Flustered Ferret



Hmm. I've been playing Veteran battles for a few days now in my Tier II ships and haven't come across this phenomenon. Maybe I've just been lucky and haven't come across any noob farmers in Corvettes?

My biggest gripe in this game is when the other team hdie in a group in one spot on the map and you spend the first few minutes just trying to find something to shoot at...then you stumble across 3-4 ships and get annihilated.

Unlocked 1 Corvette and tried it a couple of times but can't seem to make it work...

...which is weird because I had my first Elimination match today. My destroyer got blown up after a few minutes, so I spent the rest of the match flying fighters and actually seemed to do better in those...

Nothing amazing...just recorded myself in a Proving Ground battle (hey, I'm still a newbie at this!) Action is nothing to get excited about, but I think it looks pretty cool...

Pretty much par for the course in my experience (which includes the various Wargaming titles and Armored Warfare). Only time you get co-operation is if you're playing with clan mates and have voice comms available.

Other than that all you can do is use the command menu and pray.

I'm still new enough at this game that I just try to stick close to team mates and assist (unless they yolo into an enemy battlegroup).

He sounds like something I should dunk in my tea. smile