Corvette build poll

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May 12, 2017, 8:29 p.m.

I've seen alot of community members bring there 2 cents on the corvette issue, I'd like to ask some members who have posted this to explain the specific corvette build you would like to nerf!

And for others who have tested the tier 4 corvettes to post some builds they feel are overpowerd.

The more specific details we can give the devs the less likely the class well be nerfed to the ground!

Keep in mind you have to post the specific components on the build primary, secondary, perimeter, and internal.

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May 13, 2017, 1:14 a.m.

Can't call myself a vette mainer, as I also play dred, arty and very rarely destro (something like 40%-35%-20%-5%).

But from what I've tested, most mods (and, therefore, builds) on vette are between "OK" and "complete garbage". Blink Warp, for example, is OK - neither it's too strong, nor it's weak. For other example, Target Warp is a complete f..cking trash. And not just because numbers are wrong, but by design - you simply don't need that, as you can easily fly that distance.

However, there are few quite strong or even godlike mods.

  • Kinetic Armor Amp (notorious 'tankvette'), for example, is quite strong. It's not THAT much overpowered, but strong enough to require nerf - probably reduce "Damage reduction bonus" from 50 to 35-40.
  • Heavy Cloak is super-strong. Simply because it's very easy to be effective with - you can safely turn it on from afar, without any risk of being spotted, fly to your target, assassinate it and calmly fly away, while your cloak is still on. Without any risk whatsoever. Also, cloak quality is very good, so you are almost transparent - so it's kinda hard to spot, if you're not paying attention (and most people do not do THAT). Either cloak quality should be reduced to "medium", or duration should be reduced significantly - 15-17 seconds down from 30.
  • Torpedo Salvo - too strong. Compared to Heavy Torp, it has the higher damage, almost the same CD (2s highger), much faster projectile speed and launch time. IMO, cooldown should be increased up to 1 min at the very least
  • Blast Pulse - probably, the most broken thing on vettes right now. Damage is really high. Especially with ModAmp Officer Briefing. Radius is too big, 1350m. Cooldown is very short. But the REAL problem is it's CRAZY synergy with Module Recycler OB. With this mod, this otherwise rather questionable OB becomes one of the strongest. Simply because you reduce all your cooldowns without any effort with ONE button press. Again, no-risk-high-reward. Either damage should be reduced, or radius (to 750-800m for T4, let's say).

For now, that's all which is coming into my head. If there's more, I'd be interested to hear those.

"Hang in there!" (™)

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