PS4 Modules and Officer Briefing bugs

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April 29, 2018, 6:33 p.m.

  1. Jackal Torpedos don't register like other torpedos or missiles as they lack the red warning sign/reticule to warn you about them.
  2. Drain torpedos, Weapon Breaker Torpedos, Disruptor missiles and Scrambler missiles sometimes won't hit their target and will instead hover next to them, loop the loop around them or perform advanced acrobatics next to them.
  3. Armor booster and weapon booster pulses will prevent ships from regenerating health while it is active and activating them will stop ongoing health regeneration this also affects allies in the pulses range.
  4. Autoguns will randomly fire at thin air for no reason and very rarely will continue to do so when engaging an enemy.
  5. Damage pulse for corvettes is not working correctly as it will hit yet deal no damage.
  6. Anti-Nuke lasers for Artillery and Destroyers will still miss incoming nukes or focus on other types of missiles.
  7. Being scrambled prevents you from using the energy wheel but not your modules.
  8. Disruption times are not accurate as they will last longer than the description.
  9. Tarturus missiles are by far the worst as they have varying blast radiuses, will actually stack multiple times if several hit you and they are immune to the Officer Briefing Desperate measures as it will activate yet you will still be disrupted.
  10. Survival instinct does'nt seem to work with Destroyer Flak turrets. These aren't just bugs that affect me they affect every player on PS4 or at least the EU server, hope this helps if anyone else has a module or Officer briefing bug please post them here so the devs can see thanks.

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April 29, 2018, 8:18 p.m.

It is not just on the EU server. I'm in NA server with the same issiues so it is not a regional thing. However it IS a ps4 thing because playing on pc has a different set of problems. Hope that helps on your end.

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