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Oct. 14, 2018, 4:17 p.m.


There's a lot good about the new UI, and here are a few suggestions.

1. Search Function. Sometimes I know exactly what I want by name. For example the name of a coating. It would be nice to search by name. 2. More sorting options. For example, when looking at coatings, I would like to see owned coatings first. Or see only owned coatings. I don't want to sort to the bottom of the stack every time. 3. On pressing escape, please return us to exactly where we were. Currently, pressing escape returns us to the 'base' previous screen. It doesn't retain how far down the list we were, and it doesn't retain previously checked sorting boxes. When browsing, it would be preferred to look at a coating in the hangar view, escape back to the menu, and then continue browsing from where we left off. 4. Greater ease of connecting from a single use coating to the master use coating. I always have to manually check if a coating has a master counterpart currently in rotation. I prefer to buy the master vs the single. It would be nice if both options were shown immediately as available.

There are other things, but these are highest on priority. Reduce clicks, improve search function.

Unrelated to market: too many clicks to get to the play button. It was easier before and it kept preferences. I just want to play vet queue and auto-pay BB fee. Thanks.

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Oct. 14, 2018, 6:33 p.m.

I agree, the market dose not feel user friendly.

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