Ship Selection Screen Bug, Jutland Movement Speed, and Nukes

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Jan. 6, 2018, 11:46 p.m.

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Jan. 6, 2018, 11:54 p.m.

So this is just some issues I have been running into since I started playing honestly(except for the Jutland because it's a T4). I have noticed that if you are doing anything prior to your team showing up in orbit to select their ships(alt-tabbed, hitting tab to see the enemy team, etc) that you lose the ability to select your ship and have to warp in with the first ship on your fleet. Granted my first ship is my favorite and most played so whatever but it does get annoying when I truly wish to play something else.

The Jutland movement speed needs a buff plain and simple. Its firepower is weak compared to it's other Dreadnought class counterparts in my opinion and with the maps becoming larger it almost becomes pointless to run anything but Warp if you plan to make it anywhere near the middle of the map before the game finishes.

One thing I have noticed with nukes(and Catapults for that matter) is that when you launch at someone and they die before it comes back down, the nuke just disappears into the void instead of coming down in the area where it would otherwise have gone.

Just some thoughts and I hope the devs actually look at this and other posts in here to fix these issues because I would like to see this game and community grow.

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Jan. 7, 2018, 8:16 a.m.

Regarding the Jutland matter, you would have to bump up the HP pools of all DN & revamp them to some extent to give it a speed buff of say 25 to keep it balanced. It feels a bit unnatural to have the light dreadnought share HP pools with the Heavy Destroyer due to the innate shield difference, the current system effecticely locks the 4th slot module to the hull you chose to maintain effectiveness. The Jutland gets around quite fast with the Warp but with the current system you are basically stuck with Amp on Lori Warp on Jutty.... so a reasonable ammount would be:

60 000 -> 80 000 -> 100 000 with bumping only the Jutland's speed... But the Values could get a bit crazy on TV & might prove excessively difficult to kill.

A secondary sollution would be giving DN's innate armor simmilar to how SS works & tuning down Armor Amp accordingly, this way different DN can have diffent armor level but this is a bit more complicated & would imply other ships could get this "armor" feature. Or adjusting their mainguns to effectively sidegrade the repeaters. RN DN mainguns are a joke in most ranges until Tier V, as I posted in the Jutland thread the mid range DPS drop is too high to even make the gun worth sidegrading it's own repeaters outside 1200m & having even the prime DPS outclassed by repeaters is not that appealing. Overall most DN mainguns need looking into at this point in time

Regarding the Nukes. Apart from tartarus there is pretty much no point for the Salvo & Missile to exist, they would need a unique feature like ignoring shield/armor on direct impact or push the targets hit to the outside of the blast radious to give them some identity considering the cooldowns & how shield mitigation works at the moment. Regarding tracking the nuke launches into orbit & lands after a awsome 10 second delay making it very difficult to plan ahead, if the target dies the nuke does not reaquire target & just despawns in orbit. It's honestly best to detonate it if your target died to force it to go on cooldown.

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Jan. 8, 2018, 1:53 p.m.

Yeah, the problem with nukes disapearing when the targetted ship dies is enfuriating. It needs to be fixed soon.

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