1.5.0b Hotfix Known Issues

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April 18, 2017, 8:29 p.m.

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April 19, 2017, 10:23 a.m.

Please check out HOTFIX 1.5.0B - BUG FIXES AND BALANCE CHANGES for what has changed, though not much in the way of fixes have occurred since 1.5.0a.

Also, if you have a PS4 and have been with us on PC, why not join the ranks of captains now participating in the PS4 Closed Beta?

Here's the list:

  • Users may still experience the bug that kicks them back to Hangar, costing them maintenance fees smile (Contact customer support immediately if you encounter this!)
  • Users using 21:9 ultra-wide resolutions will have some UI issues, mostly in the Hangar
  • Launcher may become blank when updating if an unstable internet connection is present or firewalls are blocking connection to our CDN
  • “Former” login screen will appear for a small amount of time after launching through the launcher
  • Links on the launcher may not open webpages for some users (ensure you have set a default web browser in your OS settings)
  • Matchmaking - In a Squad, matchmaking does not register on the first confirmation.
  • Players cannot preview some ship bundles before purchase
  • Keybinding issues are still present
  • AZERTY keyboards are not fully functional, as 1,2,3, and 4 key presses are not registering
  • Benchmark - Audio continues to play after benchmarking has completed (Sound can carry over into Hangar)
  • Performance may degrade over time during Onslaught matches
  • Slight performance degradation over time in Ryugu Haven
  • Beam weapon damage SFX continues playing after beam is no longer hitting the target
  • Akula ships default coating uses Akula Vektor name
  • Users may not be able to reroll contracts
  • Repeater Missile does not target the selected ship
  • Multiple versions of officer briefings appear in loadout selection
  • Search feature leads to empty screen in Market
  • Some kills may not be properly counted or tracked
  • Energy bar HUD element may not be present when spawning in after death in the subsequent match in Team Elimination
  • Players may be able to late join an Onslaught match past the maximum point threshold
  • When the user loses internet connection, sometimes the window to rejoin the match does not appear after logging back on
  • Vanity customization may become locked after a connection loss during a match
  • The Dola Module "Reboot Module" cannot be purchased
  • Some items in the Tech Trees are not intended values (some may be way cheaper smile)
  • Various UE4 crashes (please always submit the generated reports, as Yager works fast to resolve them)
  • Crashes may still occur when researching or purchasing an item
  • Some VFX may not appear on Low and Medium settings
  • Gora Tier V Akula Destroyer does not have Purge Ram V in tech tree
  • Rocks clip through central structure in Ryugu Haven
  • Numbers at the end of Account names are different on Battle Report than in Outpost
  • On the Ryugu Haven map, an invisible barrier is present on the lower level below the blue and red hangar
  • Cranes, pipes, some silos, and other areas on Ryugu Haven lack collision detection
  • Shadows sometimes disappear after a certain distance
  • Projectiles fired from the Light Particles Turrets cannot be seen after reaching a certain distance
  • Respawn timer in Onslaught may loop (avoid spamming Space key as a preventative measure)
  • Various typos and misspellings throughout the game
  • When viewing vanity and loadout slots in the Hangar, camera views may not be optimal
  • Decals on Medium Dreadnoughts appear inverted
  • Looping weapon SFX when returning back to outpost after a match
  • Hitches for all clients when team-mates switch loadout
  • Information is misaligned on the scoreboard in-game.
  • Purchasing a ship causes Fleet UI to appear and overlap customization
  • Heavy Tactical Cruiser - Adrenaline shot balance issue
  • Weaponbooster and Energy Drain Missile is blocked by shields
  • Rapidly changing setting while in game causes performance drop and VFX issues
  • Inconsistencies with tooltips in Hangar and actual gameplay values
  • Tier III Heavy Corvette's (Kreshnik) main weapons deal damage beyond primary target (This issue can affect an enemy outside of the AoE)
  • When hovering over ribbons in the statistics page, users only get the name in the tooltip and not the ribbon description.
  • Recent Ribbons tab in statistic page is not updated with all recent obtained in last match
  • List of alive players is incorrectly displayed for late joining players in Team Elimination
  • Machine Gun Turrets' reticle stays blue when aiming at enemies
  • Plasma Turrets' reticle turns from yellow to red without being orange
  • Blind fired torpedos do not hit where the user is aiming
  • A rock formation on the dark side of the center of the map by the orange pipes lacks collision.
  • The Anti-missile and Air support fighter jets appear to have misplaced modules attached after activating their primary skill
  • The Default Pattern is not unlocked by default.
  • Some modules clip through all the Tactical cruiser ships during their preview animation
  • Onboarding can occur for users using accounts that have already gone through the process (Shut up already Bix, and let me play!)
  • Using the Tractor Beam module on any fighter jet causes slight flickers
  • In the Friends list menu, the scroll bar is overflowing its allocated space
  • The Geevra VDU headgear clips with any male suits and the standard female suit during the idle animation.
  • Possible to fly a Corvette underneath a building on the Kappa Base
  • Returning to the Market after visiting the Hangar causes some ships to remain visible
  • Enemy ships may appear to reach zero health without dying (Frustrating, right?)
  • Returning to the customization, after selecting the GP tab, causes some information to be missing and will displace the camera
  • The Simargl's repeater guns I cannot be bought or equipped
  • If a fighter destroys a Ship during a game, the score received will not appear on the screen
  • If the user purchases free EXP in the loadout menu, the UI will overlap
  • The Trafalgar ship may not hold its appearance in match and Hangar
  • Sometimes, the info panel will remain stuck on-screen if the UI was opened before respawning
  • Multiple docked ships lack projectile collision on Kappa Base
  • Unblocking a friend removes the said friend from the user's friend list
  • When previewing a dreadnought or a destroyer, a part of the outpost clips through the camera
  • The credits start stuttering after some time and suffer from memory leak
  • The carousel indicators overflow the window on the second page of the Elite Status section
  • Possible to fly a Corvette underneath a building in Red Sands
  • The SFX of the fighter weapons mute after toggling between the primary and secondary weapon while shooting.
  • The player may receive an empty contract reward screen upon completing two contracts at once
  • There are two instances of "Toggle Weapon" in the Controls menu
  • Accessing another application while being in maximized windowed mode moves the title's window downwards when returning to it
  • An empty rectangular box can be seen when selecting a ship in the Orbit for the first time
  • The admin announcement may overflow the allotted space within the box
  • Buying Elite Status refills all empty contract slots, not just the Elite Status one
  • The weapons on the top of the Huscarl do not fire
  • The mouse is able to leave the game in window mode if the window is near the taskbar
  • Previewing modules and weapons shows ships without any of the appearance-related customization
  • The player cannot access the energy wheel while using a controller
  • A patch of texture is stretching based on the user's movement
  • The Vigo turrets clip into the Ship's Model when looking down
  • A player or squad is able to join a Team Elimination game during the third round
  • Holding down the escape button has the menu opening and closing rapidly
  • Selecting an elite status right after selecting a bundle in the dashboard causes the ship's modules to be misplaced
  • The textures on some ships take a few seconds to render in
  • Fighters can't be targeted with the F key Quick Commands
  • Multiple modules are misplaced and clip into the Otranto' ship model
  • The "Forum" header is not centered on the dashboard
  • User can see through the environment past the dam in Highlands while in Medium or lower settings
  • The bottom of the ship "Chernobog" clips through the outpost (It’s just that big!)
  • The Fleet menu fades in and out when activating or deactivating the Auto Pay Maintenance
  • Players can see enemy icons and locations through terrain under specific circumstances
  • Players will load with no skybox in map if they late join into a match
  • Matchmaking disclaimer present for Legendary fleet (Don’t know what this is, look carefully next time you queue up!)
  • Sometimes, players are not awarded the right amount of credits after completing a match (Everyone likes being paid for hard work, right?)
  • When ramming onto a ship with the Corvette for at least a minute, the ships will get stuck together and the Corvette will control the rammed ship
  • Protect Target icon sticks on screen after ally command ship is destroyed
  • Ship name erases when player presses spacebar while naming ship
  • Wrong game mode (ANY) may be displayed in scoreboard, in orbit, and respawn screen
  • Auto-repair module makes ship invulnerable for a short time period
  • Player spawns in as a fighter if they have a slow HDD, or connection to the server
  • When a player experiences a connection lost the Outpost audio will remain on the sign-in screen
  • Death camera will fall through maps and objects on map when dying
  • Some users may update to a deprecated version
  • Ship card may become stuck displayed on screen until captain death
  • A hitch may occur on joining a match as soon as you warp in
  • All Officer Briefings might appear editable while queued for a match for certain ships
  • Fighter squadrons may crash into ships while in Orbit
  • Repair beam SFX can become stuck looping until death
  • On rare occasion, the ammo bar stays red and the ammo count is zero, but firing is functional
  • Clicking the mouse buttons while in Orbit in the ESC menu while ship selection is active may cause the cursor to disappear.

Live QA Representative

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April 19, 2017, 10:56 a.m.

Updated //
April 19, 2017, 11 a.m.

  • Storm Missiles module is only doing 9,000 damage instead of 27,500
  • Heavy Artillery is only firing a single projectile (for some tiers)

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April 19, 2017, 12:47 p.m.

Purge beam does not purge at all. Just disables target of using modules while been purged. Target can use modules right after the beam is off.

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April 19, 2017, 1 p.m.

Adrenaline shot is broken, please fix.

Surge drones don't seem to give energy back. I've heard drain drones don't work either, haven't tested.

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April 19, 2017, 1:14 p.m.

Romoro#8983 posted (#post-117325)

Purge beam does not purge at all. Just disables target of using modules while been purged. Target can use modules right after the beam is off.

Stasis beam is likewise not working properly. These are probably both due to the unstated change to beams making them pulsed, not constant - the stasis/purge effects are only applied for the moment of the pulse and not the rest of the firing cycle (have submitted a report)

Born to ride the storm description

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April 23, 2017, 9:24 a.m.

  • Nuclear salvo lands in a spread where all missiles land miles away from the intended target.

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April 23, 2017, 2:29 p.m.

  • Arty (T4) disruptor beams don't work. From what I can tell, the 10 seconds of disruption are not applied and don't cancel modules.
  • Nukes (inc Purge) hit everything nearby the moment it hits something, instead of being hit when the blast radius reaches your ship. That means you have 0 escapes from purge nukes now.

Dreadnought Support Tool | Customer Support | Dreadnought Discord | Ship Datamine - by Snib

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April 23, 2017, 5:59 p.m.

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April 25, 2017, 4:54 p.m.

1) Rapid Fire IV/V is a direct downgrade from Rapid Fire III.

2) Purchasing higher tier versions of modules deletes lower tier versions making is so that players who purchase inferior modules like Rapid Fire IV are unable to re-equip Rapid Fire III.

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April 27, 2017, 2:09 p.m.

It seems that in every other game the sound messes up, it also messes up the voices you hear when you're in a psn party

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