Quo vadis, Dreadnought?

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Oct. 4, 2021, 9:26 p.m.

Hello Captains,

it is me, the one and only, the Carrier Spammer, the urban legend of the Dreadnought Discord, Enterprise

So much time seems to have passed, atleast three years since the painful Steam launch. I am not playing the game much anymore because I just need some variety and get my new student life in order. Who I am, what I want and where I will end up I do not know. Seeing how Dreadnought has ended up for now is truly saddening. The Youtube Channel and all the great content are gone, no more big streams where the Devs and Community come together. The Development team has shrunk to the bare minimum and changes are small. If I had any capabilities and resources then I would take over this game myself, add a new Ship class or two, a first person bridge view for all ships with eye tracking capability and so on. But sadly I am just a powerless dreamer. So I will cry my ideas into the void, with naive desperation of being heard one day. Everyone seems to be into battle royale, so why not make a gamemode where all Captains spawn in as fighter jets and need to find random ships with random loadouts. These ships can be AI ships like the Command or Escort ships from the Onslaught (?) mode or tech tree ships. And in the end only one Captain shall be triumphant. Also a greater focus on the Jets, because when I first encountered Team Elimination I was dazzled. Maybe a solo campaign and a multiplayer dedicated to these Jets. More Space Maps are a must. Can't you find some willing investors so that this game that had a big impact on me personally does not die? Being Enterprise the Dreadnought Captain was a great time and it helped me with school stress and the Community was there for me in uncertain times. Is the Dream really dead and our game gone? How can my heart go on?

There is so much Dreadnought could be! My notorious Carriers would be a welcome change even if they prove to be difficult to implement. A good singleplayer Campain about how Humanity betrayed their own creation, the Transhumans and how this led to big and tragic conflicts. Star Citizen like immersion where you can get up from your captains seat, go the the closest Airlock and just leave your ship. The Sky is the limit.

Scrapyard top


Without devotion we cannot succeed. I grinded to Tier V with a severe Arm injury and three metal pins stabilizing the bone of my right arm. This is how committed I was to both the Developers and the Community.


Carry on my wayward Devs, there will be peace when you are done. Lay your weary hearts to rest, and don't you cry no more.

The community should not be afraid of the developers- The developers should be afraid of their community. carrier

^I want to believe^

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