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Seen it (and been a victim of it) in other MMO games and now I believe I've just had my first experience of it in Dreadnought.

Just had a Tier III Turbo Deathmatch game (3 vs 3 plus bots) and 2 of the enemy team managed to rack up what looks to me to be a ridiculous amount of kills. Effectively managing to kill our entire team on their own 2 and 3 times respectively. I would just like to point out I have never seen any player, human or bot, make anything like these figures.

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This is a good idea. I don't even bother doing "Any" anymore cause nobody seems to be playing anymore, so I just do Proving Grounds to play myself. If I could see other people in different tiers/game-modes I'd queue for those more often for sure.

I've just got back into the game recently, over Christmas and it does seem like more people are playing now.

I drifted away from the game, as I was bored with only being able to play Proving Grounds. But lately, when I click on Quick Game, I usually manage to get into a game inside 2-3 minutes, with anything up to 5 other people (though more usually its 1 or 2). Mostly get Onslaught, but occasionally TDM and Conquest.

This (more or less) echoes a much shorter post from General Discussion.

I've only played on and off since the game's launch...don't even own any Tier V ships yet.

But if what you've described really has come to pass, then it would take significant time and investment from a developer who shares your vision of what the game could be (and are also brave enough to take the risk on being able to attract new players). Seems Greybox have done about all they can (or want to).

I too would like to see tech trees that go up to Tier X, larger maps (definitely more space-based ones!) and carriers that can spam fighters and/or assault ships.

Looks like our dreams are destined to go unfulfilled. 😞

Heh. I suggested something similar in another thread.

I feel the tech trees do need expanding. Most games like this seem to go up to Tier 10. Would also like to see larger maps that are easier to navigate around. Most of them feel like obstacle courses where you have to pay as much attention to where you're going, as to finding / destroying the enemy.

Also agree that with higher tiers of ships it would be nice to see new weapons, offensive / defenive modules etc.

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I have been playing this game on/off for years. And every time I return to see the status of the game, nothing has changed. If the devs only put a little TLC into the game and update its graphics (which are now very dated---its no wonder why its not drawing new players), this game could make a comeback. Just look at Start Conflict: A game released in 2012 and still going strong today. Why? Because if you were to play it today, it looks and feels like a game made in 2021, not 2012. The devs updated its graphics and listened to their players to improve the game. We need a dev team that cares for DN, and puts the same love and care into this game to draw in new players and keep the old ones.

I have said this many times before, and I don't expect things to change now. But I love DN, and hate to see it die a slow death for the last 2 years. Please devs, do the right thing and avoid letting this game bleed to death. Sell it to a company that cares for it!


Quite a few issues with this.

For starters, the game is far from "still going strong". It has a miniscule player base of just a few hundred souls - on PC anyway. Steam charts indicate that Dreadnought had peak player levels as follows:

October 2018 - 3,691
November 2018 - 2,011
December 2018 - 899

January 2019 - 474
February 2019 - 515

Since then, the highest peak player level it has achieved was 327 in November 2019.

Obviously this doesn't include console players, but I think its safe to assume their numbers aren't much different. F2P games with tiny player bases equals not much resources to develop with.

That alone reduces the amount of time and effort the devs are willing to commit to it. With that in mind, I think they've done okay. The graphics are actually pretty decent IMO for a niche game. I've watched some Star Conflict footage and I'd say the graphics are marginally better but not hugely so.

SC is 5 years older, so has had more time for updates & improvements to be developed. It also uses a different game engine which maybe allows them to do things that the Unreal engine can't?

Quite honestly, the only real issues I have with Dreadnought are the lack of players, the relatively small, cluttered maps and tech trees that stop at Tier V.

I'd like to see them introduce more ships...possibly all the way up to Tier X, along with bigger maps to accommodate these larger, higher tier ships. Maybe some new weapons, offensive / defensive mechanics etc. But overall, I feel its a pretty good game, for what it is.

I would agree that maybe a mobile version might help boost player numbers and revenue.

But with regard to selling up to another developer...unless they find someone with a real vision (and the resources) to expand the game & increase its popularity, I doubt it would achieve much.

Agree. The matchmaking algorithm could be improved to automatically fill remaining spaces in a team with AI after 4-5 minutes.

Given this game is rather short of players now, it would be nice if the devs could push it up their priority list.

I play on PC and the only mode I seem able to get, other than Proving Grounds is Team Deathmatch. Never seem to get Onslaught or any of the other modes...and even then its usually a 3-4 minute wait.

I dunno if thats because I'm still mostly playing Tier 3 ships and all the die-hard fans are playing Tier 5s now.

Well I've just come back today after a break of about a year or so.

I've noticed a major graphics improvement and a new game mode. They've also altered the menu system quite a bit...which is taking some getting used to.

However, the worrying bit was trying to get a game in any favourite Onslaught and Deathmatch modes and even the new Conquest.

Waited 2-3 minutes but have been unable to get into any games. Had to settle for a few rounds of Proving Grounds. Also noticed the bots are a lot tougher than they used to be (even accounting for my rustiness). Definitely more challenging, but not the same as playing against real people.

I hate to ask this question, as I've seen it (and scoffed at it) on other game forums, but: is Dreadnought dying? I mean, it appears very few people are actually playing...

I noticed someone mentioned that a PvE campaign was in the works...or at least had been discussed. REALLY would like to see this (though it could be a moot point if the above is true).

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Ok, i'm kinda baffeled by this.
i'm a newbee. playing for about a week, with 7hrs playtime and with 4 tier3 ships unlocked has to fight against Grimmhammer on the opposite side who is said to be one of the best with hundereds of hours playtime.
is the matchmaking broken? does it not take into account mmr or even playtime?
this needs to be fixed

The problem with matchmakers is they can only work with the player pool they have access to. This means that games with small populations tend to get plagued with accusations of "broken matchmakers" when the truth is waiting the 20 minutes it would take to build 'better' teams often draws more complaints than the unbalanced teams it's forced to create if it builds teams faster.

The only way to "fix" this situation is for a game to get a lot more popular so the matchmaker has a bigger pool to work with, it's not just a matter of changing the matchmaker code itself.

Yep - had similar issues (and complaints) with Armored Warfare. Though they have just recently brought a Global server online, merging the previously separate NA, EU and RU servers. Wonder if that could be an option for this game?

Yeah - just come back to the game after quite some time away and am very impressed with the new look.

Just had a proving grounds battle to ease myself back in and was pleased that the combat system is pretty much as I rememberd it. Hope to get some time to have some proper battles soon.

Liking the new layouts and UI. New hangar is a major improvement.

Only minor niggle is with the ships themselves. Overall, they look amazing with a fantastic level of detail, right down to the battle scarring, detail of vanity items etc. So I find it odd that the thrusters / engines are still rather ugly blue pixellated blobs. Okay, its hardly a gamebreaking issue, but it does rather spoil otherwise beautiful ship models. Not so noticeable in-game, but a bit of an eyesore in the hangar.