Dear developers

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Jan. 17, 2017, 8:28 a.m.

_Batters#6621 posted (#post-94690)

Theobald#3611 posted (#post-94674)

Yeah yeah yeah, you're rough with your kids because it's for their own good, we get it.

How lucky we all are you are here to save us all with your pertinent and insightful knowledge of human nature and behaviour.
You are venting and being rude for kicks against someone you know will not budge, that's all. The internet in a nutshell.

Sounds like you like to play bad balanced games, like to lose and you dont even want to try to change something. Its your choice, gl.

Not at all.
I just don't like you and your type, insulting and threatening and so courageous behind their screen and pretending to do it because it will do some good while they just like to be jerks.
And making off the target assumptions like this one.

If anything, your method will make things harder to change.

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