Thinking about uninstalling

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Nov. 20, 2016, 12:47 a.m.

Odin#5262 posted (#post-60546)

Everything is about tier 4 and 5.Everything else is just a learning curve.The tiers are here to stay,deal with it people.I am surpsrised that nobody saw that coming..How will you(please express your opinion) foorce people to stay on a f2p model game such as Dreadnought without tiers and grind?
The tiers do not have to be here to stay. We've already seen a very good game without them. Most would say a better game. Just because Greybox/Yager put time and money into the new system doesn't mean it absolutely has to stay. If it ultimately hinders the game's potential player base then it absolutely can be taken out or revamped heavily.

"How will you force people to stay on a f2p". That's ultimately the failed logic behind this type of WoT progression system. You really shouldn't be trying to force your player base to stay through grinding, you should be incentivising it with fun gameplay and cosmetic customization purchases like most F2P games do. And i'll back that up with some facts. As of April 2016, WoT ranks 4th in top grossing F2P games, taking in less than half that of 3rd place. Of the top 5, it is the only one to have a tier grind system. Most have a progression sytem, but it is short in nature in order to pad that learning curve you mentioned before allowing for ranked competitive play. What keeps players around and playing is the competitive nature of the game and constant gameplay additions (new characters, new items, new skins/models, ect.). LoL is by far the gold standard money making model for free to play games. Not only do all of their real world money purchases not affect competitive gameplay in the slightest, but they keep the community engaged and coming back for more nearly each time ( i say that quantitatively by their active player spikes around new skin and item patches).

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Nov. 20, 2016, 1:41 a.m.

Xave is right.

Cheers to WoT on their success, but that model has been obsoleted. Warframe, LoL, and even MWO do f2p better.

The tier system is anti-fun for whales like me who don't have the time or interest to grind, and it's anti-fun for people who want to play for free because their ship sucks for like 20 hours. It's bad business on both sides.

It's important that people win on skill versus willingness to grind 40 hours.

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Nov. 20, 2016, 5:12 a.m.

raaven616#3400 posted (#post-60344)

A tier system must be in place... tell me you want to fight what would be considered a basic ship vs that of a ship five times the better quality in armor and weaponry. The tier system is a must to control that kind of mess. That would be like, umm WoT.. putting a light tank against the most advanced heavy tank... not fun and utterly stupid.

No it must not be. The tier system is what makes lower tiered ships useless.
- T2 is only to be used as a farm because of maintenance severely reducing the farm
- T3 is useless because of T4
- T1 is useless because of T2 (and you're through that in 1 day)
- T1~3 are not a learning curve, they are a horrendous grind, you're not learning sh*t when being ganked by corvettes because you're forced to play an arty because you have to farm to a koschei.

raaven616#3400 posted (#post-60344)
Maint system.. also a must.. if you lose a battle... um repair your ship and go out.. lets hope you are more involved that your dmg/involvement will augment the cost to fix your ship.. otherwise hope you don't get targeted or primaried every match.

No it's not a must, it's ffin terrible. I can't enjoy playing T3 or higher because if I lose, there are consequences to my progression. It also means that people that need credits are forced to play T2 in terribly useless ships with no dynamic gameplay because there's simply no farming in T3~4 as you gain far too little with far too much risk (not even mentioning legendary fleets here).

1.1 didn't have maintenance nor tiers and it worked perfectly fine there. Ships were balanced and even the trader ships could be used at L50 and be top score (rare occasion but possible).

raaven616#3400 posted (#post-60344)
I think your overall complaint of UNINSTALLING is childish.. Seriously you expect every game you TEST in CLOSED BETA.. is some how suppose to be close to perfect. You sir need a muscle relaxer. If you can't be bothered to undertake the lengthy game development process... ups and downs.. STOP GETTING INTO BETA TESTING... no one cares if you or a handful of people uninstall.. it just demonstrates you don't have the temperament to be an actual tester.

I've been in this beta for a good few months and I've been giving feedback with dozens of others. 95% of the feedback aligns, the tiers are sh*t, the maintenance is sh*t and I'm not even talking about the rest of the issues and side-effects that kill the fun in the game.

Seriously you expect every game you TEST in CLOSED BETA.. is some how suppose to be close to perfect

1.1 was good but not perfect. 1.3 is a disaster, not a progression update, it's regression. It's not a shipyard update, it's a sh*tyard update. In beta testing, I expect to be testing, giving feedback and seeing this feedback processed ASAP. This patch took months to work out and I was told that it kept getting delayed because they wanted to give us quality. This is not quality, this is garbage.

no one cares if you or a handful of people uninstall.. it just demonstrates you don't have the temperament to be an actual tester.

I guess you're never on discord?

Why are tiers bad?

  • Segregates the player base in different queues.
  • Makes flying any tier ship against a higher tier ship total BS and no fun.
  • It makes matchmaking a lot more difficult, T1 and T2 get matched together but T2 can also get matched with T4. Those players have 0 chance of even killing a T4 ship and causes severe imbalance.
  • One solution would be to split the tiers 100%, a T1 can only play with a T2, but why even bother having tiers at this point?

Why is the combination of manufacturers with tiers bad

  • It's a grindfest, it will take me at least a month to get the ship I loved playing in 1.1, this is WAY too long and it requires me to play ships I don't like.
  • Some ships are not available in the lower brackets. You can't know which ship to play as new player so you can't get a taste of the koschei or monarch for example.

Why is the ship XP so bad?

  • It's a second currency that you have to unlock.
  • It's locked to ships, thus I have to play that ship in order to unlock it.
  • You're not upgrading ships, you're buying new ones, so I have 100k xp sitting on T2 ships that I can't use without paying real money.

What's wrong with buying new ships instead of upgrading?

  • You don't have the modules you previously had, For example the T4 Svarog has a terrible module setup, but I have to torture myself through at least 10 matches to get something decent (which is also taking me off the path to koschei)

What's wrong with the current tech tree?

  • Officer briefings are locked behind different manufacturers and behind T4 ships that require you to unlock T4 ships (say roughly 250k credits to get there)
  • 250k credits with an average of 1400~1600 per match, means about 170+ games to get. A game is roughly 10~15 minutes and 3-5 minutes waiting, let's take 18m. That's 3060 minutes, which is roughly 51 hours of playing. I can play maybe 2~3 hours a day, so would take me roughly 3.5 to 4 weeks to get. That means that for about a month long, I will have to torture myself to get something I want. No thanks (hint hint hint in case you still don't get it smile)

What's wrong with maintenance?

  • Slows progression, I can get 300~400 credits for a loss (inc maintenance fee) because I get killed by T4 ships and corvettes (need proper counters, can't buy those easily). Or I can get 2000~2500 for a win in T2 (which is a torture to play). Because I don't want to gain on average about 1000~1500 credits only, due to my lack of time, I force myself to play ships I don't like in a tier I don't like. This takes away the fun that a game is supposed to be.
  • As mentioned above, it kills fun. Not only that, but it pressures me a lot to win and score the most points. This means that I will focus on scoring points and not on teamplay. I love playing tacs, but they are underrewarded (unless you have unlocked the koschei).
  • You get maintenance if you crash...
  • You get maintenance if you start 6v8.
  • You get maintenance if people decide to rage quit (mainly T2 because they fight T4).
  • You get maintenance if you're not in the top 3 of the players, regardless of being first in your team.
  • It promotes corvette and solo play.
  • It's stressful (1.1 was no stress at all compared to 1.3).

What's wrong in general?

  • Corvettes, corvettes, corvettes. They are everywhere, sometimes 4 in the enemy team in a match. Arty got a hard time to counter it but I'm forced to play arty to get the koschei
  • Beam weapons are broken, no idea why this even passed QA. Try to hit a moving corvette and not to waste 4/5 seconds beam amp or power to weapons.
  • Income is too low compared to the cost.

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Nov. 21, 2016, 6:20 a.m.

The problem is uninstalling won't bring back your real-world money.

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Nov. 21, 2016, 8:36 a.m.

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Nov. 21, 2016, 10:53 a.m.

Anyone#6415 posted (#post-61329)

Who said I've spent any?

Lucky b*stard! Some people have actually believed it may succeed and invested smile
Besides, you've invested your time, time=money. Even if you'd have spent this time on recreation anyway, wouldn't you rather spent it having fun therefore getting better at your occupation (work) or getting frustrated therefore getting worse at your occupation (work)? Cuz you know, happy people are more productive.

RiP Dreadnought. Another great game killed by short-sighted greed :'(

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Nov. 21, 2016, 2:01 p.m.

Becoming a founder is kind of a risky investment with any game, of course. Some pay out soon, some only after 2 - 3 years, some maybe never. For me personally it is a longer time "business" what is the reason why I didn't ask for a refund yet. The game has potential (what 1.1. clearly showed), therefore let's see where it goes.

Suddenly the sun should shine through the clouds, an eagle should come out of the sky and take maintenance away beyond the horizon never to be seen again...

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Nov. 21, 2016, 2:11 p.m.

30 minute wait... Corvette, Snipe, 30 minute wait, Corvette, Snipe.... (Rinse and repeat......)
3 days in, I'm really bored of the same Zzzzzzzz

I'm consistently scoring top scores so it ain't me, This game is broke! I'm looking at a week - 2 week grind (without the stupid long waits) just get a T4 ship that can hold its own go above tier 2!

Just not cricket devs!

I don't like cricket....... I LOVE IT!

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Nov. 21, 2016, 3:16 p.m.

At the moment, in all respects the stage of a game is more similar on an alpha the test than for the closed beta. The quantity of defects simply reads off scale, beginning from the interface, a tree of development of technologies and finishing matchmaker. Everything from listed "crude" and modest even for a beta.
Here it is necessary only to hope that developers "will get it together" and will deliver everything from the head on legs. Or on anything not to hope and look for other game for the pastime.

There was an impression that the final concept of a game isn't worked out therefore nothing is finished, and is trampled down on one place.

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Nov. 21, 2016, 3:22 p.m.

Just got thrown into a match where they were 0-40 behind on my team... GG. Just remove the maintenance already.

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