An Abridged Basic Guide to Commanding Capital Ships

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Aug. 2, 2016, 8:40 a.m.

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Aug. 6, 2016, 10:32 a.m.

Welcome captains, to this basic briefing on how to pilot your ships into battle.

The Sinley Bay Captain Training Guild sincerely apologizes for the hazing you have undergone prior to releasing this briefing, and will likely still undergo following this briefing.
Nevertheless, this briefing is to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.


Basic movement is done via WASD keys:
W for forward thrust
A for turning left
S for reverse thrust
D for turning right.

Changing elevation is done with Left Shift/Space Bar:
Left Shift for decreasing altitude.
Space Bar for increasing altitude.

In addition you also have an energy bar which reflects your ship's reserve power, which can be allocated
to any of three functions;
engines (increases forward/reverse speed, turning rate and elevation change rate)
shields (puts up a protective barrier reducing or blocking incoming damage)
weapons (increases damage/rate of fire with weapons)

Allocating energy can be done in different ways:
Pressing E or the middle mouse button brings up the "Energy Wheel" showing the three available functions; moving the mouse in the relevant direction activates that function. Pressing E/middle mouse without moving
turns energy off.

The other way is by means of the Function Keys on your keyboard:
F1 - Power to Engines
F2 - Power to Shields
F3 - Power to Weapons
F4 - Power Off

Please note that if you do not manually turn off power, you will continue to drain energy until your reserve runs out

The F key brings up the callout menu;
- targeting an enemy with your weapon reticule and pressing F brings up a callout for enemy location/support fire
(When one person in your team calls out an enemy, that enemy will have a marker around his ship location for a few seconds, this means someone wants you to pay attention to it)
- targeting a friendly with your weapon reticule and pressing F brings up support requests
(Use this to request backup/repairs)
- not targeting anyone and pressing F brings up a general menu to report your own status to your team.

- Don't go in alone
- Look twice before engaging
- If you see a bright green beam going into the ship you're shooting stop shooting it and find the source of that green beam - and shoot that instead. An unchallenged tactical cruiser (which repairs other ships) means your firepower goes to waste.
- Check your range. A blue reticule means the target is out of range. Yellow means nonoptimal range, red means optimal range. The last is usually around 1200 meters, shorter for some weapons, longer for others.
- Don't shoot unless you have a target. Firing weapons pops you up on the minimap making you easier to locate.
- Support your squad. How depends on what you're flying; but splitting up a lot means the other guys can take you down one at a time rather than having to deal with all of you.
- Call out enemy (support) ships when you see them. A corvette may be small, it packs an impressive amount of firepower; similarly, that dreadnought may be an easier target, but the tactical cruiser repairing it is a more important target.
- Watch your squad's callouts and see if you can respond. Focusing fire on one target, especially on a light target (artillery, tactical or corvette) takes it down pretty fast - and deprives the other team of one member giving you a local advantage.
- Don't stop moving. A stationary target is an easy target.

Also for further reference check out this glossary of terms:

Safe flying captains!

Dreadnought was
Dreadnought could be
Dreadnought might
But what is, is Dead for naught.

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Sept. 15, 2016, 7:47 a.m.

good advice for noobs. thx man

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Sept. 24, 2016, 12:17 p.m.

Yes great NOOB ADVICE..Good for

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Sept. 27, 2016, 9:36 a.m.

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Sept. 29, 2016, 5:39 p.m.

complete version here:

-Don't work alone

Lone wolves die, and usually cause the team the match.

Your teammates (may) have modules to amplify your fire power or boost your health or dampen damage or give other power-ups. if you move away you lose these benefits.

Fighting any ship by yourself is usually a near stalemate which will result in one of you dying and the other with no health left... you will most likely die by another encounter before your health is restored

Fighting more than one ship by yourself is instant death

Work in pairs at a minimum

-When you die

Consider this an opportunity to changes ship, either from your collection or the provided stock ships. Change ships if you keep dying. if your death count is twice your kill count or if your kill count is the same but you die often, change. people who die often lose matches

If you drive a corvette and the score is 75 against you, change. corvettes lose matches that late in the game. Same applies to artillery and tactical (healer, but at 85). Trade for a dreadnought. at least it will take longer to take you down when you are losing

Always check what your team lacks and what the other team has before switching or respawning. a healer may have switched ships and you need one again. There may be a lot of corvettes on the other team that are causing a massacre, maybe you should get on a corvette too to distract them...

-Equip your ship to help the team

You have a module that amps up fire power for everyone in range? buy it and stick close to your teammates and use it. You see a teammate's effect bubble in-game? enter its radius and fight with the teammate

-Know what works against what

Every ship has its counter-ship or a module to help counter it. it varies depending on the modules you have installed. so know which one of your ships is good against other types, so that you know what you can take on

-Attack the right thing

Shoot at the ships in range, see which ship is damaged the most and concentrate on that one. and call on to other to attack it. It's better to rid of the more damageable ships, they usually cause the most damage. And if you are being attacked by many ships, no matter what you should always concentrate fire, 2 on 1 on the ship that will die easiest, then you can take care of the bigger ships

-Use your radar, but dont trust it

Keep on eye on the radar and the other on the target. watch for corvette warping in or uncloaking.
You see a single ship on the radar? maybe it's a tempting target. but look at the terrain it's at, there maybe more ships hiding for an ambush.

-shut your yap

There's a lot of players, especially mid-level players that camp a lot that keep yelling out, regroup regroup, drowning the critical messages such as attack this target and I need repair. These players have won a few games in very tight groups and can't stand it when you are a little away even if they can still reach you.

-Stay with the group, but not packed up or cower

As stated, lone wolves die... but pups that suckle on mama-healer's teet die on mass with a nuke or a force push.

Depending on the ship, stay close but move around as long as you can return safely. if a target ship is about to die but hides, you can go after it if it's safe

-Don't be a trench coward

Cowering in the trenches while you got a healer on you and you got full health? why don't you fight instead? Got your nerves frazzled or something? afraid to die? you are not helping. Get out there, shoot something or die there. You may think you are safe there but, eventually, we'll break through and kill you all

-Cover your friends

If you see someone dying, getting shot at, why don't you jump in between him and the volley of bullets! Don't let your friend die, that one more point scored for the other team. The exception is if you are not a destroyer or a dreadnought. Or if your friend was stupid enough to jump in a hornet's nest. Chances are you will save your friend and take down the enemy.

-Don't be stupid

Don't jump in a hornet's nest, ok it happens, you thought there was 1 ship there that you could take on, but then there was many... or sometimes the Jump module puts you in the wrong spot. though luck. but you see that gong ho player running toward a shitload of ships, what an idiot. and he does it over and over until the match is lost. What you think is going to happen, you died 10 times doing that! STOP!

-See that artillery that's been kicking yo rear-end?

Don't, just don't, don't go at it again and again!!! what you think is going to happen? Stay away from the art, or change ship and see if that kills it... artillery is 7.3 km range. stay further than that

-Follow the orders of your superior officer

Dammit, just do what you are told! A good commanding officer can change the outcome of a game that seems lost

-Don't be a quitter.. or quit, but don't b***

The game is 50 to nill? you want to quit? You want to go wait another 15 minutes for a new match? Is it really your teammates' fault? Stop crying, take control, change ships, stay and maybe you will have the best comeback in the game. at least there is 100 point (instead of 200) at the end of the game. But hey, your quitting might just be what your team needed!?

-Don't blame the other players for your loss

Here's the thing, the balancing is bad so you got a good chance of seeing a 100 to 20 loss (or win), a lesser chance of an even match so it's not your fault and it's not you teammates' fault if you are in a no win scenario.

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Feb. 9, 2017, 3:21 a.m.

Great stuff thank you!

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