Forum Rules (updated 7/12/18)

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July 12, 2018, 6:18 p.m.

Welcome to the Dreadnought forums!

This space has been created for fellow captains to discuss about all things Dreadnought. We ask that you respect your fellow players by following the simple guidelines outlined below. These rules should serve as a guide to what is expected of you and what you can expect of your fellow players. We want everyone to have a great time here, and that’s only possible with your help! So read up and please behave yourselves!


Forum moderators have the power to make decisions based on these rules to the best of their ability in order to keep the forums clean, civil, and friendly for all players. As such, even if a post does not violate a rule explicitly detailed here it can be actioned if it is found to be against the spirit of the forum’s intent. All moderator actions are final, but we are also human. Please use your best judgement when posting and we will do the same.

  • Do not make attacks or insult other users. Disagreements and debates are fine, but don’t make it personal.
  • Do not attack groups or use terms offensive to those groups. This includes professions, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, incomes, or even vague references like “you people.”
  • Do not “troll.” These are posts intended to bait other users into getting angry, or getting into unproductive discussions.
  • Do not haze new users. We were all new once. New members should feel welcome, and you should help them with their questions, no matter how ill-informed they might be. With a little help, today’s newbies are tomorrow’s experts!
  • Do not encourage users to break Dreadnought’s Terms of Service, nor Sony's or Steam’s Terms of Service. This includes giving information about how to find scripts, exploits, or cheats, as well as arranging to buy or sell accounts or virtual goods outside of what is allowed through the Steam Market.
  • Keep your language civil. Profanity and NSFW content is frowned on.
  • Do not post adult content, inappropriate graphic sexual content in any format, or links to sexually explicit sites.
  • Do not post graphic images or explicit descriptions of violent acts.
  • Don't waste the time of your fellow users:
  • Do not post repeatedly about the same topic or “spam” the forums with duplicate posts.
  • Do not start a thread about a news story or article unless you make it clear what the story is about, and offer your own opinion to start a discussion. Making us guess about why you posted a thread is not cool.
  • See the section on ‘Non-Constructive Posts’ below.
  • Do not create ‘sock puppet’ accounts – multiple accounts created just so that you can agree with yourself and make it seem like your ideas have more support than it really does.
  • Do not post details about mechanics abuse or potential exploits. Please PM a moderator or admin with your findings.
  • Please post in language-specific forums where they exist.
  • Do not “multi-quote” users’ comments by quoting their quotes. It can easily get messy.
  • Do not message moderators with every bug you see. PM-ing a Six Foot employee about a bug should be for server-wide emergencies.
  • Certain actions/behaviors when posting are just a bad idea. They don’t serve a good purpose, and just make the whole board a mess. Avoid these types of posts to help keep the forums clean and useful. If you don't, chances are you will hear from a moderator or your post will get removed.
  • Examples of non-constructive posts include:
  • Signing: Posts which contain only “I agree,” “+1,” or “seconded” to show agreement with a previous post. Signing without giving any further explanation or discussion doesn't add anything new to the conversation.
  • Bumping: Posting on a thread for no purpose except to move the thread to the top of the forum list.
  • Responding with “memes” and image macros in threads not constructive to the subject or do derail conversation.
  • Threads that single out another player for ridicule or anger. This forum isn’t a place for you to air your personal issues.
  • Threads that exist only to threaten, boast, or gloat. Again, this isn’t your personal forum. If your topic isn't of interest to the community as a whole, it’s not constructive.
  • Petitioning: Asking others to “sign” your petition for new game features or incite action. Starting a discussion is great; getting just a list of names is not constructive.
  • Multi-Quoting: Quoting a user who was quoting a user who was quoting a user…if there are more than two levels of quotes in your reply, please clean it up before you submit.
  • Rage Posts: Things like “I’m quitting,” “You’re on my ignore list now,” “I’ll never spend another dime,” etc. These posts just make the whole board feel more negative, and don’t actually accomplish anything constructive. We welcome your feedback on areas of the game we can improve, but are not interested in exit posts.

These rules are not subject to one language, and cover all sections of the Dreadnought forums. Repeated violations may lead to a ban, at the discretion of the moderator team. You can easily identify Six Foot staff and our moderator team by their forum signature and title. Do not impersonate a moderator or staff member.

All in all, just be excellent to each other!

Sean McIntosh
Dreadnought Community Manager

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