Random "unsolvable" crashes

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Feb. 26, 2017, 10:28 a.m.

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Feb. 26, 2017, 11 a.m.

I started Dreadnought 3 times during the last week and 2 out of these 3 sessions have been ended by a bug that can only be fixed by hitting ctrl-alt-del and logout from windows. it's not possible to get the task-manager in front of the freezed game window (playing in fullscreen). i don't know if a second monitor would help (move the task manager to the second screen) because mine's broken atm.
having to log out of windows is pretty frustrating since i have to restart all the programs again, thus rendering the game in an "unplayable" state for me atm.

last time it happened was when i hit the "research" button while the hangar-camera was still moving towards the ship i wanted to modify

€: could a mod be so nice and move it to the bug-section. i didn't scroll far enough, thought "beta feedback" means bugs

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Feb. 26, 2017, 1:18 p.m.

Please ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date. If the issues persists, please contact our Customer Support Team for Assistance.

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