Spork's Guide to the Fulgora and Medusa

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May 17, 2017, 7:23 p.m.

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Dec. 7, 2017, 3:20 p.m.

The Medium Corvette is probably one of the most misunderstood ship classes in Dreadnought. Lots of people call it broken or weak, but the truth is that it's just a hard ship to play well. I use the Medusa (T4) as my main ship and I score at minimum 7 kills per match, but it's usually 9+ (while writing this, I scored 16 kills in one match). This guide will teach you how to master the Medusa, but I will also cover Fulgora because you need to play that to get the T4 Medusa. Note that much of the information in the "Strategy Basics" section can be applied to any class of Corvette. At the end of this guide I will link to several videos of mine which demonstrate the strategies and advice in this guide. Be mindful that this Corvette is more like a light Destroyer than anything else, and must be treated as such.

Medium Corvette Overview

This ship has some important pros and cons, which you need to keep in mind at all times.


  • 360 degree firing arc. Unlike the other Corvettes, you can't be outflanked. You don't have to face your target to make an attack, nor do you ever have to stop moving to keep something in your firing arc. I will repeat this throughout the guide; never stop moving.
  • Decent health. It's not as much as the heavy, but it can still tank a small amount of fire, especially when you combine it with the next point.
  • Damage blocking shields. This is standard for all Corvettes, and it's a unique ability: your shield will block 100% of the damage it receives, at the cost of quickly depleting. This can give you an extra few seconds to get away, and it's critical you know when to use it (see "Energy Management").


  • Low speed. The medium Corvette's speed is the worst among the three. You will not be able to escape an attack purely by running, like with the Valcour, so you must play smart.
  • Relatively large hitbox. It's fairly easy to aim at the Medusa or Fulgora because it has a large frame; it's wide in both axes, giving the enemy a good chance to hit you - especially with your low speed.
  • Short-range guns. The dual repeaters are not much good beyond 2 km, and you should not even try to engage an enemy by yourself if you're farther than 1.5 km (for an exception, see "Fighting other Corvettes"). The plasma turrets (which you should be using as a secondary, beam turrets are not very useful) have good range too. One strategy, which can be worked in with the rest of this guide if you feel confident, is to fire the plasma turrets while flying toward your target. Since the projectiles will move about the same speed as the ship with power to engines, you will hit the target with a high-burst barrage that can be followed up with your dual repeater primary guns.
Strategy Basics

As a Corvette, your main job is to perform surgical strikes to take out ships behind enemy lines. It will make the rest of your team's job a lot easier if the entrenched Tactical Cruiser hiding behind terrain can no longer provide heals to the Dreadnoughts and Destroyers, or if an Artillery Cruiser is unable to bombard your heavy ships on account of being dead. The Corvette also picks off solo ships, like a lone Destroyer that has wandered away from the pack, or another Corvette that is attacking your team.

The big difference between the light and medium Corvettes is that the Valcour (or Machias/Dover) excels at quick hit-and-runs, whereas the Medusa must approach strategically and rely more on its modules. You must remain hidden for as long as possible, swiftly and precisely approach, disable, and destroy the target ship, and make an escape. I will explain the specifics in "The Alpha Strike" section. Your targets:

  • Tactical Cruisers. These are the most important ships to take out of the fight. A good TC can keep their team from dying, or at least long enough to take out ships on your side. Destroying the enemy's TC can be like pulling the centerpiece out of a Roman arch: The whole thing falls apart. You should always be looking to take out a TC because it has the biggest impact on the rest of the battle, leaving the Dreadnoughts and Destroyers with no backup against a barrage. You usually find them out of sight from the main battle group, behind terrain where they are not vulnerable. If there's more than one TC in a group, aim for the higher tier - as soon as you attack one, the other will start healing your target, and it's far easier to overcome the healing of a T2 or T3 than a T4. There are generally two cases where you should not go for the TC: 1. If it is sitting inside the battle group, you will probably still be able to kill it but there is a high likelihood that you will die in the process. 2. If there are two T4 TC's sitting next to each other, odds are slim that you'll be able to get a kill (assuming they are smart).

  • Artillery Cruisers. AC's are the easiest kills you can get because they are low health. Good AC can score 10+ kills in a match, so killing one takes pressure off of your team. They usually hover around the edges of the main battle group, far enough away not to be cannon fodder for the Dreadnoughts, but not so far away that they can't get to back to healers. Due to this position, it is relatively easy to pick off an AC and get away without being noticed, especially if you come from behind. The Akula and Jupiter AC lines can only fire their main weapons in front of them, so you must approach from behind or the side. The Oberon line, however, can fire 360 degrees around itself, albeit with a more avoidable gun. Be careful not to get too close, because AC's have flak cannons as their secondary weapon - extremely short range, very powerful. It will mess you up fast.

  • Lone ships. Any wandering ship, aside from a Dreadnought, is fair game for you to kill. Enemy Corvettes can be slippery, but easy to take out if you know what you're doing. So if you see a ship far from the battle group with no support, it may be worth your time to ambush it.

  • Low-health ships. If you see any ship being pummeled by your team and its health is going down, and assuming you're not in critical condition yourself, you should fire on it and score an assist.

  • Avoid Dreadnoughts and heavily defended ships. A Corvette can beat a Dreadnought on its own, but it is dangerous. Nor is it easy to beat a Destroyer that's in a battle group being supported by other ships - flying into the enemy team is generally a bad idea. T4 Destroyers are also a bad idea to approach, unless they're a lone ship you can ambush.

General advice

  • Reload constantly. Every time you're not engaging a ship, reload so you always have a full clip.
  • Know where terrain is. If you start taking fire, the first priority is to get behind terrain because the medium Corvette can almost never outrun an attack.
  • Be aware of where the enemy battle group is. If you accidentally wander into it, you're dead. Period.
Medusa Setup and Play

Here is my Medusa. You will see this build a lot, because it's effective.


Afterburner: As mentioned, the Medusa lacks speed and you need the afterburner to both approach a ship and escape. Drain Torpedo: When you go in for an attack, your target will almost certainly pull up his shield - which will do no good if you drain their energy, leaving them vulnerable. Disruptor Pulse: This temporarily stops them from using any abilities which will ruin your day. Combined with the drain torpedo, you can leave a target without anything to stop you for several seconds. Heavy Cloak: The light and medium versions are OK to use, but the heavy cloak allows you to attack without breaking it: You can attack and get away without being seen. The big risk, however, is that you take double damage. If you get seen, you can die very quickly. In any case, the cloak lets you approach without being spotted, obviously. Alternative: Blink Warp. It's not as common, but this can also be used to get to and from an enemy quickly, although I believe the cloak is a better option because it plays into the ship's strengths. Your choice of module here depends on how you wish to play the Medusa, but my guide will be following the cloak strategy. The Alpha Strike

Take a wide path around the map, so you can stay hidden as long as possible. You won't have a long time to remain cloaked, so keep behind terrain as long as you can. Next, select a target. Think about what I mentioned above, and choose who you are going to destroy - yes, you are committing to destroy them. Approach under cloak, preferably behind the target, using power to engines to get in fast. Once you are about 1 km away, fire the drain torpedoes first (if you are using light or medium cloak, it will break at this point). Then, once you are sure you are under 1 km, fire the disruptor pulse. The torpedoes and pulse should be almost simultaneous to leave your target no reaction time. As soon you have fired the torpedoes, fire with your main weapons and do not let up until they are dead or you have to run away. I also like to push energy to weapons just to kill them even faster.

This maneuver has to be very fast and it takes practice to master. Once you have destroyed your target, immediately look for the fastest way out, either by running back to your battle group, or more commonly, by getting behind terrain. This is where the afterburner comes in handy. Also, reload as soon as you have attacked your target.

Fighting lone ships

Lone ships allow you more leeway in your approach, because you don't have to worry about taking fire from elsewhere. Remember your 360 firing arc and use that to your advantage; never stop moving, and try to get in spots that make it difficult for the other player, such as directly under and behind them.

Fighting other Corvettes

You shouldn't go after a Corvette unless it's by itself or attacking your group; it's not worth the risk to attempt an attack on one with support. When you do get in a fight, remain calm and lead your target (aim ahead of their direction of travel) so you land your shots. If you're fighting a light or heavy Corvette, try to get behind them so they can't shoot at you. If you're fighting another medium Corvette, focus on landing your shots and managing your energy. When you get within 1 km of another Corvette, I recommend using the disruptor pulse to stop them from getting away with blink warp or afterburner.

If you are being chased by a Corvette (light or heavy) that is close behind you and can't get it off your tail, use what I call the Shinzon Maneuver to get behind them. See this clip from Star Trek Nemesis:

This works even better in a light Corvette, but can be useful with the medium: You immediately come to a full stop, even reverse engines if you need to, and drop down slightly, causing the enemy Corvette to fly past you. This leapfrogs you behind them and puts you out of the line of fire.

Fulgora Setup and Play

The Fulgora does not start with a good build, but you're probably better saving your credits to buy the Medusa (other than getting the T3 versions of the modules). Here is mine.


The Fulgora plays very similarly, albeit without the cloak. You should focus more on outlier ships and definitely take advtange of the firing arc. Otherwise, the rest of the Medusa's gameplay applies to the Fulgora. Take your time in selecting your target, and try to stay out of their vision. Note where they fire, because it's also where they're looking. Since most of you using the Fulgora won't have a cloak, or a weak one at that, it is necessary to stay out of sight when going for an Alpha Strike. When you go to attack a ship, try to stay underneath or above it, where it's hard for the enemy ship to hit you - and once you've scored the kill, use your speed modules to get away from danger.

Officer Briefings

Navigation Expert is a must. The Medusa is slow on its own, and NE halves your energy consumption when putting power to engines. As I will explain in the next section, engine power is your most important asset because without it, the Medusa is extremely vulnerable. While it does raise your energy consumption for shields and weapons, you should only be using those sparingly. Some have suggested Engine Rigger, but I would still use NE over ER because longevity of engine power is, in my opinion, more important than overall speed.

Desperate Measures is another good one to have. It's basically a reset button when you're almost dead, and it can save your life. Available on the T4 Murometz Akula Artillery Cruiser.

It's a Trap! can be useful as well. You gain energy when being hit from behind, meaning that if you have to run it will give you the engine power to get away or use shields.

As for weapons briefings, it's up to you. Destruction Cascade might suit you if you're going to go after multiple targets, Glass Cannon helps if you want to take down a ship as fast as a Medusa can, and Survival Instinct if you tend to run out of ammo under fire. Alternatively, you can leave this one blank and just take the +6.5% passive damage increase from Weapons 101.

Energy Management

In a medium Corvette, allocating energy can be the difference between life and death. You must learn the nuances of quickly switching energy focus, which only comes frome experience. You should bind the energy hotkeys to quickly accessible keys, because you can't waste time using the energy wheel when you've got only seconds to spare. I have mine on the following:

  • Engines (PtE): F
  • Shields (PtS): C
  • Weapons (PtW): X
  • Cancel energy: Z

You will use Power to Engines (PtE) a lot to compensate for the lack of speed in the medium Corvette. When you go in to make an attack run, or to run away, use PtE. Be careful, however, not to have energy on any longer than necessary. When you fire on an enemy, turn off your energy to save it for shields or weapons. If you're not shooting anyone, don't have it on weapons. And be mindful that if you use PtS, your energy depletes very fast - especially if you're being hit.

On this point, you have to know when to use engines vs shields. If you can find terrain nearby that you can hide behind, even if it's flimsy, you should use PtE to get out of the enemy's line of sight. On the other hand, if you're in open space it will be hard to run - use afterburner and put up your shield to block damage.

PtW should only be used if you need to kill something fast, or overcome a TC's healing beam. Otherwise, you should save your energy for when you really need it.

Tips and Tricks

Evade. If you're being shot at, move up or down to evade fire. You'll be surprised how much it causes people to miss, even with the larger hitbox. Duck and weave at all times, because it could save your life. Know when to quit. If your attack has failed, and you won't be able to kill the target before you die yourself, get out of there. You're better off aborting the attack and getting behind cover than dying with nothing to show for it. Use the terrain. It's your best friend. Fly low on the map, go behind mountains or asteroids, and turn the camera as far as you can to see around the terrain. This lets you scope out the enemy team before you use your cloak or go out into battle. Also, when you're making an escape, always, always get behind terrain. Even if you get stuck behind enemy lines, you can cooldown your modules and then escape back to your side, or an enemy ship may come after you by itself and give you a much better shot at scoring a kill. Reload. Reload. Always reload whenever you're not shooting. Reload, reload, reload. Don't get carried away. Don't chase a Corvette right back to its battle group, because you'll stand no chance. Don't get greedy after pulling off an alpha strike, because your modules are on cooldown and the enemy team might start killing you. On the flipside... Know your opportunities. If there are two AC's sitting behind the main group, you could get them both. Assess their tiers and how fast you can kill them, and go for the second one if you're feeling confident after the first kill. Show no mercy. Did that Artillery/Tactical Cruiser just respawn and it's on its own? Don't care. Kill it.

I have started recording most of my matches, which you can find on my Youtube channel, but here are the best examples for this guide:

Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 9: Episode 13: Episode 14: Episode 20:

I'm not perfect, so you should be able to spot things I did wrong too.

Have fun and good luck out there. Thanks to Lincrono, who wrote a Fulgora guide a while back, which I referenced while writing this.


Spork's Guide to the Fulgora and Medusa

Medusa and Murometz gameplay

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May 17, 2017, 9:23 p.m.

Thank you for this! I have been trying to decide between buying the Virtus or the Fulgora first. I heard that the Medium line was a bit harder compared to the Light/Heavy line, but shedding some light where it shines is really encouraging.


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May 17, 2017, 10:56 p.m.

I vouch for this guide. Spork is consistently top scorer in his team or even the whole battle.

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May 18, 2017, 5:36 a.m.

Very nice tutorial. I run Medusa as my main ship too. One thing I would add. You didn't mention anything about Office Briefings and the reference image of your Medusa has the default OBs as well. Having the right OBs gives you more choises for your tactics. I'm still perfecting mine as well, but my first priority was to unlock the "Navigation expert". This reduces the energy requirement for Power to Engine by -50%. Having this OB you can run PtE almost non stop. The negative is it increases the power requirements for Shield and Weapons. Why I chose this? Because Oberon vettes are slow, but I prefer speed over max. damage and I can compensate it with the 360 deg firing arc too.

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May 18, 2017, 7:09 a.m.

The torpedoes and pulse should be almost simultaneous to leave your target no reaction time

Or you can just pick a Stribog with Torpedo Salvo and Blast Pulse and delete everything under 30k hp in 0.5 seconds, using exactly the same tactics, as you described. Wait until torpedoes almost hit, fire BP, then unload the clip (which takes 0.2s and deals 8-10k damage.

That's why I think those 3 abilities (HC, salvo and BP) are insanely OP. Relatively easy to use effectively and virtually no counterplay.
"You can spot the cloaking vette easily" - yes, you can, but NOT easily, if he doesn't breach through the main entrance.

Note: I do play Stribog myself ALOT.

Good guide btw!

"Hang in there!" (™)

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June 8, 2017, 5:08 a.m.

Great guide, thanks for your efforts!
Among my Corvettes I play the Outis from time-to-time, it's a fairly good setup with practice.
I have been seriously considering the Medusa to remedy some of the issues present in the Outis configuration.

Glaive, spear, sword and knife,
Manfully handle, and in other's hands ruin.
--Liechtenenauer's Verses, Von Danzig, 1452

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June 24, 2017, midnight

Can you give us some insight on how to counter things like tesla pods, tractor beams and proxi mines?

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June 24, 2017, 5:43 a.m.

Tesla pods won't shoot at cloaked vettes.
Tractor beam easily countered with afterburner.
Proximity mines have limited AoE range, and endanger you only when you on the same plane level as they are. If you know that AC using proximity mines - attack it from significantly different altitude.

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July 10, 2017, 1:43 p.m.

Question about your guide you don't seem to mention anything about Officer Briefs.

Any reason why they seem very powerful.

Just curious seemed a big oversight.

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July 10, 2017, 6:11 p.m.

SilentHaiku#0137 posted (#post-127714)

Question about your guide you don't seem to mention anything about Officer Briefs.

Any reason why they seem very powerful.

Just curious seemed a big oversight.

When I originally wrote it, I wasn't using any. Since then I've added Navigation Expert, which I think can be a good choice for the Medusa. I still can't speak about any of the others (I'm going to try using Destruction Cascade and see how it goes) but as for NE: I've found it to be pretty useful. Since it halves PtE energy usage, I can turn on PtE and never worry about running out - that's pretty important for the Medusa since it's such a slow Corvette. NE does increase energy usage for PtS and PtW, but a Medusa player shouldn't be using those most of the think - so in my opinion, Navigation Expert is worth it.

Spork's Guide to the Fulgora and Medusa

Medusa and Murometz gameplay

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