I'm at tier III and I want to die

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March 19, 2018, 1:19 a.m.

I am sorry, but my goodness tier III is a disaster.

I simply cannot imagine grinding away to unlock anyting past this tier. ( Although I am truly trying )

I could go on and on about Corvettes and actually I have been wondering why this game was not called "Dreadnought Death by Corvette" or at least "Yager pilot murders Dreadnoughts again Online" - ( Yager was a great great great game for Xbox1 btw )

It seems any upper tier Kreshnik/Medusa/Machias just sit on me and tears through me and for whatever reason I cannot out DPS the little effers. I dont know if there is a bug but my guns can never hit them well enough - especially when they are standing very close. They just soak up damange and wreck. Or move gracefullly out of the way and no matter how hard I try to lead the target my guns just cannot compete. It is actually kind of crazy to me that these little ships are this powerful and difficult to kill.

The appeal of this game and what I found fun about it was that I'm driving a huge but slow battleship ( boat?) which forces me to think tactically and positionally.

Why does Tier IV introduce somewhat gamebreaking elements that completely betray what Tiers I - II and in my mind betrays what this game is about?

Tier IV ships are fast paced wrecking b alls. I am seeing the same style ships but now they warp in, warp out. Assault warp through you - and WTF is up with the "Vindicta"? - What a-hole thought it was good idea to put this ship in the game? That thing is hilariously OP. Want to be Captain Harlock and murder kittens? Then the Vindicta is for you. That ship + blind = me rage quitting. The blind ability makes no freaking sense btw.

Tier IV can really only compete with Tier IV - that is bad idea genes and may mortaly hurt this game.

I've read through a few of the forums posts and I don't think my gripes are far off from what others have said.

What's the answer?

The biggest problem that simply cannot be ignored is that the game stops being fun at Tier III - this is the mistake.

Asking people to grind, pay for boosters ( which is still grinding ), to hang in there, and git good is complete nonsense. The players are just going to leave when they start feeling how much of brick wall they just flew into. ( Maybe allow Free XP to be used WITHOUT paying for it ( seriously I know you guys need revenue streams but that is a really dumb one )

If the Devs could figure out how to make Tier III it's own cool little "thing" instead of this "OH MY GOD GET ME OUT OF THIS H E L L AND INTO TIER IV NOW PLS THX" Then players like me will happily stick through it. ( Though I am still rage quitting when someone uses "blind" on me - seriously what a krap ability. Makes me wonder what idiot built this giant technical marvel of a ship but didn't put enough titanium in the hull to block a EMT blast. )

Anyway, thank you for reading my wall of text

I'm going to go now and play Yager and crush every dreadnought in that game with my Corvette

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March 19, 2018, 2:11 a.m.

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March 19, 2018, 10:23 a.m.

Naw you haven't got a T4 yet .... T1-3 is acutally only to find into the game, at T4 all ships play out like they were supposed to be and have access to all modules of their class (except secondary weapons).

You still can do very well in a T3, the only thing you really need are the right Officer Briefings for that ship. Let me tell you there is nothing that is hilariously OP, there is a counter to pretty much every tactic (if you have it unlocked) (OBs should be moved to T3 to make T3 not as hard as it currently is)

Of course you as a newbie have little chance of standing against an expierienced player in for example a corvette. One one side sure their ship is superior to yours, but also they have played a lot more and know exactly what to do.

Scramblers are usually used by ramming ships ... if you get scrambled put your shields up and move up and down to make a harder target. Continue Shooting you still will get damage indicators.

So most of your issues come from a lack of expierience and will disappear over time. The only point i fully agree on is about XP to Free XP ... the conversion rate is hilarious ... i lately checked it out of intrest and to convert all my XP it would take 12k Greybox Points ... i'm sorry to tell ya but i'm never going to do that.

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March 19, 2018, 2:56 p.m.

Yup tier 3 is a very negative experience since you play vs veterans that are stuck on tier 4 for months and legendary matches are rare to find.

yet new players can easilly advance to tier 3 get an underpowered ship and end up fighting players and premades with a lot of experience.

your frustration is very understandable, but thats the current state of the game.