Legendary is broken.

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Jan. 8, 2020, 10:01 p.m.

Oberon Destroyers are very OP in legendary. With thier ridiculous speed and manueverability, coupled with the plasma ram module it is far too easy too get kills. They need to be nerfed to bring them down to better match the other destroyers in-game. Further more the plassma ram module is way too powerfull, it needs to be changed. In order to do damage the ship using the ram should have to be travelling at maximum speed, none of this brushing the nose nonsense. Furthermore, the ramming ship should be damaged in the attack, not catastophically, but a decent amount.

Akula Vector Tactical Curisiers are also very OP in legendary. Their primary healing beam weapon is very OP, to the point that it can add HP to a ship being attacked by mulitple ships at once. The "damage" output of these weapons is ridiculous, and coupled with the poor speed and manueverability of these ships, teams will often adopt a, "turtle" strategy. This gameplay style is very prevalent in legendary and is almost impossible to defeat. More often than not matches are slaughters instead of real battles. The current nature of the ship itself is very toxic and almost always leads to terrible matches.

Finally, the grind wall after tier IV is unbelivable. It is difficult enough to fully outfit a tier IV ship to your liking, let alone five of them like I have. The progression system in the game is very under rewarding for the work put in. Even with Elite Staus is takes much longer than it should to unlock modules and ships.

I find my self playing in Veteran now instead of legendary because of these issues. Veteran is a perfect example of fair, balanced Dreadnought gameplay. However the fact that I cannot use the ships i've worked so hard for becuase the only tier I can use them in is completely broken is an insult, especially considering how long these problems have been in the game.

In short, either fix the problems above, make tier IV ships more competitive in legendary, or add tier IV ships back into Veteran. Or else it is practically impossible to progress and enjoy this game beyond tier III.

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Jan. 9, 2020, 3:56 a.m.

Stasis ammo is a great counter to the Oberon Destroyers, As for the AV tac's, tarterus missiles exsist for this reason.

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Jan. 10, 2020, 7:03 p.m.

In order to do damage the ship using the ram should have to be travelling at maximum speed, none of this brushing the nose nonsense

You are correct, it's stupid that rams are able to ram you via brushing down. I do believe that activating ram should make players commit to accelerating forwards, but also have reduced steering.

Oberon Destroyers are very OP in legendary. With thier ridiculous speed and manueverability...

This is paired with nerves of steal not having deminishing returns. It's such an overpowered module that provides: 5% damage reduction and a 200%!!!! Speed buff. If anything it should have a increase damage taken in exchange to increased mobility.

Akula Vector Tactical Curisiers are also very OP in legendary.

It's a dedicated healer, but it doesn't have mobility beyond a target warp. Either you can use weoponbreaker missiles to address the healing directly, or use modules that debuff (disruptors/rupture). A Grenada sniper can rupture + power to weopons and deal 20k damage, and drain missiles drain 125 energy (a full bar). TC's have rupture beam on a 25-15s cd, thats armour removal and 20% dmg boost from team - and no hinderance from your base damage.

There is also nukes, but the secret to a cluster ball is taking advantage of the space around them and bouncing the focus between targets and not feeding into ships with 'get on my goodside'.

Grind wall after tier IV is unbelivable

Yea....17 modules at 45k+ each is a a heck of a grind. I think the 17 modules was to prepare you in legendary tier where the real grind was...but now that tier 4 and tier 5 are conjoined it really doesn't make sense why you have to go through sooo much to just grind it again.

Legendary tier has substantial incomes with the battlebonus, but Greybox should look into other progression methods. Is it really a complete game when everyones too busy grinding?

make tier IV ships more competitive in legendary

I think we need to understand the gap. Which is a post for itself but to put this in perspective.

T5 ships have 125 energy, T4 ships have 100 Some T5 modules have substantial buffs.


Rupture beam goes from a 25 to 15s cd Artillery Pods firing rate goes from 4s, to 3.6s. And the damage goes up aswell. Bomber fighters do 4 attack runs at T5, but 2 attack runs T4 Stasis ammo on T4 destroyers have signifigant decreases in fire rate compared to T5. I mean, it's full auto vs semi auto. Theres auto turrets that have increase range and damage, and reduced cds. T4 stasis pulse gets a duration nerf (and range increase), and T5 just rejustifies the duration nerf with CD buff.

So... Yea...theres a huge gap. Some changes should be subtle, and first look is towards module progression.

But yea, I feel your frustrations

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Jan. 10, 2020, 7:40 p.m.

considering you're over a year late to the conversation, the possible balance patches are highly unlikely.

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