Officer breffings need a rebalance.

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March 12, 2018, 1:47 p.m.

Please do not see it as a pointed finger, nor a blaim. Because it is not.

If anything, I get that you guys are frustrated over the feedbacks some of you have been sharing for months, some are being listened to, some not, in the end what matters is what is brought into the game and in that regard you can never please everybody, but you can sometime please most of them.

The whole point of my message is to tell you that yes, I read all of your feedbacks and they get sent to the right people. That is all I can do and will keep doing. The history or the age of a feedback helps me emphasize how important it is, because there are so many criteria to take in consideration. (New players? Old players? Tier level? Frustration built over the last few patches?)

We, as a team, listen and I can assure you at 200% that a day doesn't pass without me adding a new feedback to my daily report. I can be guilty of not spamming each topic of a "Thanks for that, I'll add it to my report" but I do.

You might doubt some changes will happen based on what you sent, you might expect some changes to happen even if you disagreed with them, but please do not doubt that we don't gather and share all of your stuff.

TLDR CM Style: Keep sharing feedbacks, keep talking, keep voicing your concerns, we know that you care about the game, and we're listening. Acting and changing the game isn't based on our (The CM team) decisions, but what we can do, we're definitely doing it. Listening, forwarding, sharing and being your voice as much as we can.

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March 12, 2018, 2:05 p.m.


Let's try not to degenerate into personal attacks, people. If you're replying to a post: discuss point, not the person.

To get back on the topic, my opinion is that I dislike the arbitrary nature of a lot of the 'problem' Officer Briefings. I wish that every officer briefing was a TRADEOFF with both pros AND cons to equipping them. Adrenaline Shot, for example, is just bonuses.. and that's simply a straight up advantage against someone who may not have obtained it yet or opted to not equip it. (There's ZERO reason for me to NOT want to equip AS on a healing ship - there's no interesting choice being made.)

Meanwhile, and I know I'm a broken record at this point, I think an OB like Navigation Expert is a shiny example of what they 'should' be. Navigation Expert allows you to make a TRADEOFF that makes your ship very mobile(by allowing you to run power to engines most of the time), however, the price you pay is having to be very careful when routing power to weapons or shields(because it depletes extremely quickly).

TL;DR: I request that ALL Officer Briefings have inherent negative side effects.

The question is: what would be good maluses for the OBs that do not have them?

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March 12, 2018, 2:20 p.m.

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March 12, 2018, 2:21 p.m.

wow you guys are one crazy triggerhappy bunch, attacking the only guy around here who has a chance of getting our voices heard...

The trade-off of all OBs is that you lose the effects of the base 101 OBs, for example to equip Adrenaline Shot, you lose 6.5% damage resistance by unequipping Engineering 101. For some OBs this trade-off alone is enough, for others it is not. Nothing wrong with that imho.

I still strongly think that - as I described on Page 2, though I get the feeling that people like dreadpony mix me up with Belial - before you guys start changing all the mods and OBs and stats and stuff around, you should simply introduce a hard-cap to any stacking effect that has the potential of becoming OP. For example AS energy regen should be capped at a maximum of X/sec (so 2 healers cannot stack AS regen on each other so hard), maximum damage resistance should also be capped, maximum ship speed should also have a hard-cap at least as long as the server-side-crosshair-lag issue is resolved, etc.

It's better to prevent an OP situation from occuring by artifical limitations, instead of nerfing stuff that is otherwise well balanced, but in certain cases can be exploited to over-buff / over-stack a value that it wasn't intended to.

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March 12, 2018, 2:46 p.m.

Tyrel#8199 posted (#post-213977) said: The trade-off of all OBs is that you lose the effects of the base 101 OBs, for example to equip Adrenaline Shot, you lose 6.5% damage resistance by unequipping Engineering 101. For some OBs this trade-off alone is enough, for others it is not. Nothing wrong with that imho.

I think the 'drawback' of an OB being another OB is a really slippery slope though. Having 'inherent' penalties helps to avoid arbitrary situations where Officer Briefings become mandatory instead of a strategic choice.

That said, I suppose it is a matter of personal preference: I like having non-linear choices. (I realize others do not - and that's perfectly fair.)

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March 12, 2018, 3:35 p.m.

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March 12, 2018, 3:36 p.m.

My feedback on OB (completly subjective, depending on my only 90H of playing DN and also because I don't have them all) is:

  • If you are playing in FFA as a lone wolf, without a squad in your side and not facing squads (often for new players in Veteran mode). OB are a real asset on your ennemies and vice-versa, but you deserve that OB you've grinded so far! Other players should do the same! That also gives an aim for new players to grind some ships in order to unlock that OB they dream on their favorite ship.

  • OB become an asset on other players when you are playing in vocal(or not)/organised squad. But if you have an other organised squad facing yours, OB on both sides balanced themselves.

This is what happen in Legendary mode, when 2 or more vocal/organised squads are on both sides, you obtain some long very intensive epic balanced battle (and sometimes you just roll over the ennemy or being rolled over in 5 mins). And what makes one side win? Communication, ability in full squad power management, focusing the same primary target, be able to (suicide)die in order to respawn with the right ship and/or loadout to counter the ennemy strategy. Because most of Legendary players have all or almost OB unlocked.

To conclude I say yes, some OB are OP but their balance/unbalance rely on:

  • wich mode you are playing (Vet or Leg)
  • play as a lone wolf or in a vocal squad

P.S.: please forgive me for grammatical mistakes or misunderstanding.

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