PS4 players request a weekly server reboot/restart.

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May 27, 2019, 10:26 p.m.

Many players in the PS4 community think a weekly server reboot/restart would solve multiple recurring crashes/bugs.

Whatever time would be convenient for GB/6' would of course be appropriate. We collectively imagined Monday morning every week, or whatever time is the lowest server pop/usage, that coincides with the hours of the maintenance staff. (to reduce overtime or inconvenience)

We understand staff and resources are limited, but preemptive and proactive server reboots may stop problems before they occur, or reduce the time players experience crashes to a minimum.

Usually when crashes occur, players stop playing for a few days, and some never return if the wait is too long. This hurts population in the long term. However, although play time would be affected in the short term with weekly reboots, if they were regularly scheduled, players would be able to plan their gaming accordingly. This would ultimately results in more stable long term player count, and would provide stability and good reputation to attract new players.

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Thanks and happy holidays

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