So I've just started playing, had some good matches with a dreadnought and tactical cruiser, but it seems like the grind is long and I want to see what tips you guys had that you wish you'd known before you started playing and committed to spending coin!

I just saw a youtube ad using dreadnought gameplay and trailer footage for an ad on youtube. Your legal team should shut it down as they've done this for other companies ips as well.

Okay, so looking at the damage...T5 Bombers seem massively superior to T5 Interceptors.

T5 Bombers gets 4 bombers with 4 attack runs with 3000 damage per mine and a 400 AoE on a 45 second cooldown. Unlimited range. Max damage for a single target: 30004=120004=48000 damage on a disrupt effect.


T5 Interceptors gets 2 Jets launched, 1 attack run, no AoE, max damage of 36000, a 35 second cooldown and unlimited range. Mobdro

Personally, I think T5 Interceptors needs a buff. A big one. T5 Bombers justifies it's power by letting you kill the bombers. T5 Interceptors lack the power to justify the vulnerability of targeting the jets.

Suggestion: Increase max damage by 50% and add 2 additional jets launched (each worth 25% of the additional 50%).

This decreases the vulnerability of jets by spreading the damage out more and bringing the damage output up enough to justify the additional vulnerability.

If you like this analysis please look at Fighters (range increase) and a general buff to T4/5 Interceptor and Bomber movement speed (say they use boosters to get into range that justify their awful and predictable pathing since while using boosters they can't steer well or risk having the craft break up, in space. mechanics, thats way lol).

So I've been playing a while and generally have been having trouble with 2 particular players. Leroy_jenkenz and AnarchySpecter. Anyone have their tactics nailed down and the best way to counter them? UC Browser SHAREit MX Player

If they increased the size of teams but made the new slots for fighters. Not sure how the balancing or use of those slots would work but it would be fun to have. Really anty up peoples playstyles and awareness. Nox

Looking for a PS4 group to party up with, I main a Jutland and my playstyle is the "Bad Distraction Carifex" which means I frequently warp on top of enemies, cause total chaos by tanking their entire team, maybe getting a kill and warping out before I die. Over and over and over.

I'll also focus tac cruisers and artillery if the opportunity presents itself.

If you can use an aggressive bruiser cruiser, hit me up and lets go mash some PS4 Dreadnought on Vet or Legendary!

Only unlocked when you have all ship slots filled for your fleet.

Basically the same as Onslaught but you can only spawn each of your loadouts once.

If you run out of loadouts then you control one of the assault cruiser AI thingies until the game ends. Nox VidMate Mobdro

I seem to have some partial polish translation enabled, I have the language in launcher set to english. how to I disable that translation? I got couple of many buttons as well as game subtitles translated, but not much else. Which is silly. Is there a setting somewhere that I can changeXvideos Xnxx Chaturbate

Hey, not exactly new to Dreadnought. Trying to unlock the Machias.

Have all 8 modules researched+purchased and have 3.4k experience on my Dover but the game will not let me unlock the Machias.

Am I having a derp moment or is there something screwed up here?

P.S. devs, you need a better UI. This is sloppy, unintuitive trash. CCleaner Happy Wheels VLC

Am I crazy or does it seem like ships that have ballistic weapons seem to do more damage than one's armed with the plasma based weapons?

Couple of days ago I was playing a match of onslaught and I was using my tr3 Destroyer I'm not exactly remember which one it is. But it's from the akula company or something. The ships that are all green and color and really rounded and bulbous and their designs. Anyway I was using the destroyer and I felt as if my guns were doing more damage than some of the other weapons that were being used by other players. To test this Theory I made a note to switch to a different ship when I blew up. As luck had it I was destroyed not too long afterwards by a artillery Cruiser. I then went after this same artillery Cruiser using a different ship this time armed with plasma weapons. I was able to destroy the ship but it seemed like I was doing less damage. After having been destroyed again I went back in once again using my Destroyer with the ballistic cannons and again attacked another artillery Cruiser. It's Health seem to deplete much quicker. Now again I don't know if this means that the ballistic guns do more damage or maybe they fly faster so they simply hit the target sooner but like I said it seems like the ballistic guns do more damage then the plasma based ones at least 9 times out of 10. The only other one that I personally think isn't that way is the Jutland class. Which as I posted in a different post feels almost under gunned.Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate