Kazma's Suggestions #2 - TIERS and TECH TREES

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Jan. 17, 2017, 7:14 a.m.

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Jan. 17, 2017, 7:26 a.m.

I've been playing the game again lately because of the latest reset/update and new people coming into our multigaming community. And I noticed something. Neither I nor these new players had any fun playing Dreadnought.
So I wanted to make a list of suggestions and post these on the forums, but splitting them in multiple posts because I have problems reading long texts (TL;DR)


aka the reason everybody hates the game now aka World of Dreadnought.

So after this last update the devs managed to make the Tech trees more logical and easier to get ships. That’s good, and I’m fine with having a tech tree.

What I’m not fine with is the Tiers.
Currently the game is an inbalanced MESS.
And if you're lucky you play as a tier 4 vs a bunch of Tier 2s. Fun Gameplay. Not.
Low Tiers stand no chance against higher Tiers, and gameplay is very... 'limiting' with just 55% energy on Tier 1.
It just feels incredibly slow when you're out of energy so quickly. Also you die very quickly because you have less health, and the fact that we have 8vs8 now doesn't help neither...
On Higher tiers they become slower in general. The ships were already sluggish but now its like playing in Slo-Mo.
Try playing the Tier 4 Silesia, a very mobile Artillery cruiser. It feels like its taking seconds just to turn the ship.
There is one big change I’d make to make the game more balanced again, and also more fun.

The Suggestion
  • Speed, Armor, Weapon Effeciveness/Power and Energy should be the same on all Tiers -- OR only very small differences - like tier 5 having only 15% more everything than tier 1.
  • also decrease stat differences between modules Upgrades. Some of them are insane

Why this suggestion? Just look at Pre Progression 2.0.

The game was more balanced only by Modules and the higher levels ships being more specialized then lower levels. Ships were never better than others, only in certain situations/tactics.
The amount of good Modules and different tactics you could have made the higher level players have a big advantage against lower levels. But you still had a chance to fight back because you've had the same health as the lvl 50 players.

Now modules have Upgrades, and the lower/mid Tier Ships are garbage compared to higher tiers just from having more health/attack/shields


Low tiers play like garbage and high tiers feel sluggish (and OP against lower tiers)
Get rid/lower tier stat differences

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