A somewhat emotional, or moral conflict. My final feelings on this version.

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Nov. 4, 2016, 1:04 a.m.

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Nov. 4, 2016, 1:09 a.m.

Hey people, this is a heartfelt message, intended for the Devs, but as it opens the floor, it could be for the community as well. I have a strong desire to see this game come to all i imagine it could be, as such i have a lot of dedication to games like this, normally. However, with the recent update i find myself conflicted. Being rather competitive, i try to work from a principal of skill to win games. I do my best not to exploit bugs, or use the simplest path to victory. Watching others, or doing it myself, often disgusts me. When i identify people exploiting something, i will often blame them for their actions, as it is their choice to be unfair, rather than the Devs choice. However, with the tier abuse the game is currently experiencing, i can only be left to blame the Devs. Unlike other games, i can't actually bring myself to blame people for exploiting, as the tier systems are not exploits, they are working as intended.

The state that the game is in, forces me to be placed into one of two categories, objectively weaker, or objectively stronger, and given how the matchmaking works, i cannot be sure what objective side will be on until the game starts. It is from this principal, that i cannot justify playing this game, at least until the next patch addresses the current tier mechanic. Either by making it significantly simpler to advance, or by making it ingame worthy to play as lower tier ships. I would suggest giving tier two ships secondary turrets, or by giving significant bonuses for killing higher tiers, with lower tier ships.

I find myself constantly trying to justify the grind, to what essentially is an unfair advantage, that is obtained by guaranteed victories, or unwinnable battles, extremely rarely is there a mid ground. As a veteran level 50, who is still fully in support of the development of this game, i just cannot bring myself to play a game, that is without argument, fundamentally broken. I do not find it enjoyable, and i know it is due to the lack of new, or interesting content, combined primarily with the absurd time it takes to get anywhere, grinding to not only an objective unfair advantage, but also back to the position i was previously in, before patch.

Currently, your GP currency is pointless, and frankly a rip off. In other F2P games, such as LOL, their real world currency is used to purchase playable tools, without the need to grind them. Your system however, does not do this, as your free exp mechanic, still requires a person to grind to obtain it, and it cannot be used as credits. No matter what, the time input into this game is pushed to the extreme, and the pay out is you are able to skullfuc* everyone, not due to skill, but due to the tier advantage. I deeply believe this version was very poorly considered, from design to implementation. I am left wondering what scenario manifested, that prompted many of these very clear miss-steps and decisions, that justifiably, should be strongly criticized.

I will return to the game in future releases, which means i will follow development on the various platforms. Thank you for the games thus far, Grey Box. I had very much enjoyed the experience previously. This patch however, brings to the table nothing but frustration, and disappointment. Should the Devs or others wish to talk, im always available on the discord. Sure, it likely wont happen, but the option is always there for my feelings, or my proposed solutions to be expressed over comms.

Until the next roll-out/patch.

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Nov. 4, 2016, 6:36 a.m.

Yep, pretty much. Got more thoughts but they've been spoken all over the place.

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Nov. 4, 2016, 11:05 a.m.

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Nov. 4, 2016, 12:11 p.m.

MorallyGray#0031 posted (#post-52794)

Either by making it significantly simpler to advance, or by making it ingame worthy to play as lower tier ships. I would suggest giving tier two ships secondary turrets, or by giving significant bonuses for killing higher tiers, with lower tier ships.

Perhaps a two prong approach would inch things closer to a smoother experience. In this tiered system the queues need hard caps T1-2 for Recruit, T3-4 for Veteran and T4-5 for Legendary. Then instead of mixing the queues to alleviate wait times for the upper tiers lower the bar to advancement. As it stands now I refuse to play my Veteran fleet because I don't want to get put against T1-2 and ruin their chance at having a balanced enjoyable experience. I feel that upping the rewards for a T1-2 killing a T4 is not a viable solution because one of the times I was playing my T4 Trident I got placed in Recruit even though I queued for Veteran and I could literally tank 4 T2 ships at once with no support which means none of the T1 ships have any chance at taking down that ship.

Just a footnote to put this patch into perspective, I got invited to closed beta about 1 week before the servers went down for 2.0 progression patch. I was so impressed with the game less than 48 hrs later I dropped $40 for the Merc pack so I could also bring my friends in on the game. Now as of writing this I have extreme buyer's remorse and will never opt in to another unfinished product no matter how much I love the concept and want the game to succeed this isn't the first time I've been burnt (looking at you Red 5) but it will definitely be the last.

PS: I still have hopes that this game can turn out great but there is a fine line the devs need to walk to do this and they need to take into account all of the feedback and not discredit extremely critical opinions.

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Nov. 4, 2016, 2:53 p.m.

i dont play lot of tier based games because match making can be very unbalanced with lower tier equipment and takes the skill out of the equation for the most part . one tier higher normally has the advantage overall in these games with the lower tier barely able to scratch the other . i helped promote the game by buying a morningstar pack , so my overall cost is lower than others but still i felt strong about what i first saw when i got my CBT code and played the game i saw great potential . now im not sure i like the sudden direction change . the one thing is the lack of starting ship classes , has me a little upset , the game has ship class counters , and if you cant effectively react to counter than the game becomes very one sided quickly . and nobody likes to play a one sided game .
for what it takes to unlock ships by playing a ship you might not like to get a ship you do is not how i like to play games the trees need alot of work and alot more ways to unlock certain ships per manufacturer

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Nov. 8, 2016, 1:54 p.m.

Tier based games are a bad game design but a somewhat attractive business design for fans that stick with it. World of Tanks had its share of fans and spotlight, but inherently killed it because its in the end, a bad game design.

In a WW2 based tank game of COURSE there was no other way of implementing 1934 chassis against 1945 tank destroyers. You want to depict the variety of tanks they were used back then, but of course you couldnt balance a Leichtraktor against a T34 or a Panther, right?

That doesnt work in here. Theres no point other to look for milking and squeezing the small community into grinding, and if you make it easy and accessible to level up to tier 5, its still rendundant to have to develop for the lower tiers, and its a waste of time in the end for the endgame true options and mechanics.

In other threads people claim that this is a "tutorial of sorts" because it looks like people thought "the game was hard"somehow. This is not rocket science, and it doesnt take much more skill or understanding than your average MOBA, which are the most popular F2P games and business models out there.

So the devs want to milk the people with microtransactions or want them to learn the game with low Tier fishing boats? Either way, it looks bad.

What do you think about it?

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