Few Tips on Dreadnought (Veteran Players, Fill In ;))

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June 10, 2016, 8:45 p.m.

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June 11, 2016, 11:03 a.m.

I decided to write and to start a thread where Veteran players could share with us noobs a few tips on how to play Dreadnought. Now, when I use the term "noob'' have in mind its taken from the word NEWB which in translation means NEW PLAYER, not someone necessarily bad in terms of skill. Veterans help in here would be really appreciated.

Before I start i wish to state something important, if you played a few matches, and got some landslide defeats and victories and if you are seeing people with much higher rank than you, don't worry, game is not broken, the problem is game is in Closed Beta, so MM doesn't have much resources (Us) to work with and it's scraping us together, but don't forget that teamwork is really big part of this game, trust me, learned that the hard way.

  • Never go in alone
    This is like, first and foremost. It's true, Dreadnoughts have biggest HP pool, biggest Armor but they are also BIGGEST in size, when you are coming out from behind cover at an angle, you will not be able to return fire for short period of time and thus you may receive damage while not being able to dish it out. Your HP and your armor means very little to nothing when you are alone, why? Simple, you get focused. Strong armor can only withstand focused fire for a short period of time.

  • Don't use all energy
    If your energy is running low, either because of using shield, thruster boost or weapon damage amplifier, remember to turn it off before your energy drains completely and turn it back again when they are in safe levels.

  • Don't camp in the back
    You are front line ship, meant to be there and stop the wrath of the enemy forces to come crushing down on your allies, they will save and support you later on and during the engagement.

  • Don't be too close to weaker ships
    Staying next to Tac Cruisers is dangerous, because if enemy gets too close, they can shift fire from you, to your fragile support, that doesn't have the armor nor the health to withstand hits, also, if Tac cruiser or Arty Cruiser is not spotted, but you are, you will get them attention, simply because of your size.

  • Use abilities appropriately
    E.G., Invictus Class Light Dreadnought for 4th ability has ''Damage Amplifier'' which increases fire rate, damage and reload, but it completely drains your energy and stops your movement, this ability is VERY dangerous for both YOU and the enemy that you intend on firing after using this. Using Damage Amplifier for elevated position means death, literally, you will be stuck up there, in the clouds, with no shields and no movement, you will only survive if enemy doesn't pay any attention to you, or they are caught off guard, if it is the latter, don't count on it, they will regain their senses quickly because you will be immobile for like 12 seconds I think. *Personal Preference on what to fill out as an ability in the 4th slot

  • Nuclear Missile Note
    For god sake, if there are allies in the vicinty of the target, seriously, don't fire up nuclear weapons, blast will get them too.*WRONG (No Friendly Fire in Dreadnought)

  • Learn Icons
    Different Icons represent different ships, before the start of the battle, you are able to see what enemy is bringing in.

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June 11, 2016, 12:46 a.m.

Point 5 - This is subjective - People will use different things in that slot. Damage amp on a dreadnought is one of the worst modules to use. Don't use it.

Point 6 - There is no friendly fire on your allies. Only on yourself. Nukes away (Just don't hit yourself)

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June 11, 2016, 7:23 a.m.

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June 11, 2016, 7:46 a.m.

I don't quite agree with point #4 "Don't be too close to weaker ships", I would rather say:

  1. As a Tac cruiser, use cover/stay out of fire. If the enemy team has vettes, keep an eye out for them during downtime. Break their cloak with a beam shot and point them out to your team. Hopefully, you've got an observant/responsive destroyer next to you (!), which will quickly deal with the intruder.

  2. Arty - use your range. It's 7200 m. You should barely every get closer than 6000 m to any hostile vehicle. This is especially true for the Nox (light arty), which is highly mobile and has rotatable turrets. Then again, like the Tac, keep an eye out for vettes and position accordingly.

  3. If you die with energy in your systems, you probably did something wrong. Also known as the "Dude, press E and activate your shields before the missiles hit you!"-issue some rookies have. Probably due to skipping the tutorial.

  4. Vettes - Stay out of 1000m range of hostiles. Blast Pulse range is 900 m, flak is 900-1000 m range. The first will easily eat 50% of your heat points, the other will kill you within two (!) seconds. Even flying past a good Destroyer thus will get you killed immediately.

  5. Have a look at the score board (tab) and consider your teams and the other teams composition. If they've got plenty of vettes, stick together and cover the squishier team members.

  6. vs Vettes: Spend your (down)time on scanning the area for cloaked vettes. Learn how long it takes for a vette to spawn and get to your team from the other side of the map. Still haven't spotted it after that time? Maybe it's sitting somewhere and waiting for its cloak to recharge. Most vettes target Tac and Arty, so make sure to regularly check the area around those two - you're quite likely to find them there.

  7. Just to amplify #2 from above: A ship without energy is often times a dead ship. This is especially true against people with lvl 20 Destroyers or higher. You never want to get hit by Storm missiles (3000m range, ~20k+ damage plus 30% from module amper) without your shields up, or you're just straight up dead.
    A missile volley give you three choices: 1) outrun them (rare), 2) dodge them behind cover (often), 3) tank them (ouch..) - and the later requires energy.
    Thus energy management is very important, keeping sudden missile surprises in mind.

  8. Don't shoot at Dreadnoughts with activated armor amplifier (green shield buff without a pulsating aura). It's a waste of dps.

  9. Also think twice about shooting at a Monarch that is being by a Koschei (or Kali) [aka heavy healer]. That's even worse. You just won't get this heavy Dreadnought killed.

  10. Kill healers if possible. Note that Tacs don't have anti-missile abilities, so harassing/killing them with missiles can be quite effective. It also prevents them from using their energy to amplify their healing. If you're playing against two Tacs, it's nearly pointless to even bother trying to shoot at anyone but them. A single Tac cruiser easily outheals one opponent, meaning the two effectively requires the whole team to focus fire on a single target to get it down.
    Due note that a healer can't heal something that gets killed by burst fire (e.g. Storm missiles to the face). The alternative thus is to kill them faster than the healer can react. Generally works only well with Destroyers, Vettes and maybe some support from Arty.

  11. Don't try ramming with a Gora.. it's just pointless due to its low speed. Also note that the Talionis (light destroyer) has roughly 20k HP and is thus as squishy as a corvette but much bigger. You may want to think about killing it immediately when it aggressively gets into range (3 km or closer).. it may be thinking about ramming you.

  12. While it's probably a bug, pressing E unscrambles your HUD (e.g. abilities, energy bars, target markers). Then again, I barely get scrambled anyways, due to #11.

  13. Loadout wise - Armor Amp is great for Dreadnoughts and extremely increases their staying power. Storm missile+weapon amp+energy generator is a burst-damage dream for Destroyers - and the generator helps their staying power immensely. Don't underestimate the power of Drain weaponry (since energy = shield = life).

Out of ideas smile

14- Even as a Dreadnought/Destroyer, use cover a lot. Don't rely on a healer to keep you alive. If you notice things go poorly (taking too much damage too quickly), get into cover. Generally, if two or more people are firing at you, you're in a very very bad spot. Position yourself in a way that the firefight turns back into a quasi 1on1 (aka: only one of them can fire at you). Don't warp into your death. Don't stay inside sniper fire and slowly chipped to death.

15- Learn what range your ship is good at engaging at. Got many damage dealing abilities that can target at 2900m (e.g. Storm Destroyer)? Great, start engaging when the enemy gets this close. Delay when not. Move from cover to cover to close the distance if necessary. Give your team a chance (/time) to follow. Learn how quickly you can take your target down (e.g. Dreadnought with Plasma batteries, 2.4 km). Would need too long? Then abort and get into cover, especially if you just pulled aggro of half their team.

16- Engage when your team engages. Coordinate fire / focus fire, use the 'F' commands to quickly give the team an idea what to shoot at. Priority are vettes (= low hp, high danger), targets without energy, followed by people that are way out of cover.

17- Weapons have (according to the 1.3 patch notes) three damage output ranges: high range, medium range, low range. The damage can scale drastically, e.g. Fulgora (light vettes) has 100/125/375 per shot = unless in close range, you barely deal damage. Or consider close range a x3 damage boost. The color of the crosshair (yellow, orange, red) tells you which range interval you are in.

Had a practical example of #14 and #15 yesterday: Rank 30 sniper in the opposing team, murdering everyone that poked their head out. Sadly my teammates kept deciding that it's a good idea to have line of sight to him, even though he was far out of range. Their team stayed at 5000-6000 m range at let him do their work, while mine ignored the use of cover. Whenever someone got close to our little trench, however, he died quickly.

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June 11, 2016, 10:57 a.m.

Jeslis#8939 posted (#post-38069)

Point 5 - This is subjective - People will use different things in that slot. Damage amp on a dreadnought is one of the worst modules to use. Don't use it.

Point 6 - There is no friendly fire on your allies. Only on yourself. Nukes away (Just don't hit yourself)

Really? Omg i am so bad i make medicine sick, thanks for filling in. Will edit the post.

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June 11, 2016, 8:49 p.m.

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June 11, 2016, 8:52 p.m.

Rather then pick apart each of the points presented, I would rather say that each dread has it's own preferred range. Monarchs (like mine) prefer to go in alone- and "blaze the way" for the rest of my team to follow. Zmey's may very well hang out at the back due to their effectiveness at range and lobbing nukes. If these are your opinions then that is fine smile I wouldn't want to lead new players down some of these rules though as they are very subjective.

If any new players want real help, come join us in the Beta Discord! All of the veterans hang out there and we can get you in games no problem.

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June 11, 2016, 11:23 p.m.

The best tip or advice I can give is to learn power management. It will win you fights!
- If you see someone 7k away firing missiles at you don't activate your shields until they are about to hit you or better yet find cover so you can conserve your energy.
- Turn off shields/weapons/engines when they are not needed!
- Don't be to eager to put all power to weapons. Reserving that power for shields can often mean you will survive a fire fight.

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June 12, 2016, 12:11 p.m.

My impression with the Zmey is that you pretty much should engage anything at any range. Heavy plasma batteries are actually pretty decent at long range simply putting fire on ships on the other end of the map can go a long way to help the team. Ofc against an artillery ship its not always a good idea to be in the open, but i have actually gotten kills against those from long range...

I always try to draw fire, then duck for cover when it starts to get critical. The more that shoots at me, the less shoots at my teammates. Sometimes its worth it to jump alone, especially if you can land on top of a sniper, a destroyer or a hurt dreadnought. Trading yourself for another ships and doing severe damage to other ships can be worth it, if your allies can jump in and mop up.

Since get at least one missile barrage a match, i find anti-missle laser perfect and vulture missiles grealy increase my range. I wouldn't trade my broadside for anything, and i often turn as i fire it something that surprisingly few players seems to realise.

Also whatever you do try to shield your tactical cruiser if you can... Especially against corvettes that tries to specificly go after them... spraying repeater fire at them is a great way of making them break off.

Also i rarely bother sending energy to weapons, and often only spend energy on engines to get into position when i crash. My job tend to be shot at, doing damage and getting kills in that order. (recently killed a dreadnought as a tactical cruiser 'cause he was low on health and came after me with energized weapons, which is just embarassing)

Also cover is good, shooting at your foes and then dodging back to be healed is a a great way to stay for the long run. Also not putting up shield as soon as you are shot at is a smart move, no reason to waste energy waiting for the shot, also dodging up and down can go a surprisingly long way even when you are big and slow. Also, if you are not under constant fire, keep som of your shield in reserve, because players are bound to send missile barrages at you.

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June 12, 2016, 1:47 p.m.

Experiment to discover combinations. Damage amplifier for example can be used on a dreadnought if you shield yourself with armorbooster pulse.

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July 11, 2018, 7:27 a.m.

Hi guys. Not that new to the game (ive been slowly building my ships up to tier 4's over the past 6 months) but to be honest Im completely baffled by the fact that now that Ive got my destroyer to a Vindicta I do not have the option like everyone else to equip it with a shield!? Does anyone else have this issue? I was only just now in a match firing upon another Vindicta and it immedietely raised its shields so I know its definetely a module option. Ive gone right thru all of the different destroyer tech trees, even the hero ships, and according to that NO destroyer classes should have a shield. So why is it that everyone has one? What am I missing?

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July 11, 2018, 8:18 a.m.

Hey AncienCalling,

If you hold the "E" key on your keyboard you'll access the Energy wheel, this is where you can divert energy to either get a move boost, main weapons firing faster, or raising shields to take less damage in most situations. You can also do this using quick bindings F1, F2 and F3.

That's most likely the kind of shield you saw Destroyers use.

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