[Credit] FPS drop on credit screen

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Oct. 17, 2018, 1:56 a.m.

This issue occur in Credit Screen

User launch the game. At the main menu, go to [Credit] Screen. While in credit screen, observe the FPS on it and compare while user explore the setting menu. Notice that FPS drop on credit screen

Step to repro: 1. Launch the game. 2. Go to Credit Screen 3. Observe the FPS using any measurement tool (Nvidia Shadowplay, Steam FPS] 4. Notice that FPS drop on credit screen

*Additional Note: 1. Tested On PC version 4.13 -1001122835 2. Comparison between menu: Setting menu FPS: 70 FPS, Credit Screen FPS: 24 FPS, Battle FPS: 60 FPS my spec: 1. Intel Core i9 Extreme 7980XE 4.20 Ghz 2. RAM; 24 GB DDR4 3. VGA card: Dual SLi EVGA RTX 2080Ti 11Gb DDR6 352bit 4. Hardisk: Using normal harddisk 2 terabyte from seagate

Please see the attachment below for more detail

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