The Devil of kappa base

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Feb. 11, 2018, 4:50 a.m.

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July 18, 2018, 3:54 p.m.

Hey, a tiny project of mine. Enjoy or carriers will haunt you with their hornets.

A gargantuan fleet of dreadnoughts, carriers, corvettes, destroyers, tactical cruisers and artillery cruisers are floating above a rough, volcanic planet. Arming their weapons, the mostly blue-white coatings gleaming in the sunlight. The entire fleet leaves with the thundering roar of powerful warp reactors, heading for an unknown reagion. On board of the leading ship, the dragon shaped heavy dreadnought Valhalla Captain Enterprise stared out of the main bridges window. Know he was on the way, to bring death and destruction upon those who betrayed him, and those wo granted support to those traitors. The impressing fleet leaves hyperspace, Io appearing out of nowhere in front of it. We have arrived Io ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselfes and get to the battlestations. No single emotion was in his order. Valhalla calling the carriers Ragnarok, Olympus and Aasgaard. Enter atmosphere, commence order Arkangel. Time for justice, motherfūckers, he said. To the entire fleet, LET IT RAIN! He started playing the swan lake suite while the three colossal carriers entered the atmosphere, striking down like burning skyscrapers. All around them a huge cloud of burning and glowing bombers, fighters and interceptors. Ark angels, on their mission to punish the liars and traitors. The people down on the astra space port started looking up in the sky. They stared at the burning angels and their colossal guardians, pale and shivering in fear. The jets opened fire, the carriers attacked, thousands of guns roaring ,missiles flying down with speeds of mach 30, bombs and tungsten projectiles, all thirsting for terror and destruction. Three enemy ships could not take the rain of steel and death, crashing down into forests and the docks, bridges shred by many bullets, hulls breached, fuel tanks bursted. Some jets started kamikaze maneuvers, destroying one evacuation ship, and a comm array of the halifax docs. Then, the rest of the fleet joined, enterprise looking down at the docks with an insane smile on the face. The swan lake played everywhere. Broasides crushed landing fields and buildings, while he was literally dancing around the bridge. Nukes rained down on the traitors, autoguns vibrating. The captain of the artillery cruiser gorgon got pale as the proximity alert started, the next moment a vindicta class destroyer rammed it into pieces. Crush dem alll, yeeeeehaaa! Enterprise screemed, while an akula dreadnought next to exploded into two halfs, burying the dam under it. A man, living 25 kilometers away of the base just left his house as a whistling noise appeared. He looked up, and the next moment a nuke landed on his car, piercing the ground. He stared at it, stepped backwards and closed the door. A corvette attempted to attack the t4 jupiter arms carrier olympus, welcomed by the gunfire of many fighters, turning it into scrap full of holes. Then it was over. The blue fleet dissapeared, leaving behind a no mans land, skeleton and corpses lying around, the wrecks of the enemy fleet scattered all over the landscape. Fire and smoke, death. Destruction.

The end.

Epic Swan Lake

The community should not be afraid of the developers- The developers should be afraid of their community. carrier

^I want to believe^

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