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Nov. 1, 2016, 3:45 a.m.

I was always hoping that they'll somehow make The tech tree enjoyable. But no its just another wowhatever copy and The grind seems very long atm. Its not that I just dislike the tier System but why so we Need to unlock a shipclass by playing another shipclass. And 50000credits for a Single tier 3 ship seems a Little much.

Also, tier 4 vs 1... I know its temporary because closed Beta but with This tier System its just horribly unbalanced. I guess You already prepared for that feedback^^

Blue Vengeance - Deutscher Multigaming Casual Clan

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Nov. 1, 2016, 4:34 a.m.

Can't play any more.
Tier 1 vs Tier 4 - Total break of the game
Tier 1 ships just are not fun to play.

I'll check back in after the next patch, this one is unplayable.

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Nov. 1, 2016, 4:54 a.m.

Updated //
Nov. 1, 2016, 4:57 a.m.

I really don't like being forced to Grind for weeks to research and buy a bunch of ships I will never play initially or ever, once I grind past them. I will just grind for months with the hero ships till all tier 4 stuff is unlocked, or I may get bored and just move on to another game.

Ships becoming worthless, is just a lot of wasted work as a game designer. It's taken a lot of companies a while to realize that you "Don't make content that becomes irrelevant". You need to design to keep all content viable at all stages of the game, or you are throwing work away. Blizzard finally learned this with WoW, as all content now scales and adjusts with the player to stay relevant at all times. It provides more gameplay depth, if all ships are scaled to be even and viable in the end game experience.

I'm happy to pay the cash to get to the end game ships and modules I want to play, but even that is not possible as you can't buy to skip ahead.

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Nov. 1, 2016, 5:13 a.m.

Updated //
Nov. 1, 2016, 5:44 a.m.

This tier system is a shame, a hybrid of the old "buy what ship you want to play" keeping everything relevant with strengths/weaknesses (ala League - no champ should be irrelevant) & the new module unlock system would probably be the best.

I know some will come to argue this is not a MOBA / FPS / etc, but the reality is this is just an arena shooter/moba thing with the character models being big ships. You have your dps, you have your tanks and you have your healers (to dumb the concept down). I see comparisons to World of Warships/Tanks and this is why Dreadnought is thought to be following the same tier system and repair mechanic, but (I have never played, just googled) do Warships/Tanks have dedicated healers? I just don't see the logic behind comparing them just because they use character models that look like vehicles.

This game in the previous patch was not ideal only because unlocking what ship AND module you wanted was a chore for new players. By adopting a model that mixes get any ship you want any time (based on credits) with the tech tree per ship would allow future ships to just be dropped into the market for people to purchase and then to 'grind' up experience on that ship to kit it out how they want. Slightly disappointed with the patch, but this is in beta still so hope the general chorus of voices filter something through to the devs.

edit P.S. Changing squad sizes down instead of up is nothing short of madness. I have a group very interested in Dreadnought that were overjoyed at the idea of 8v8 as we fluctuate from ~3-8 people of an evening. Reducing squad size counters our flexible numbers and will just mean we play something else instead when numbers exceed 3. If we are not playing enough then why would we invest money, if we play more we are more likely to gold-customise out our fav ships.

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Nov. 1, 2016, 6:56 a.m.

Can't download the patch on this particular connection, but reading the patch notes as to how Progression 2.0 works and what it looks like...

... it really is the Wargaming tech tree system isn't it? And as much as I love the World of Tanks and World of Warships games, their tech tree progression was my least favorite thing about the games in general, so seeing Dreadnought move into this direction feels like a kick in the gut, especially after the freedom of choice provided by the old system. I outlined my fears about this system a while back, and unfortunately looks like everything I feared would happen - the reduction in player choice, the lack of actual ship variety, the emphasis on higher tier ships, etc., - just did, much to the game's detriment.

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Nov. 1, 2016, 7:27 a.m.

After few hours spend playing I can finally tell what I like and don't.

- Researching and buing modules system
- Match making system based on Tiers (when bug allowing tier IV ships to participate in rookie fights will be removed)
- Matchmaking times are greatly improved (but this can be greatly affected by many people inactive for long, that waited for this patch)
- Modules parameters (numbers) wich give me clear information what it gives and how much
- I don't have to buy module to be able to advance to next tier
- Finally after few months I have contracts working smile
And that's it.

Cons (I won't be much creative here, most of it was pointed before here):
- Double penalities for those who lost match (less, credits + maintance mode)
- Maintance mode overall. It's just like red light on highway saying stop
- Ships "fancy" bars that gives missinformation that some tier V corvette has the same gun effectivness that some tier V dreadnought - whatever that means
- Ship tier advancement that forces to buy ships I don't wan't to play
- Modules tier advancement that leaves almost no room for ship customization
- Strange and small symbols that represents to what slot module fits in. I always have to point module by mouse to see what lower tier module will be replaced
It's alredy known which tier particular module belongs (it's just right next to ship name in tech tree). I would rather replace their module number with slot number and module symbol with some confirmation mark that I bought it. It's easy to see what is researched or not. From the other hand module tier number in ship hangar should be shown like it is now.

- Was mentioned before about tier IV ships in tier I and II matches
- Set flagship option doesn't work
- "X" - key before match doesn't work

I'm sorry to say it, but I have hope for more better changes than bad. Just for working contracts that I didn't saw for months I won't be wasting my time. But I still have little hope that developers will try to make this game better.

Right now for me it gives me more frustration than fun.

"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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Nov. 1, 2016, 12:04 p.m.

Updated //
Nov. 1, 2016, 12:12 p.m.


I'll stay with suggestions, since I don't expect you're going to change the tier system after putting so much developement into it. So here's an idea to improve it.

Currently there are only 15 valid end game ships. Once you get all Tier 5 there is no reason to ever play anything else.

So add one unique Module to every Tier 4 ship. Something not available on the Tier 5 version. Sort of an "Experimental variations". These could be new unique modules or even off class modules that would make the Tier 4 version an appealing alternative to the Tier 5. This could even attract people into a tree of research they were not interested in. If you told me there was a Tier 4 Destroyer that could have a Bomber Bay, I'd definitely check that out, and once fully invested in it, I'd pick up the Tier 5 also even if it did not have the bomber bay, just to have more options.

You could also use this as a "Rock Paper Scissors" sort of fix, offering Tier 4 versions that could be strong counters to certain Tier 5 ships if you chose the right match up. I'd love to see a completely Anti-Corvette load out for a Tier 4 destroyer, that could be chosen when a corvette player is dominating.

Doing something like this could expand your end game ship variety to about 30 ships.

If you had time, you could even do this to Tier 3 ships as well.

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Nov. 1, 2016, 12:16 p.m.

We're so excited that we're finally able to get this patch out to all of you. Just know that your feedback is incredibly important, always has been, and will be. If you guys come across any bugs please use the in-game bug reporter to make sure they're logged. Our goal is to make Dreadnought bigger and better, and all of your input will help us get there.

Having any issues and need some assistance? Our support team would be more than happy to help! You can reach out to them here!

Miguel "MiguelItUp" Rial - Six Foot Player Relations Specialist

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Nov. 1, 2016, 12:17 p.m.

So while i see plenty of people who wrote here,hate the progression system,i do actually enjoy it.
I like the new unlocking system,and i am eager to get to tier 4/5 to see all the possibilities.
The ui and the game overall is much more polished than before,all the small details count.
I like where this is going,cause yes it feels a bit diffrent right now with higher speeds at early tiers,but the feel of Dreadnought we all loved is in higher tiers as i get it,lower speeds,more tactical.
Its just easier to play at the start and i get why this is done,remember all the new players before,trying to figure out how to move,how to use secondaries etc,now you will get all those after u play a bit,and u will know exactly how to use em.Keep up the good work in my opinion.
My only disadvantage right now is a drop on fps,while the benchmark shows steady 57,in game with fraps i see 32+.

"The First Of His Name"

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Nov. 1, 2016, 2:14 p.m.

After a few hours of gameplay, these were my thoughts:

I like how I can put XP towards specific items to get to what I want to unlock, instead of "Oh you want this? get to level 49 and you can have it." It makes sense that if I play a ship I'd be unlocking items for that ship, and also working towards the next ship unlock. My biggest gripe however, is that the tech lines in T3, T4 and T5 ships (T1 and T2 hardly have any customization) make only a little sense to me, and even then in only a few cases.

Looking at the Vigo (T4 Jupiter Arms Destroyer), I have to unlock a Torpedo Salvo, a Nuke, and a set of Anti-Nuke Lasers before I get to the Nerves of Steel briefing, which has nothing to do with any of those. I think the tech lines should be grouped based on what they are. I.E, the torpedo's are all on the same line, and may interconnect with the tech line for missiles, and Rocket turrets might also connect to both. The Pulses would have their own tech line (maybe an offshoot of the perimeter module line?), and might link with the torpedoes/missiles with status effects. This would make the tech lines flow nicer and be easier to understand, while still offering connections between individual lines for other options. This way if I want to unlock say Missile Repeater, I would get it through unlocking other missile (or torpedo, if it links) tech instead of the Thrust Amp and a Ram that are its prerequisites now.

Initial gameplay has been changed a bit without the trader ships. Starting with a Tac, a Destroyer, and an Artillery Cruiser, but no Corvette or Dreadnought leaves the artilleries free to do whatever (assuming an all T1 battle). Tactical cruisers wouldn't be able to approach them effectively, and if one of the destroyers attempts to go for the artillery cruiser he will likely be left without a medic and it will take some DPS away from the main front. Artillery v. artillery can be difficult due to how narrow they are and the distance at which they engage, and why shoot at something you might miss when you can get guaranteed damage on another ship?

(To be fair, the above argument is nullified if you include T2 ships. There are T2 Dreads and Corvs, thus filling out the two missing ship roles)

Ship progression feels a little odd, but maybe it's because we don't know exact stats for each ship, all we have are the bars. If one wants to obtain the Koschei, they have to play through 4 artillery cruisers, which have a completely different playstyle to tac's. Granted, this may come from our tunnel vision and remembering the koschei to be the best healer, not even considering that the Harwich (J.A. T4, takes 3 Destroyers and a Tac) and the Aion (Oberon T4, takes 3 tacs) seem to have quite similar weapon effectiveness. It's hard to say if any of them are better since we have no raw numbers to compare them to each other. Just a couple of bars.

Battling and squads seem to have suffered a poor fate. No longer do we even have the option of 5v5 battles, and the squad sizes of 3 aren't even a factor of the new team size, which is 8. Why is that even a thing? Why would the squad sizes for small teams not be factors of the full team size? Why do we not even have the option for 5v5? I can understand allowing for larger battles, but 5v5 has the unique factor that if you double up on a particular class you wont have every ship class.

While I am unsure if a tiering system is the way to go for Dreadnought, I believe that if you wish to stay with it, you will have to find the fine line between taking dedication and flat out grinding to progress. As well, organizing the tech trees and tech lines differently will help the flow and logic of said parts of the game in my opinion. This update seems to be a step sideways, maybe a little forward in my opinion.

Hope this feedback was useful!

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