Need for speed - is it just me?

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March 29, 2018, 8:43 p.m.

Hi Everyone - just wondering if its just me or has there been a "slower" patched in to tier 4?

Im just wondering - after grueling hours living in tier 3 land - ive finally got my tier 4 destroyer.....but its actually slower to manuver and take off than my tier 2....half the time im wondering if my joystick is actuating the forward position when i have full thrusters and the thing is a slug....

but maybe its a recent calibration patch - i could swear the ships mauvered better a month ago but lately seems just dead in water -

...or maybe im just screaming to get te heck out of dodge as im pummelled by vetts a little to much ....

regardless - enjying the game - but looking closely at my next ship - i might have to learn how to fly those vetts after all.


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March 29, 2018, 8:52 p.m.

Each tier higher up gets slower, only T4 and T5 have the same speeds.

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March 29, 2018, 9 p.m.

ahh - im starting to look at Manuver ratings - I see that its not my joystick....darn on that note if speed is important destroyer wise - i should have picked the Vindicta over the Vigo.... thanks Jawayne

Tight Lines...straight shootin....fresh underwear.

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