My feedback on the dev #2 post (and why I lost faith in the decision makers).

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Dec. 3, 2016, 9:09 a.m.

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Dec. 3, 2016, 9:12 a.m.

As I'm gravely disappointed with the result, here's my feedback

If all you bring is Artillery Cruisers or Dreadnoughts, your chances of winning go down because you're not versatile enough. Your enemies will be able to switch to other classes that you won’t be able to counter. That’s the “rock, paper, scissors” part of the game.”

What if I don't like playing the other ship? I will be worse at playing it. If I want to counter a ship of my enemy with the current system, I have to grind for 1 month to get that specific counter. There's more builds than counters so this is an invalid argument.

A player should play what he's good at, not what the game demands him to.

“Yes, this can definitely be annoying for existing players, because they have a favorite ship that they played before these changes were made.” But it’s quite a different experience for people new to the game, he says. A new player doesn’t know which ship is going to be their favorite—whether they’ll prefer the medium, light or heavy Destroyer, for example. Nor do they know how to handle certain classes, like the light or heavy Destroyer. One is a bit squishy and dies easily, and if you don't know how to use energy to make yourself move faster and fly evasively, you'll die a lot. Similarly, the heavy Destroyer is quite slow and new players often feel like they’re barely moving. In short, it’s beneficial to introduce players to certain ships once they’ve improved their skills and moved through some of the Manufacturer Tree.

Okay but I already know all the ships, as veteran player, I'm still forced to go through the entire tree while I hate that.

the game is not about single ships. It's about your fleet. And if you just went from Destroyer to Destroyer to Destroyer, you would have nothing but Destroyers and would be less effective in battle because you couldn’t react to the other team at all,” says Donatelli.

There's always space for every type of ship. I rather have a player playing something he's good at (a real asset) rather than playing a counter ship he sucks at playing, but has to play because of the "counter" play.

Then we were playing against QA (who are really good)

I really hope those guys are not the DN_* guys from the live servers, because if that's your target, you're basing it on the wrong group of players.

I realized that I needed to switch to a Tactical Cruiser to heal our Dreadnought if I wanted to win that match, but I only had a low-tier healer in my fleet, with no good modules at all. So I realized I had to use the credits I was saving to buy the next Destroyer to improve my healer. I then realized that healing was actually pretty fun and spent more credits on Tactical Cruisers and modules to add to them. A similar thing happened to me when I played against a bunch of Artillery Cruisers. I spent some Credits and got a Corvette to be able to counter them.”

Gratz, you can now play T2 with different ships. You can play a corvette while arties can't counter them at lower tiers and gratz for having a tac being designated as healer while it isn't (the Aion is not a healer, the Koschei is). Also, you've effectively set back your progress by about 40~60 matches if not more because you spent money on low level stuff.

Now imagine having to spend 10~20 matches to get upgrades for T3, which is the most useless tier with T1.

The design of the Manufacturer Trees is intended to introduce new players to the ship classes, have them advance a bit in each one, and then help them decide what they want to specialize in.

It might be intended to do this, but it doesn't. It forces them to play a pre-determined ship but doesn't show them anything. You can only let them make this decision after they have played all ships, but goodluck unlocking all of them with this terrible grind wall.

Each Manufacturer Tree presents players with starting ships that are easy to get the hang of—and serves to guide them toward assembling a diverse fleet they might not have put together otherwise. This is designed to improve replayability as well as retention.

Design as such but not working. Forcing people to buy modules for 5 ships instead of 1 they specialize in is severely slowing down progress and reducing fun.

So what about the fact that the game is called Dreadnought, but there’s no Dreadnought-class ship available at the beginning of the game? Wouldn’t a new player want to play the namesake of the game? “That’s absolutely right, and we’re currently working on putting a Dreadnought back at the beginning of the game,” says Mike. “Absolutely, it needs to be available right away,” Jonathan agrees. “We’ll fix that.”

Just make all the ships available. Give people a choice and a chance to play with ships before regretting their decision of spending 1 month to unlock it.

At tier IV, you have tons of choices, and at tier V, you get ridiculously diverse Tech Trees,” Jonathan continues.
Hardly anybody will play Tier 5 because you've designed it not to be played often (more on this later)

So this brings us back to the topic we brought up earlier: the shift away from personalizing your ship to building a powerful and versatile fleet.

but most people concentrated much more on ‘their ship’. They effectively picked a class and played it like it was their character, and the same class would be placed in their fleet multiple times with different loadouts.
They played their class. The idea of ‘the fleet’ was not that you built a badass fleet, but that you used the fleet to have multiple version of your class.”

It's called preference in playing what you deem most fun.

“Not only does this keep the match even. It makes battles more interesting because everything is constantly changing,” Mike says.
Yes, everything is constantly changing. I can't counter someone with 3 different corvettes by having 1 counter. I can only counter (personally) by playing Tac and that means I can have 1 counter build as it would reduce my healing capabilities on the other (2/5 slots if I want to play like this already). Multiple loadouts do not cause imbalance, the ability to not play multiple loadouts does!

when a tier-II player takes out a tier-IV player, they get 64% more points and Credits.

Good luck shooting down a T4 as a T2, especially if they have a healer. This argument is 300% invalid because they will kill you faster. You won't get more credits, because the score system is working stupidly. You won't get more credits because there's no way you get a 50% win bonus if you're out-tiered. There's no way you score those 164 points, because the T4 in your team will take those.

That’s why each Fleet Level includes more than one tier, and why tiers II and IV are part of two fleets. “For me, the idea is that you can play Veteran and max out your tier-IV ships,” says Mike. “And then, once you decide you’re ready, you queue up for a Legendary match with your fleet of pimped-out tier IVs. You'll have a better chance at winning than a player who rushed up to tier V and has no additional modules unlocked.”

Sorry but WTF. "You'll have a better chance at winning than a player who rushed up to tier V and has no additional modules unlocked"... Even if I have 4 maxed out T4 ships, I'll have a T5 ship without modules (unless T4 counts), that still causes a massive maintenance if I lose. I gain nearly no credits (probably losing more than I gain) and I need so much XP to even unlock something, that I will statistically lose more credits than I gain in the process! This argument makes no sense WHAT SO EVER because once I buy a non-rushed T5, I still don't have anything for this tier.

Credits are part of the progression system that you can win a lot more of when you play well and win. In Dreadnought, that’s the Credit faucet. Ship and module purchases, as well as maintenance costs, are designed to be Credit sinks.” “Maintenance adds a certain risk / reward challenge to playing a match,” Jonathan adds. “Especially in Legendary, where you can make a lot more Credits—but have to pay a lot in maintenance if you lose.”

I call BS. You don't win that much more credits, you win ~20% more credits, while losing 5x as many credits due to maintenance. You can't "make a lot more Credits", it's still 2x more efficient to farm T2.

“I’d really like to see the ability to sell your ships for Credits as soon as possible! It would be perfect if we could get that in with the same update,”

Then why do we have to bother unlocking it in the first place?!

We will continue to listen, and with your help, get the game where we all want it to be.

I've stopped believing this. If you really had listened, the game wouldn't be in the terrible state that it is right now. You don't want the game to be where the community wants the game to be and you refuse to be on the same page as us.

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Dec. 3, 2016, 9:10 a.m.

I agree to most of your assessment.

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Dec. 3, 2016, 9:34 a.m.

i pretty much agree:
also about QA being pretty good,
when they streamed the 6ft QA vs yager DEVS: the devs beat QA quite severly
if QA are good, then what does that say about yager's devs who dont play anywhere near as much as QA does?

World of dreadnoughts ftw!

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Dec. 3, 2016, 10:23 a.m.

thedeath#8178 posted (#post-75339)

then what does that say about yager's devs who dont play anywhere near as much as QA does?

It says; "Hey we better take it easy. They sign our checks....." smile

We're still dominating Captain! But, just barely.......

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Dec. 3, 2016, 12:31 p.m.

I'd like to add that since 2.0 I've only been playing one class and focusing on that ship XD. I might as well see what it has to offer all the way

you won't escape my Frightning bolts!!!

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Dec. 7, 2016, 3:56 a.m.

Every free to play game that does maintenance, has gone back on it because its the least intelligent idea to prolong people's interest in playing end game, if you give people a risk of playing then they AVOID that risk and instead go for the most efficient route, look at robocraft, mechwarrior online, they all had maintenance and then removed it when they realized the playerbase was bleeding out hardcore.

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Dec. 7, 2016, 5:23 a.m.

"We will continue to listen" But we do not care. LUL

Thanks Dev, I can stop playing this game and start doing my lab job.

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