be very welcome.

There was a Dev Stream about it on youtube on the official channel, check it out.
No lore in the game itself sadly, except some small hints in the loading screen.

Hopefully we get more Lore in the actual game with the pve modes maybe, cause its quiet interesting.

They should add some weekly stories too on their website, maybe some stories about sinlay bay maybe, introducing characters and some more in depth stories about the 3 major corporations.

that would really be great to read something to pass the time until the next big patch.

Thanks for bringing this up!

Yes played UO and EvE Online, both since their release, but thats beside the point.

Whats even more beside the point is the comparison of an MMO with an arcade teambased arena action game.

the grind in an MMO is there for a reason because an MMO provides a huge world to explore and without continous achievements players would loose any sence of exploring and advancing. arcade mechanics would make an MMO repetitive beyond control and boring within a week rendering the huge world completely pointless. the content of an MMO is massive so players have to be kept in a loop of minor achievements which translates into a grind, thats why its called massivemultiplayer online game in the first place.

an arcade game is something that you can hop in and hop out any time without any need of investing much time to receive meaningful achievements. it doesnt provide a huge world to explore nor meaningful massive content to grind for.

fyi dreadnought is not an MMO and just because it lends itself MMO grinding mechanics for the sole purpose of generating revenue doesnt make it anything even close to an MMO even if theyd increase the grind to years as there is not even a pebble of content compared to an MMO that would justify that grind

the next time you make a comparison try not to compare the laws that make an entire universe run with the laws of making a household run.

TIER 6 and another year of grinding towards it? NO THANK YOU!

Dreadnought already suffers worse than any game out on an unreasonable amount of grind, just to create revenue by selling grind boosters, and all because whoever pulls the string on pricing is unwilling to make a reasonable pricing model for cosmetics and their hero ships which dont sell enough to less rely on monetizing the grind. Thats wheree the problem loops as long as Dreadnought doesnt stop relying so heavilly on boosters as their primary income source.

So Dreadnought suffers from players and retention and here is why:

The TIER model is one of the key issues with Dreadnought because it doesnt balance out players fighting with different tiers and modules unlocked. So players fail to have an enjoyable experience when fighting priviliged players that have either a lot of time or money at hand and have overcome the grind and gotten themselves an unreasonable advantage.


The pricing model on Cosmetics and Heroships is the next key issue, as those players that want to stick with Dreadnought receive no incentive for actually staying and facing the grind, because those customization that are not locked away by grind are locked away by an unreasonable pricing model that tries to convince players to pay for cosmetics with the same price of a full ps4 game (or whatever platform)


Balancing is an issue that comes further down the road with officer briefings causing complete havoc of the inbalance that the tier system already creates in matchmaking. OBs imho dont belong into the PvP modes of Dreadnought. they may be very welcome in modes in which Player fight NPCs in Story missions. They just create confusion and frustration because they give players an advantage that other players are not aware of as they work passively and are hidden in the loadout of an enemies ship. You cant fight what you cant see = frustration.
How big the impact of OBs are is something every Vet player is very aware of. Maybe when the core game has been balanced out they could be considered to be reimplmented but then also only one OB per loadout.


These are the main reasons why Dreadnought is not growing in player numbers.

Feel free to disagree but that wont change anything towards player retention and growing the player base even when new players join via steam or play cross platform, these issues will be the dominating factors why the player base will stagnate.