It looked fun but this game is dead.

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Sept. 22, 2018, 1:11 p.m.

the steam launch will bring more players into recruit level at first then in a few days/ maybe a couple weeks (depends on player) will start to populate the veterian queues. And stated above you still can re-queue at any time you like the only difference is in the " battle bonus " +/- . In regaurds to the forum my opinion here is that most of us are in a " holding pattern " and kind of chilling out untill the steam launch and updates are applied. But belive me if you have any questions or conserns feel free to ask here,reddit, steam community hub page or disscord and myself or many other well knowledgeable veterian players, moderiators,dev's, cust. support will be able to poit you in the right direction.

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Sept. 23, 2018, 4:59 a.m.

Nima2018#6122 posted (#post-225466) said:

Topic say it all so i dont know what more to add. Forum activety is close to zero. And thats a hugh tell about the game. Matchmaking is totally broken, why do i have to wait 8 min to get on a team that are not even close to win?

I want to play veteran battle to keep on grinding but i have to wait up to 10 min after ever battle to start a new one, do i wait 10 min or do i go do something else or play something else instead? ofc i go do something else.

Im very disapointed.

These are indeed issues currently experienced. Every time I log on (numerous times a week at different times), I am either greeted by silence or if there is someone in the chat room it is to plead with anyone to play Legendary or to complain about the game. I have never - ever seen general positive chat in game chat since I started playing.

It is not as if the team (Greybox etc) haven't acknowledged the fact and are trying to address the issues - the Steam launch may not address these issues immediately, but it could (I stress could) be the begining of the journey to a larger player base and future fixes that garner positive results. The game is still an enjoyable one for me - just (although I detest playing the grind which I believe is far to long, of course those that may agree have probably already left lol).

Maybe reduce your hours of play and just give it a go until Christmas (don't think of the grind just think/enjoy the game)?

It may seem like I am one of those players who have the ships all specced to my gameplay style and enjoy the advantage and stomping others who have an experience, ship and OB disadvantage, but I am not. I am someone who like you am disappointed with some aspects of the game to.

The improvements and influx of new players may surprise you; go on, keep playing - the game needs the players to maintain a community and the game needs a community to survive. O7

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