Greetings from the Himalayas :)

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Sept. 13, 2018, 3:23 a.m.

HI, I m the atypical noob trying to tidy up my game. From the few hours of playing I think i m hooked to this. SO I figure the more you grind the more you git gud. THus I m here, looking for a squad or a clan sorta thing, who play often.

Anybody in the same boat as me git me up. IGNJ_thecircle108

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Sept. 13, 2018, 12:03 p.m.

Welcome aboard DJ_thecircle108! Hope you have a great time! May I recommend also checking out our Discord channel? You can find it here!

Having any issues and need some assistance? Our support team would be more than happy to help! You can reach out to them here!

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Sept. 13, 2018, 5:05 p.m.

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Sept. 13, 2018, 5:06 p.m.

Also check out this Dreadnought 101 thread

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Sept. 13, 2018, 8:24 p.m.

hello I would gladly be your squad mate at what time do you usaly play (in canadian hours)

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Sept. 14, 2018, 12:55 p.m.

Hi DJ, relatively new myself (maybe 6 months). Hope you continue to enjoy the game; the grind and the feeling of getting nowhere fast hits once you get to tier III, but keep with it and I'm sure you'll make it through (or at least that's what I keep telling myself lol).

Hope to see you in game!

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