Palos-Harwich-Cattaro Bugs

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March 14, 2017, 3:38 p.m.

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March 14, 2017, 3:38 p.m.

The (Purge) Beam "features" are already mentioned here
and here

The weaponbeam itself is greatly inconsistent, and following quick targets it completly turns off (as it doesn't "lock on" any more).

Weaponbeams and Teslabeams (+Pods) alike sometimes keep firing at the last point the enemy ship was before it got destroyed. I am not sure if this is only seen by one self, or if its seen by other players (and enemies) as well: an invisibly ship with lightning arcs in every direction.

Ability No.4: I am sure this is not a bug unique to the Palos/Harwich/Cattaro, but as I only play this ship types I can only speak for them:
Ability No4, no matter what one places there (E-Generator, Autorepair, etc...), sometimes just doesnt activate as soon as the button (4) is pushed. It doesnt activate at all, one has to mulitple hit the "4" or stop pushing another button (WSAD, SPACE,SHIFT,E). I noticed this "feature" especially when trying to use "Emergency Evac", though I am not sure if this belongs to this ability itself, or is related to the nature of Em-Evac being used in an emergency, all I know is that it fails me sometimes by not /delayed activation.
As I am playing on 2 different systems (Laptop and PC) I doubt it is system-or Keyboard related,it happens on both of them

Putting Ability 4 to another key was not helpful. And putting it to one of my mouse-buttons is not configurable.(Dread doesnt support more then 3 mouse-buttons.)
And interesstingly trying to set anything to a mouse-button, the newly configured is NOT named, e.g. "Reload - Middle Mouse Button" INSTEAD it is named " Reload - LEFT ALT+MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON" !
I am sure the error is within this sophisticated config.

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