Dropfleet UCM Stellar beekeepers Paintjob/Macteera Pattern: PART 2

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Feb. 8, 2019, 8:46 p.m.

Hello again, I finishsed the starter fleet of UCM I got awhile ago I just forgot to post it here. sooooo here it is!

If this is the first time youv seen it then allow me to explain, the Stellar beekeepers coating with the macteera pattern combination is my favorite from the game so I decided to try my hand at painting it. Im not a master painter, just an average one so dont expect an Eavy metal team sorta quality from me.

Painting a color scheme like this is a little hard, but not the crazyist one I've done. There is still room for improvment in my exacutuin of the color scheem, but I am very happy with the results and look foreward to expanding this fleet so I can paint more kinds of UCM ships. I only have a phone cammera, so the photos wont be of the highest quality. They look even better in person.

For those who dont, and want to know, these are Dropfleet models, its a tabletop wargame game made by Hawk games, now owned by TTCombat. Just google it ya cant miss it. This is a UCM Starter fleet, with a Remnants Centruion(minor converson from keel to dorsal gun mount), and two kitbashed santiagos (UCM Friage sides-Taiapei). I love dropfleet/ dropzone, totaly recomend them if your into that sorta thing.

This whould be a massive post with like 33 pictures, so I'll just link it and show the refrence and fleet pictures, if you want a good look youl have to use the Album link.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed it.

Till nextime.

>>>>>>>>>Album link<<<<<<<<<<

Refrence Photo: Vindicta in hanger with coating/Pattern description


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Feb. 8, 2019, 9:23 p.m.

steller beekeepers is my favorite coating, although I use the normal pattern. I like the models from dropfleet too. nicely done.

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Feb. 12, 2019, 8:05 a.m.

Fair play, that is some awesome paint work.

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