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June 29, 2018, 7:25 a.m.

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June 29, 2018, 10:26 a.m.

It's sad, you had an original game design but you choose non original/adapted progression design and matchmaking related to.

In the end matchmaking and progression is nonsense, perfect antagonism. I'm not playing anymore cause upgrade new ship is just stupidly stupid, match are broke, no fun, no challenge, no game in fact.

The choice of progression design has been pick here and there, it doesn't match with the original design of the game. In the closed beta the first progression design was in fact good for the game. Unlocking new module for all ship regardless of ship you played. This always extended possibility and experience. Now we're stuck with naked ship opposed to full fitted ship.

Plz, don't tell me a lower class ship and module can face, higher class ship and module And another reason is higher class module had been chosen, it's not the case when you play a new ship.

Now that there is no way to learn and xp other ship, i quit, it's fine as there are not my favorite ship in a first place.

It may be a good choice to force use premium stuff but i prefer don't play anymore, there are not ship i would prefer to play anyway.

But it's ok, this just can only limit a bit more the player pool and experience, another reason to have perfectly bad matchmaking.

The matchmaking would be effective if we had to chose one ship for one match for example but this not a very good solution, this game is not War Thunder or World of Warship. In those game when you have some skill even with lower class ship you can manage some stuff, but in Dreadnought mostly not at all, you have no impact on the match, there is no match for you. Keep that in mind...

I have fully ranked two character is this game one in closed beta and one now, when i wanna upgrade a ship i know that the only thing i can do in the match mostly is to hide, i mean really hide, and afk or not respawn. Not be there to resume ! I know it's the best way to support my team... Oo' That crazy no ??? That what the progression design do for now...

Good luck everyone.

NB: i can't tell that matchmaking was good in any game since open beta. Maybe only in class II, when the experience is very limited, it's a sign... But in higher class rank it's obvious matchmaking is "bad" to be polite. The progression design is an important reason for this.

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