Edit: I'm not upset about having AI at all. I especially enjoy the fact that the lobby will fill with bots when not enough players are in queue. It really helps the low population issue until more advertisement or what have you is done to bring more people

I'm a new player and I'm running into this problem while playing where ofc I'm in T2/T3 ships and there's anywhere from like 8 to 4 AI players..

I love my corvettes. They're my blood n soul after having played religiously for a couple days. However, when I'm playing with mostly players I have a blast and do fairly well. When there's AI, however, it's appearing they have cheats.

Wallhacks and Aimbot? I don't know how else to clearly phrase it to give an idea of the issue.. I will be hiding my ship and peeping around the corner of the terrain and then all of a sudden there's 3 ships just turning around in the middle of a fire-fight and heading over to "ease around the corner" randomly.. exactly above/next to where i'm hiding out waiting on cooldowns.

My 'favorite' would be how I'm using light cloak and I understand i'm not invisible.. however these AI can see me from across the map and ACCURATELY hit me while i'm buzzing around at mach5 with the machias dipping n dodgin around.. doesn't matter tho because MR AI Artillery never really misses.

Or my favorite one thus far.. is I'll finally get in close and pop my cooldowns to do a 'bombing run' on a weaker ship.. and 6 freaking AI are -immediately- and I mean -immediately- hitting me accurately and just pop my ship during the assault.

I've seen some crazy AI's on these types of games(granted not entirely ship-based genre) but these are really taking the cake on their insanely instant reaction time and reasoning skills for chasing down a corvette/focus firing a corvette when the other players on my team could literally warp in on them and plasma broadside wreck 2-3 of their team.. but they will still be like "Nope. We fooking hate that little corvette! Keep firing across the map at it and ignore the immediate threats!"

Idk... Apologies for getting a little ranty.. just.. it's kinda annoying to see as i learn more and more about the game lol.

It makes me feel like the new player experience will be affected negatively by the way these AI are right now when it comes to dealing with corvette's. Mayhaps you're trying to persuade most new players not to play corvette but to join in the 'blob warfare' ? Where you have 2 dreads/2 destroyers and some healers with maybe an artillery or two for DPS?

Am I missing something or ...? I had tons of fun with other players when there's no AI though.. it's allot more "Hehehe catch me if you can!" and less "If I show for even 0.5seconds behind the enemy, 4 or 5 AI will immediately aimbot me cause i know they already see me here"