Best and Worst Map?

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Jan. 28, 2018, 11:19 a.m.

Hi all,

I know this is a matter of opinion because different maps suit different styles. Here is my list of best to worse. I can't remember all the spellings of the map names so some descriptive phrases are provided to avoid ambiguity:

  • Armani (volcano) - love all the nokes and crannys. Don't need to rely on heavy armour to survive,
  • Red Sands - as above
  • Kappa Base - as above
  • Dry Dock - not so great as it creates a kind of trench warfare scenario where fleets slug it out over the divide.
  • Rings of Saturn - although lots of interesting places on the periphery the main arena is basically just an open space, no-mans-land kiling field. It can take ages to get to the action without warp,
  • Ryugu Haven - not a fan. Flying around in concentric circles. As above for getting to the place where the action is
  • Skybridge - really hate this one. Everyone just decends to the empty space below and have a slug match with little space for strategy.

Well those are my thoughts