Corvettes OP

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Feb. 23, 2019, 6:55 p.m.

Ever head of Ortis? He's a pro vett player who is literally causing mass panick in Legendary for his ability to fly at light speed, not get hit once, and utterly dismantle any Artillery, Tactical, or Dreadnought ships he comes across. People are outright discouraging playing Artillery when he's on the enemy team and having to build strategies around countering this one guy.

One. F***ing. Tiny. Corvette.

Bruh. Even I'm scared of him, after I tried to break a through a killbox for my team and he just dropped down and nuked all my modules and energy, over a duration of 20 seconds where I literally couldn't move or do anything but basically throw rocks.

Thats fun.

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Feb. 23, 2019, 8:49 p.m.

Corvettes are not OP, no Vette nerfs needed.

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Feb. 24, 2019, 11:09 a.m.

Stasis = one dead corvette.

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Feb. 24, 2019, 12:18 p.m.

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Feb. 24, 2019, 12:19 p.m.

Agree with BB and Enterprise!

Vettes have SO many counters!

After the vette armor amp nerf things are fine.

Have a "B" build for dealing with certain players/ships.

PS4 vettes get owned in LEG most of the time, but for a short time they were vicious, until players invested in counters!

Scr0te1, persistant Flame, Lord meat spin, dudeVT and many others are great vette players on PS4! And many teams will build strategies around them... but they are far from OP!

It's player skill that makes them so tough... NOT balancing issues! and even then they aren't impossible to beat (I catch them all once a match with flak at least)

Stasis, Blast, Disruptor, drain, flak all work well!

It's important not to confuse ship balance with player skill IMO...

Many great PS4 vette players use thrust amp and diruptor pulse, which are both considered under powered or balanced by most players!

it's HOW you use modules, not the modules themselves, that define good players!

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