Command The Colossal Known Issues

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Oct. 13, 2018, 7:20 p.m.

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Oct. 13, 2018, 7:20 p.m.

These are a few critical issues we are aware will be in the ‘Command The Colossal’ build on Steam and PS4. They are high fix priority and we aim to roll out patches post-launch to address each one as quickly as possible.

  • Logging into one computer and then downloading Dreadnought on Steam on another computer will give a log-in error.

\ We are working on a fix for this ASAP. Until this is resolved, you will only be able to play from the computer you FIRST log-in on.

  • Players who have not logged in to Dreadnought in the last six months may have a longer than average load time when logging in for the first time.

\ This is a result of us migrating your data from our old servers to new ones on-the-fly and is a one-time issue. Future logins will be faster.

  • Very rarely, returning player data may appear incorrect when first logging in.

\ Work-around: If you think your data is incorrect, please log out and then back in. If the issue persists, please contact Customer Support.

  • Squadded players will sometimes lose their squad when returning from a match.

  • Market purchases can sometimes be slow to respond. The processing notice may remain up for several seconds before completing the transaction.

  • Spamming GP purchases on PC can lead to the Steam overlay opening with the incorrect purchase amount displayed.

\ To avoid this issue: Do not repeatedly click on GP packs, and allow the Steam overlay to pop-up before attempting another transaction.

  • Players cannot send a Customer Support ticket after they have completed a match.

\ Work-around: Close the Customer Support window and re-open it and everything should return to normal.

  • When playing with a controller on PC, some inputs may not be mapped or function correctly.

\ We will be greatly improving the controller support for PC in a future release.

  • The Elite Status golden background is not visible if you have reached Captain Rank 50.

\ This is a visual bug that should not impact your actual Elite Status rewards and will be fixed in a future patch.

  • The option to select the amount of GP you wish to convert to Credits is missing.

\ Work-around: Currently, GP can only be converted in pre-determined chunks. A future update will make it so you can select exactly how much you want to convert. In the meantime, smaller, pre-set denominations are available to use to get as close to your desired amount of conversion as possible.

  • The ‘Play Again’ button is missing from the End-of-Match screen.

  • Chat text sometimes appears as little white squares instead of letters.

\ Your text will still display correctly in the chat log when it is sent, provided it is not censored by our filter. A future update will resolve this for the text input field.

  • Editing keybindings while in the tutorial may unbind keys needed to complete the tutorial.

\ Please be sure that your Forward, Energy Wheel and Fire keybinds are always populated.

  • Rewards for completing Contracts are granted at the End-of-Match screen rather than when “completing” the contract back at the Hangar.

  • The UI does not properly update currency values over 1,000,000,000.

\ Nothing is actually wrong with your currencies, everything is added or subtracted appropriately. The UI just sometimes does not update quickly when the value is that high.

  • PS4 - When respawning as a Fighter in Team Elimination, players may not have the Fighter Select HUD.

\ Work-around: Press ‘Square’ to respawn. Subsequent deaths as a Fighter should not experience this issue as often.

  • Squaded players will appear to be queued for ‘Any’ Game Mode (or the last previously played game mode) instead of the mode they have selected.

\ This is a visual bug only, you still queue for the mode you have selected.

  • User names appear as Steam Display Names in matches but Grey Box names in hangar. (DNX-61264)

  • Players sometime receive a matchmaking error when returning back to the hangar when servers are under heavy load.

  • Friend Invites (Fleet Recruitment Packs) granted from Founder’s Packs and promo events are not functioning.

  • If you do not have the Global Chat window open, new chat messages will not appear or be sent while queued for a match.

Sean McIntosh
Dreadnought Community Manager

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