A request to DNs, I expect a response please!

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April 17, 2017, 5:21 p.m.

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April 17, 2017, 5:29 p.m.

Ok look this is in response to DN_Timo

DN_Timo#1002 posted (#post-114581)
- Reduced the effectiveness of Adrenaline Shot
- Medium range healing for the Heavy Tactical Cruisers has been reduced, quite drastically.

Please listen to me for a second.

This is not a good Idea. I fully admit that for awhile I was on the bandwagon thinking that the Koschei was Op BUT it is not.

What I have noticed is that as games become more balanced the Koschei is in fact just about right. For the 1st couple of months, Yeah Koschei was a king but its not like that nearly as much anymore.

The problem was not and is not the Heavy Tac, the problem is the match maker. It all comes down to a balancing issue, games that are perfectly balanced with the right combination of ships, I struggle in very hard sometimes to support my team. Even with a Tier 4 Medium Tac backing me up, it still becomes a struggle.

Now as far as Adrenaline Shot goes, if you gimp Adrenaline Shot, you have made the Koschei completely defenseless against Tier 4 Corvettes. Power Generator with Adrenaline Shot and Power to Shields is the only effective defense to a Tier 4 Corvette and a Koschei is always a Corvettes primary target.

A secondary consideration is, if the game is Unbalanced and the losing team has a player with a fully researched Koschei, the koschei can change their opinion from "We got R@ped" to "Good Game"

I just want you to seriously take this into consideration before you go and gimp the only thing standing between noobs being pounded to death by vets.

I just can not understand why you would think this is a good idea. Death is already cheap enough in this game and you want to make it Quicker? Cheaper? Not the best route to take in a PvP game.

My request is simple, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS, Thank you!

Now you probably don't want to hear this part but I am going to say it anyway!

My Koschei is Fully Researched with over One Million Free XP, Im pretty sure this qualifies me for having one of the most in depth observations on this subject. In a court of Law, someone with this much more experience then anyone else, on a specific subject, would qualify as a "Expert Opinion"!

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